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A Pile of Pretty Projects

I've been a busy beaver these past few days. I completed a layout for a Making Memories Challenge @ I finished my class project that I'm teaching in July. I did a little wooden clipboard just for fun! So lots of pretty projects and all very different from one another.

I also finished making my "coat" hooks. Really it is a board my husband cut and sanded for me. I stained it. Then I used Heidi Swapp's form flourish stamps and Ranger's Paint Dabbers to create a design on the wood. I outlined the design with a thin line of brown paint. I added pink porcelain knobs. Useing my Fiskars craft drill I drilled holes for the screws to put the knobs in and the holes for the screw to go in the wall. I'll be showing pictures and video very soon of all my reorganization. Now I have something pretty to hang my aprons and a few other odds and ends onto.

To be honest cleaning and organizing my scrap space is hard, hard, and even more hard. The great thing abo…

Inspiration Comes from Weird Places

Business out of the way: Both entries are so very special to the Painting of Sister and of Flowers will receive some Chatter-goodies. Also MILKCAN I still need your addy for the Card Kit. All three send me your address via I'm sending out all RAKS on Monday. (I've lots of packages going out Monday.)

I have several in depth teaching assignments to get ready for and when things get a little too serious I like to be either silly or try something out. Well, this was a "try out" with some Chatterbox paper and their Doodling template.

While cleaning out and reorganizing my studio I found this embroidery ring...."Why not!?" I had been on a chat board with the new Fiskateer Leads and with Suzanne Walker. They were talking about quilting and sewing. I just felt like sewing after that chat. Inspiration comes from weird places.

So I inserted my Chatterbox pink paper (it was a little hard to center, but I've got it figured for next time.), and s…

A Wise Friend....

told me today with all the "chatter" about Chatterbox she remembered her beginnings with scrapbooking. Sudie said, "it's all about story." She meant it. Said it strong and loud! It is about the stories. I'm from a family of storytellers. I just tell my stories on a page.

Question of the Day???

What inspires you? What makes you want to take the photo, pick the paper, see the design? What inspires you?

For me my best inspiration comes from my granddaughter. She makes my heart beat twice as fast as normal. She is my inspiration to tell my story and my mother's story and her mother's story. She is my future. It is important she knows her past and what makes it meaningful for her and her family.

I'm also inspired by people like Wendy Vecchi, Ali Edwards, Melody Ross, Cheryl Waters, Tim Holtz, Claudine Helmuth and so many others that push the envelope. I'm inspired by my friends Ruth, Sudie, Angie, Karma, Angie (from two peas), Yvonne, and so many mor…

Holy Cow, Batman

Yep, I'm at it again. Teaching, creating, and just staying into all sorts of good trouble. LOL I'm working on another min-book Chatter-Creation style. I'll post it tomorrow.

I taught yesterday at Fellowship. We had so many new people and several teens. They were so much fun. Chatter, chatter, chatter..boy could they talk. But they were an absolute blast and out scrapped everyone in the room. Too funny. Here are a few projects they worked on.

This beautiful card was made by our youngest crop (11)
Learning the Downey Donna way of getting multiple photos quickly on a page! (14) Aren't these guys the greatest?!

I'm still working hard on my organizing challenge from Michelle and my time is quickly running out. Today I'm working on getting my unmounted rubber stamps in CD cases and in a filing system. I'm hoping this will be helpful to me in accessing them more.

Here is today's Chatter-Creation:

I had fun altering this little wooden box into my Word Box. I used all…

Someone Hold Me Back!

I'm in a scrapping mania! LOL I'm getting so much done I'm scaring myself. LOL I remember a year ago it would have taken me 5 days to finish one layout. Now I'm putting them out as fast as 3 or 4 a day. To me that is a ton of work.

Today I'm teaching a three hour scrapbooking class and hosting a crop as well. I love this group called the Fellowship of Scrapbookers. We have such a blast. We were honored to have Karma from Faith Sisters at our last crop. I saw her creation make the front page of the website. It turned out beautifully.

I may be lessening my odds, but Tim Holtz and Ranger is giving away some of the most awesome products on Tim's blog. Head that way and see what you can win. Also Tim is mini-teaching what you can do with these products. There are some really great ideas!

Check out Graphic 45's Gallery. You might see someone you know!

Now pressing forward: CHATTERBOX!! Did you do your homework? If you did, answering this question should be a breeze.

It's 10 pm, "Do you know where Your Scissors are?"

LOL Wow, I've had a technically challenging day. Okay, quickie on my day. I was to teach a Scrapbooking 101 class this morning at AC Moores. When I got there the crew wanted a Stamping 101 class. Okay, what do I have and how can I do this in 5 minutes or less. Believe it or not I was able to pull it off! The key to success here is having a "field trip!" We explored the stamping aisle at AC Moores and had conversation about "inks and embossing powders." It turned out G-R-E-A-T!

Once home to have my computer tell me that it needs to install a new Quick Time and a new Kodak program. My computer would not do either because of some type of "Windows Installer" error. I'm no techie but I was not about to pay someone to fix this one. It was a matter of thinking it through and figuring out "Windows....." It's their problem. After searching I downloaded the latest version of Windows installer. Believe or not I did not blow up the computer. I fi…

How Did You Get Hook?

Do you remember “your first?” Do you remember the beginning, when you first started scrapbooking? Do you remember feeling confused but at the same time excited? Do you dare share your “firsts” with your scrapping buddies now?

I remember going to my gallery sometime ago and locking down my earlier attempts at scrapbooking that I was brave enough to put in the Two Peas Gallery. Now I look back and see some history on how I got hooked all the way into this passionate and addicting art.

The slide show above is my early work…my early play… my early learning grounds. They are not perfect, not even great but it is these layouts and projects that mean the world to me.

I remember as a child living in Germany I use to keep memorabilia and photos in a big RED book my father purchased for me. Although I no longer have the book, I have all the contents of that “first” scrapbook. Years later I made what we called “Year Books” for my homeschooled son.

Now we are at the current beginnings. I’ve shared he…

My Hair-Raising Friday the 13th

I wanted a quick trim today. I have short hair so that should not be a problem.
I just stop at a Hair Cuttery (quick, fast food style hair cut). I ALWAYS go to my hair dresser, James. But not today. I waited, waited, waited. Then this 17 year old girl girl comes out and tells me to come on back.
First question she you want me to wet your hair? Suuuure (BTW: she was 17, they teach this stuff in high school now). After just about drowning me (LOL). She asks me how I want it cut. "Trim up the top and make sure the back of my hair is stacked."
She replies, "Okay, but I might (MIGHT) have to get someone to help me. I don't know how to cut a stack very well."
Now the bells and whistles are going off!!!!! I'm very picky and I'm in the middle of a nightmare. What have I done? But the little girl was sweet and I did not have the heart to tell her NO.
She got Kanisha to stack the back of my hair. She really did everything except trim the very top. Now ho…

Mini-Mania Strikes Again!

I made the CD summer mini-album as a demo for Fiskars and AC Moores. I used the Fiskars Craft Drill, Fiskars Sun circle punch (lovin' it) and Lil' Davis summer gel stickers. The fun part was using my Glossy Accents to form a "beach" and adding sand and letting it dry solid. I added a few foot prints from Lil' Davis. I love the look. It's a simple book, but fun to do. I'll add photos as the summer progresses.

Stamping Class
I had a blast last night with Technique Thursday's Stamping Class. I have a few veterans, but mostly I have people who collect stamps, but don't know how to use them. So it is so much fun the teach and play with them all. Marsha declared herself a stamping "virgin" but no more. She did a great job last night. She was not sold on stickles though. She did have quite a bit on her, but in the end we got her hooked up and she ended up investing in several colors. LOL Of everything I do scrappy I so love to teach!

Have you ever…

Creative Dreams Studio's Etsy Store is OPEN!

Yippee! Whew! Wow! Way to go!

I've listed scrapbooks, die cuts, vintage lace, jewelry and I don't know what else. I've been working on this for weeks and I've probably left things undone. As always I'm open for a learning experience. Click on my Etsy Shop to the right and visit me. Mark me as a favorite and check back to see what I put up new. I know I have a gem of a canvas mini book that is awesome that I haven't listed yet. So keep on checking.

Help me Celebrateby Signing up for updates on my blog, check out Creative Dreams Studio's blog to see the albums that are for sale in their entirety. I feel like I should have fireworks going right now!!!

Okay, In the News:

A wonderful change has happened to Oh, Scrap Newsletter. The newsletter has gone public. Yeah! You don't have to subscribe to read the wonderful issues that Debbie Buckland is producing. They are outstanding...go ahead and check them out. BUT if you want to subscribe so you will get a reminder …

I'm In a Mini-Book Manic

LOL I truly feel like I can't let these mini-books get the better of me. I finished one CD mini-book yesterday that is totally my best to date and I'm almost finished with a canvas / heritage mini-book. Now I have mini-books hanging all over my studio. It is truly funny. I'll be adding photos/slide show as soon as I can get photos.

I've been having the time of my life. The Lord has been gracious to me in His grace and love towards me. He had encouraged me in my craft beyond my expectations. I have several cool things on the horizon. I'm ready for Etsy to open. Again, I waiting to get photos. We had a bad storm come through yesterday afternoon which is my prime time for going out and photographing my projects.
WHAT IS......????
What is a Neighbor, a PEA, or a Fiskateer? I'll take one question a post to let you know what each of these are.
Let's start with Fiskateers. I asked the Fiskateers on the message board how they would define being a Fiskateer. Here are …

Trying Those Mini-Books Again

I am so determined to learn how to do mini-books that I just keep going and going. Well here's another one from Winter CHA using Clear Album.
Here's a new Layout for Noel's Challenge. This is the most important part of my summer. The family reunions, family cookouts, in general our family. Organizational Tricks: Having more space does not necessarily mean more organization. The important thing is to make the most of the space you have. With scrapbookers it almost always means being able to "see" your supplies.
***Clear plastic containers without lids,
***Wall units (Lisa and Becky Wall organizers are great as I can buy a piece at a time.
***Removing items that you do not use on a weekly basis. I've moved my XXL to my spare room as I only need it for crops.
***if you teach, organizing specific class, aka stamping, in plastic scrapbook containers so your basics are ready to go.
If you are a "collector" it is important to use it or lose it.

The mor…

Mistakes...Because of Time

Okay I said "Mariyah" won the RAK, actually whoever created Mariyah's Birthday layout won. Please email me soon. I'm sorry. Time gets away from me and I don't see or think through things as I ought. Also, if the designer of the layout is a Fiskateer they will then receive the Fiska-only card kit.

Here's a wonderful quote I found on Faith Sister today.

“If we are not careful with our time, we will allow others to fill it up for us. There will be no time for God. Approach your day in a new way. How much time do you spend driving, working, or eating? What time is wasted? Replace wasted time with an activity that has value in the Kingdom of God.” Max Lucado

I need to assess my day and see where I waste time and be more accountable for my use of this precious gift. Time is not promised beyond our next breath and I don't want a minute of it wasted.

Speaking of Faith Sisters. You have got to see this. This is one of the biggest surprises I've ever had...........…

Winner Of The Celebration RAK

Wow a month of celebration! Guess what Ms. won! Woo Hoo. Send me the addy you want everything to go to.

Reminder of what I'm sending. In my package will be the little organizer, Chatterbox Card Kit, and few odds and ends. Cheryl will be sending you the magazine. I know you are going to flip over it.

You know the drill. Send your addy to

I love a good Celebration! Thanks everyone. Next goal is to hit 10,000 before the end of summer and I have just the challenge for you to help me out..............but not today. You'll need to check back or sign up to get notification of when I update to find out what comes next! I will post sometime this week.


Life's been fun and exciting around here. I've mostly been working on Creative Dreams and trying to get everything ready to open my shop on Esty. I think you are going to find a few surprises when I finally get up and running.

I've also been working with UnKit. I'll be …