I would like to believe to know about me you can look to my grandchildren.

I Dream...
of dancing on clouds,
playing with kittens,
that all of nature is meant for me to protect.
I Play...
in the rain,
with fairies of all colors of the rainbow,
singing and dancing to my songs.
I Have Spunk...
when I'm passionate about my toys,
facing things I am not sure about,
when my friends and family need me.
I am Silly...
everything makes me laugh,
when I fall down, I jump up to "I Okay" and a smile,
when I can I "SLAM DUNK!"
I am Talented and Smart...
I have a teachable spirit,
an unquenchable thirst to try what is out there for me,
courage to step out on the stage and say "here I am."
I am Happy...
I find and live the joy of life,
I find my center in my family and in Christ,
I live out LOUD.

I hope I can grow up to be as sensational as my grandchildren.  Until then...

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D's Paper Studio is my personal journey as a paper artist.

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