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One Sketch Week

Little Yellow Bicycle has a wonderful sketch challenge on their blog right now.  I loved it so much I decided to do three layouts, three different ways, and share them here this week.

Here is the sketch by Liz Qualman for Little Yellow Bicycle:

Here is my first attempt at the sketch.

This is my 10 month old granddaughter, Little Honey. We went shopping at a local children's museum.  This little girl had the time of her life.  She pushed her own buggy, picked out her own "food," and (not pictured) checked herself out.  LOL  Who said she could grow up this fast?  Grandma had a grand time taking pictures.

My paper is from Bo Bunny's Vicki B. collection. I added Prima's ribbon and Tim Holtz's paper tape.

I used some older product in this layout as well.  The chipboard girl is Basic Grey and the title "play time" is from Cosmo Cricket's Blackboard. The border on the lower and right sides is a piece from Technique Tuesday.  The wood flowers are from K…

How's Your Winter Going?

I want to thank everyone for the kind and encouraging comments yesterday.  When I do something outside my comfort zone it is especially great to hear from you!

So how is your Winter going?  I'm in South Carolina and to date we've had an awesome Winter.  This is Little Honey outside last week playing.  I believe it was probably around 65 degrees Fahrenheit  (about 20 Celsius).  This has been an usually warm Winter for us.  Today will be in the 70's.  Last year this time we already had two big snows.

I used two things out of my older stash.  The slide mount ring from Quick Quotes and silver tab from Making Memories attached to the photo.  Their both several years old.

The paper is very new.  It is from Fancy Pants Winterland collection.  I won the collection about a week and a half ago.  I could not wait to dive in.  Thanks Fancy Pants!

To break up the button collage I added two Epiphany Crafts epoxy caps I made using their Button Studio.  I also added the "splatter"…

All I Can Say Is Break Out the Cute!

I'm expecting a family guest that will be staying with us for a little while so my spare room/craft storage room has to be cleaned and re-located.  It is a challenge to say the least.  According to what it is, if I haven't used it in the last year or two respectively, I'm giving it to a great charity here in Lexington.  The challenge is...

1.  getting the strength and wisdom to put it in the charity box; and
2.  moving what I want to keep into the studio!

So not only I'm I cleaning out a spare room, I'm having to go through my studio with the same rule and clean it out so I can fit everything I want to keep in one room. My mind is not wrapping itself around this too well. 

On top of that I've been investigating all the new products coming out over the next few weeks and months and I have a list of products I really want to have BUT there has to be room.  You can see my favorites list of CHA sneaks on Pinterest.

My goal over the next few weeks is to dive into my…

Using Up the Stash!

I'm trying very hard to use my older papers.  I still love them, it's just that there is so much.  With the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show right around the corner and all the new releases, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt there are some new collections I'm going to want.  Honestly, I can't justify more paper if I don't use what I already have.  All that to say...Use Your Stash!

Here is my attempt at using some of my older papers.  I actually purchased this from a local scrapbook store that went out of business about two years ago.  The paper is from Prima Specialty Papers.  The paper feels like a cross between mulberry and a handmade paper.

The paper is already framed out with the stitching and then has an inner stitching.  This sort of threw me.  I ignored the inner frame and did my thing.  Sometimes when there is a paper that seems to have the whole layout designed for me I sort of freeze up wondering what to do.  I hope I've overcome that a bit in t…

Trains Are In!

Thank you for all the kind and encouraging comments about my Art Journal.  I'm looking forward to doing the next page hopefully this weekend.  Jessica and Ursula you guys had a great insight of what was going on in my head!  LOL  Both of you have a piece of what was happening at the time.

I'm excited to know that "Trains" are in.  Well, I'm declaring they are "IN" again.

My husband has this thing about trains during Christmas.  This year he pulls out his older train set to play with the grandchildren.  They were fascinated, especially Little. It's a photo moment.

I pulled out an older line of Graphic 45, Playtimes Past.  I only had scraps left of the train sheet so I used it to make my bannr and little blue train popping out of the photos.

Fiskars has a new stamp called "Choo Choo."  I stamped on a piece of G45 paper, embossed, cut it out, and popped it up.

The journaling area is another piece of the same collection cut with Tim Holtz Alte…

Art Journal--Mine, Right?

It's been the rage for awhile now to create these magnificent Art Journals.  I've watch tutorials, purchased a magazine featuring them, and checked out a lot of blogs.  I want to do an Art Journal, but I'm not that kind of talented.  You know, paint, gesso, drawing,'s not me to do but to enjoy.

Why can't I create my "own" Art Journal?  I guess I can since there are no rules about all this.  LOL

I started out with a tutorial for the base of a paper bag album.  I used Ursula Schneider's tutorial on her blog Under Scarlet Bird's Wing to create the base of my Art Journal.  This is not my first paper bag album, but it is certainly the best one I've ever made.  Ursula's tutorial is quite good.

I used Graphic 45's Steampunk line to help create the album.

I named my Art Journal "Post Card from my Journey."

On each of the pattern paper pages I'm going to try new techniques to express what I'm experiencing is at the …

Pinterest, Enthusiasm , and Hilarity

During the holidays it seemed like everyone was Pinning (Pinterest) fun foods for parties and family.  My enthusiasm at the sight of these delicious looking foods got the better of me and I decided to give a few of them a try.   

My first fun food was Nutter Butter/Hershey Kisses Acorns.  Simple and a huge hit in the greater Lewis household.  I took them to my daughter's for a Thanksgiving treat and I didn't bring any of them home.  This success just fueled my enthusiasm. 

Now I'm ready to hit the big times.  I saw another pin showing Melting Snowman Sugar Cookies.  They were awesome looking.  What fun for all the kids and adults too.  Simple to make.  My family is a Sugar Cookie fan at Christmas so this will be fun to jazz them up a bit.

Made the cookies...

Made my own frosting...turned out too "dirty" looking to be snow so I sent Jay to the store to pick up some white icing.

This is where Jay and I started laughing...

I poured the icing on the cookies while th…

Some Reality When It Comes to Adhesive

This is the time for my annual project called "Get it in the Book."  I procrastinate all year getting my layouts in an album.  I store them in Cropper Hopper or Iris plastic boxes made for scrapbook pages. Some of my pages have been sitting in these boxes for about year.  I'm careful how they lay in the boxes.

As I was putting pages in the protectors I was disappointed when letters, embellishments, even photos came off some of the layouts.  Most of the letters were self-adhesive.  Some was just the adhesive I used.  None of my supplies are stored in extreme temperatures. 

So the Reality is ...
not all adhesive, glue, or self-adhesive items are long term;not all adhesive has the ability to be flexible for turning pages;So...
add more adhesive to your already self-adhesive items;go back once a year or so and check ALL your pages;find an adhesive that works long term for the climate in your area; and stay tuned here because I'm going to test several GLUES ... not dry adhe…

Got Sketch? Bo Bunny Challenge

I love looking for what I call full-bodied sketches.  I'm not crazy about sketches, but I to like the ones that hold a bit more detail and seem to have character.  Helmar has a monthly sketch challenge that falls into that category.  Here is the January sketch:  Helmar

I've discovered that Bo Bunny has a great sketch challenge on their blog.  Bo Bunny carries some awesome papers.  I love the direction they have taken over the years.

Bo Bunny's Last Sketch (time up for submitting, but certainly not from creating from it.)

I could not resist giving this one a try.  Sadly, one of our local scrapbook stores closed their doors last week.  They had a sale and I purchased a lot of the newest Bo Bunny products.  I don't feel I did the sketch justice, but I'm still reeling from making Tim Holtz Pocket Watches!  LOL

I love anything with the older style Santa.  This is Bo Bunny's Father Christmas line.  The epoxy embellishments I made using the Father Christmas paper and Epip…

Got Time? Tutorial and Giveaway!

My One Little Word is already reminding me of looking "Ahead" when it comes to relationships.  I think relationships are one of the hardest things in life.  Finding balance often involves going Ahead beyond issues that cause differences.

I wanted to make something that reminded me of my One Little Word for the year.  Some crafters are making posters, jewelry, home decor, etc.  I don't know if what I made falls in the category of jewelry, but it does fall into the category of pure fun!

I haven't done a "real" tutorial in a long time and I have a lot to learn and relearn.  But the quality of the video is better.  The tutorial is long mostly because it's laid back.  Now's the time to get a cup of coffee and sit back and hopefully get inspired.  Remember you can watch part of it and come back for the rest.  I often do that with long videos.

Here is my One Little Word Project:  Ahead

The jewelry link at the bottom was added by me and does not come with th…

New Year, New Word, New Paper Adventure

Happy New Year!  I'm excited about the adventures we are going to have on D's Paper Studio blog.  The blog is changing a bit.  You'll see the added "tabs" above.  I'm redoing one and adding two more during the day today.

Goals?  Resolutions?  I never make it, so I don't set myself up for the fall.  LOL  I do find great guidance in choosing "One Little Word" that guides me through this maze of life.

My Bible Verse for this year is where I chose my "One Little Word."

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

My "One Little Word" is Ahead.  Are you scratching your head wondering how Hebrews 11:1 and Ahead go together?  To hope is to look ahead, to believe ahead.  It is physically impossible to move forward and look backwards.  Living today with the hurts and pains of the past keeps me from looking Ahead or having the faith Pauls writes about in Hebrews 11:1.

I started my "On…