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Help Me Pick a Photo

Help me decide which photo is the best. I want to enter a contest being held at the local zoo. So tell me what you think. Thanks Angie for teaching me how and I look forward to more learning sessions.

Scrapping Again

Sorry about the cobwebs building in my blog but I have a concussion and it's been hard to be on the computer.

We had our first meeting of the Fellowship of Scrapbookers last Thursday. We had more people than expected and we expect even more next time. Our purpose is to fellowship, scrap, and share encouragement in Jesus Christ. We had all of that and God blessed us with even more.

I got the results back from my MRI. I took a spill out of the bathtub and hit my head pretty hard. This is what the results are:
Click on the results for reading! My husband, doctors, friends have all have a great laugh at this one.
I have been scrapping my head off this week. But I'm submitting the two best layouts. I'll let you know how it goes. The other layouts were from classes or kits. But I'm BACK! I can scrap again. My Gratitude List:
1. Friends who hold you accountable for saying no. 2. Scrapfriends who give so generously. 3. God, for His grace to keep me and help me on my daily walk. 4. For…

World Events that Have Changed my Life

A look back at world events that impacted my life during my lifetime:

1. Berlin Wall falling (while I was in college ... late starter!)
2. Fall of the communist hold and the freedom that came with it for all in Eastern Europe.
3. Death of Elvis (1977...the year I grad from High School)
4. Challenger explosion with Christa Macaula I was pregnant with William.
5. Granada invasion.
6. Black Monday ... the stock market fell considerably
7. 9/11....I was homeschooling my youngest child when the call came in to turn on the television. I watched, helpless, bewildered and scared, as the two towers fell and as word came in about the third plane going down in D.C. I had to send Jacob to his room to play...official day off from school I told him. I don't think he understood the impact. I cried all morning and was angry for much of the time afterwards. My heart still breaks for the families, children, parents, spouses, and friends that were changed forever by these events.
8. Hunt for Bi…

What is God trying to teach me now???

The last three weeks have been full of stressers. I've even had two panic attacks through this whole mess.

1. My mother and her grandson is going through a difficult time with Anthony as he tries to grow up and be independent. He's almost 19, time to fly the coop! I get calls on this one almost daily asking me to just talk to him. My mother is 69 years old and doesn't need the stress as she has heart problems and high blood pressure. By the way Anthony wants to live with me and my family. God help me please.

2. My daughter just broke if off with her boyfriend. It was not a normal break up. This is the man whom she was going to marry and have a family with. She's 29, he's 30 years old. There's been a problem for about one year and he was playing with her mind making her think she wasn't trusting him. Well, seeing is believing and the relationship is officially over. It's been a nightmare for my daughter.

3. Of course many of you know that my Uncle Joe Bill …

Better days...

Good Moring Friends. Life has been difficut lately, but I know that God will give me strenght to see it through. My daughter needs prayers this am. I'll post again and tell you what is happening and how you can prayer for her.

Well, let's start with Sophia's challenge:

Memorial Day: I spent it at school with my 8th grade son. We had a speaker/solider that had returned from Iraq. He showed a slide show and really commended the men in his outfit. What was great to see what an old Vet dressed in his uniform with a Vet's hat on. It moved me beyond belief.
Labor Day: I will end my summer scrapbooking if it is up to me. If not the grill is ready! And I will have plenty of mouths to feed!
Best moment of the summer: When I discovered the Wired Bean (coffee and a computer) and the Watershed next door (great for quiet reading).
Worst moment of summer: My Uncle Joe Bill Galloway being killed in the line of duty.

Uncle Joe Bill and my Aunt Pat in the 50's at the Prom. Scroll down in…