Thursday, April 27, 2017

ScraPerfect Giveaway / Altered Printer's Tray, No A Melissa & Doug Tray!

ScraPerfect products helped me do what is a fun but often tedious job of making altered art.  In this case an altered Melissa & Doug tray that housed my granddaughter's magnetic doll/doll clothes. 

I saw information about the No Clog Writing Cap from ScraPerfect on Facebook.  I had to give it a try.  I was frustrated with my glues clogging. 

My Experience
I purchased my No Clog Writing Cap in February and started using it with my Ranger Glossy Accents.  I like it.  I love it!  I had to put crafting aside for a couple of weeks.  I expected it to be clogged when I got back to my projects.  I unscrewed the cap and the glue started flowing immediately.

My Project
I used ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever and Ranger's Glossy Accents with the No Clog Writing Caps.  Honestly, I am in love with ScraPerfect's No Clog Writing Caps.

Not once did my glues clog.  An added bonus was I could adhere the tiniest pieces and not have glue gushing from under the edges. (I can't wait to tell you more about ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever...another blog post.)

1.  I used my glue with the No Clog Writing Cap with large and tiny embellishments.  I used it on my Bo Bunny Penny Emporium paper.  It really saves my paper from buckling because I only use small amounts.  The small needle allows for more control.

2.  I used small thin amounts to the wings of my Julie Nutting stamp Paper Doll.  I did not have a mess to clean from around the edges.  My first paper doll!

3.  The tiny swirls on Blue Fern Studios Scepter and the tiniest bits of the Bo Bunny Clocks were easy to adhere to the project.
 4.  More mixed media control.  With such a tiny stream of glue I can design, with more control, the Blue Fern Studio's Scepter with Gold Luster Glass Microbeads by Martha Stewart.

Link for ScraPerfect's No Clog Writing Cap.  Amy has a list of products that each size cap fits.  From Stickles to Glossy Accent to Best Glue Ever.  You will be surprised at the list.  (Glue, Paint, Glitter Glue, etc., etc.,)

ScraPerfect website.   ScraPerfect has won several awards from the Craft and Hobby Association. ScraPerfect is innovative and answers a statement I've heard time and again:"I wish they had something to ...."

ScraPerfect is giving away 
   1 small No Clog Writing Cap
   1 medium No Clog Writing Cap
   1 large No Clog Writing Cap
There will be 3 winners. 
1. Follow ScraPerfect on Facebook.  If you are not on Facebook you can subscribe to their blog.
2.  Leave a comment here to let me know you if you followed or subscribed.
That's it.  I will draw three winners and announce it here on Monday.
Note: If you have an international address you will be responsible for the cost of shipping minus $5.00. 

A Little Extra
Amy is adding a bonus to anyone that places an order from now until the winner is announced:  free shipping (excluding international addresses). Mention you are from D's Paper Studio with Debby Lewis.  Link:  ScraPerfect

I am looking forward to offering giveaways once again from some of my favorite manufactures.  To do that I need your help.  Sign up for this giveaway, but also invite a friend or two.  Let the manufactures know you appreciate their sponsorship as well as their products.

Any Question?  Go!

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Memory Art From Paper Crafting Supplies

Do you capture a memory in altered art?  What do you do with all those tiny ballet shoes once they outgrow them?

Earlier I created Memory Art for Little with her first ballet shoes.  I finally completed my projects by altering Little's Sister and Ali's first ballet shoes.

All you need are the ballet shoes, a fantastic glue and anything you have in your scrapbook or art studio.  You can see Little's shoes at my blog post: What Do You Do With The Ballet Shoes?

Little's Shoes
Remove the inner sole of the shoe for a pattern to cut to your paper.
 I love to fussy cut Graphic 45 paper.
 The butterfly is from Blue Fern Studios.  I added a little banner "Learn to fly."

Ali's Shoes
Prima flowers and bird's nests are so much fun on Ali's shoes.  Instead of the elastic on the top of the shoes I added a pink ribbon.
The little flowers are from Recollection. Look close to the pink crochet lace underneath the white.
The long, looped part of the ribbon is separate from the bow.  I hot glue the long strip to the heel.  I created the bows and added them to the ribbon already attached.

Little's Sister's Shoes and Story
I had picked up a couple of flamingo feathers several years ago and saved them.  Recently, I was able to find two more.  For those in the know...these are not flamingo feathers from any USA flamingos, that is illegal.  Neither did I pluck any feathers.  As the second set age they will get that more delicate look of the first set.
I choose to leave the elastic band in her shoes.  LS loves fairies so this is perfect from Graphic 45's Once Upon A Spring. 
 I added seed pearls in the flowers.  It looks great with the pearl lace.
A perfect pair of memory shoes for a perfect little dancer.

Do you have a performer:  dancer, athlete, singer, actor, etc.?  What have made into Memory Art?

My first giveaway since coming back to the blogging world is Thursday.  I have a great project and a wonderful sponsor that will be giving away three products to three winners.  I will see you Thursday!! 

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Let's Make It Simple with Graphic 45

Did you read the title and laugh?  Graphic 45 creates the most beautiful papers collections.  I believe they design it just so I will fussy cut.  Question:  how can I keep it simple but still be creative fun?

It was the day of Little's birthday party and she wasn't feeling well.  A quick trip to the doctor confirmed she had flu and strep.  She was contagious so no party.  Friends and family were already there so this beautiful little girl with a beautiful heart got on Facetime and interacted with everyone at the party.  She had a good birthday party.

I played with my newly discovered Color Burst by Ken Oliver.  If you haven't tried this RUN and BUY.  It comes in little bottles but lasts a long time. 

Normally you activate the powder with water to create your watercolor effect.  I mixed my Color Burst with paint.

Paint chipboard white.
Tap a little Color Burst on paint you have on your mat.
Mix until you get the color or the shade you want.
Paint the chipboard.  Add more for careful not to spritz the chipboard.  It will come apart.  Play with it on your mat.
I went back after it dried and tapped it with Gesso.
The yellow chipboard under the  flower was painted and Color Bust added.  FYI:  the yellow chipboard is actually a crown from Blue Fern Studios Heart Crowns. 

Graphic 45 Times Nouveau Collection
Blue Fern Studios chipboard "I Think You're Wonderful and Printer's Bits
Ken Oliver's Color Burst:  Ultramarine Blue and Gambage
Maya Road -Sheers
Prima Flowers
Tim Holtz Distress Inks and Paint
ScraPerfect Embellie Gellie and No-Clog Writing Cap (More about these awesome products soon.)

I did a little less than my normal more.  I had a great deal of fun trying Color Burst by Ken Oliver. 

What is your opposite style?

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Designing a Scrapbook Layout...When Is It Too Much?

When is too much on a layout really too much?  I have an outline of what I like to do to create my pages.  Not paying close attention I might have created something other than I intended.  Designing a scrapbook layout has inherent pit falls when your paper and embellishments are especially extraordinary with a great amount of details. 

Was it too much on my layout?  Husband says "no."  I am not sure.

The story 
My daughter and her husband went to the Pont  des Arts Bridge in Paris and placed a lock on the bridge.  I am so glad they were given this opportunity before it was removed.

"A love lock or love padlock is a padlock which sweethearts lock to a bridge, fence, gate, or similar public fixture to symbolize their love.  Typically the sweethearts' names or initials are inscribed on the padlock, and its key is thrown away to symbolize unbreakable love."  Wikipedia.

My System
  1. I design the layout on paper. I try to remember tips I have received ... like the rule of 3s or setting your focus off center and the best has been "do it the way you love to create."
  2. Then I lay out the photos and elements.
  3. Take a photo. 
  4. I walk away awhile to give some time to make sure this is what I want.
  5. Make adjusts and start. 

I started adhering the corrugated cardboard and then the elements.  I used glue on those items that went directly on the cardboard.  (Thus no removing and resetting.)   I mistakenly did not place some of the elements where I had planned...I had to ad lib the rest.

Julie Nutting's French Flea Market Collection:  paper and stickers
Ken Oliver's Color Burst Alizarin Crimson
Tim Holtz Distress Vintage Photo Ink, Idea-ology Timepieces Clock Faces, Arrows Adornments and Typed Tokens
Prima Flowers and Clay Art Tiles
Hobby Lobby lock and key
Eiffel Tower rub-on
Special Note:  The small element coming out of the flower on the lower right side is actually the gloves from the sticker sheet.  I just turned it around.  Looking at life upside down!

Too Much?
Just Right?
Maybe too Little?

When do you just walk away?

One thing I am sure of:  I finally said this was in my heart and here it is. 

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Julie Nutting's French Flea Market Collection

I found Julie Nutting's French Flea Market Collection by Photo Play while browsing at a local scrapbook store.  The only thing I have purchased is a stamp from Julie Nutting's product line.  I found the paper and design interesting but wondered if I had to stick to a French theme.  I love the colors and designs so I gave it my best.

This is a photo of my brother and me from  Easter 1964.  I love remembering my early childhood with my brother.  It was a magical time for me because we lived in Germany, had fun German friends...more like adopted grandparents and I was there during historical times.

Julie Nutting's French Flea Market Collection
Tim Holtz Distress Vintage Photo Ink, Idea-Ology heirloom roses, Idea-Ology gumdrops, Idea-Ology Transparent Film Strip Ribbon
Ken Oliver's Color Burst Alizarin Crimson
Ranger Enamel Accents White
Prima Flower and resin square tiles
Petaloo Flowers (top)
Key, Hobby Lobby
Doily, Recollection
Clock Hands from an old broken clock
Dymo Label Maker and Making Memory tiny letters

Fun Elements
Color Burst.  I'm getting braver.  I just spritz water on my Ranger Mat, put just a tiny bit of Color Burst in the water and swirled it around with my paint brush.  It was so easy to create splatters.  This is a feat for me because it always comes out different than I want.  This was what I had hoped to achieve.

Adding Texture
I added texture with the Doily.  It is a burlap fabric.  The netting was left over from a project.  The flowers, resin pieces all add texture to the page.

Save It!
I often find bits and pieces either around my house or out and about.  I had a cheap clock that died.  I knew somewhere down the road I would want to create a project that included clock hands. This was the time.

Fussy Cut
Nothing like pulling out your scissors to cut out elements from your paper.  It is my opportunity to design some of the elements to my vision of the page.

Photo Play has a downloadable free file for Julie Nutting's French Flea Market (in both 5x7 and 8x10).  Here is the link: Julie Nutting's French Flea Market .  I could not view the file, but I downloaded and scanned before opening the file.  Make sure you always scan any downloadable files before opening. 

How do you use a THEMED paper differently than it's overall design?

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Monday, April 10, 2017

"I Believe" Bo Bunny's Faith Collection

The last scrapbook layout with Bo Bunny's Faith Collection was a bright "light" amidst my vintage style.  Here is another look at the Faith Collection with blues, pinks and yellows.  With a Prima Stencil and Ken Oliver's Color Burst it turns into a personal memory of my grandgirl.  This is a very versatile collection.

I Believe
This is my sweet Ali at Sunday School.  She demands we sing the "Sunday School" song while riding to church.   
Bo Bunny's Faith Collection
Tim Holtz: rub-ons (butterflies), Distress Ink vintage photo,
Ken Oliver Color Burst Lemon Yellow (on the flower under "I Believe")
Prima stencil, flower
Martha Stewart Gesso
Fiskars Micro-Scissors (all that detail cutting)
Hobby Lobby key

I am so tired of not being able to stencil without my paper buckling.  I love this stencil by Prima.  I thought "something without so much water in it....but  with the depth of paint."  With Gesso, that I know it has less water than paint, I carefully dabbed it on, in layers, to get a bright image.  I had little to no buckling on my scrapbook paper.  Tada! 

I am a beginner with Ken Oliver's Color Burst.  I did play with it using a resist technique  It is awesome although I need more practice.  I did add a little of the Lemon Yellow on one of the flowers from the Bo Bunny paper.  It is soooooo easy to use.
Question:  How do you stencil without your scrapbook paper buckling?

Heads up:  Amy Roszak owner of ScraPerfect is sponsoring an incredible giveaway here on D's Paper Studio soon.  I can't wait to share the details.  For me ScraPerfect products are the problem solvers of the crafting industry!

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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Be The Light...Bo Bunny's Faith Collection

Bo Bunny's Faith Collection is such a beautiful, artful collection.  The bright colors are a perfect combination of hues that really lifts the spirit.  You know what makes the colors pop off the page?  It's the striking black and white images.  The choice of inspirational words and verses are perfect for nearly every audience.  I honestly believe I sang and hummed while creating this page of my granddaughters.  I going back to buy more.

(It sounds like advertising...but's just that cool!)

Be The Light

Story:  My granddaughters have such caring hearts.  Last summer the heat was unbearable and they heard there were people who had no homes and had to live outside in the heat.  Their concern led them to collecting cases of water in their neighborhood.  They delivered them to the local mission to be passed out to the homeless. 

They were so creative by delivering flyers to the neighbors, picking up the water and delivering it to the mission in their "Super Hero" costumes.  They are truly our Super Heroes, a true light in their world.

Paper:  Bo Bunny's Faith Collection
Flowers: large Prima, small Recollections
Butterfly large: Blue Fern Studios colored with Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Inks and backed with a piece of the Faith Collection.
Butterflies small:  Fiskars All-A-Flutter punch with Martha Stewart's onyx luster glass microbeads added to the center.
Slides:  old slides mounts, colored with Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Inks

Die Cut:  "love" Little Yellow Bicycle

How would you use this collection?  Do you know some "Super Heroes" you would like to scrapbook?  Isn't this a great line to honor your "Super Heroes" and inspire others? 

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