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End of an Era!

When Jacob graduated from High School this year I felt great joy and pride, but I also felt like "this is it."No more High School plays, chorus concerts, JROTC events, no field trips, no homework projects, just no more.I didn't think I would miss all this.A new school year has started and I'm feeling a little lost about not being involved with my son's school activities.College is not a place Mom can jump in and help.

The Story
After the graduation ceremony families gather together outside to congratulate the grad.Accordingly, family tradition dictates that we silly string the one who graduated.What's fun is that each of the kids forgets about the silly string that we always surprise them.Jay was no exception.It is a time of laughter and fun.It never fails that other families start taking pictures.LOL

The smaller photos are of Jay with his brothers and sister.Jay is the tallest in the family, but William always try to be the same height.In these photos Will …

Using My Own Handwriting, What I Learned

My handwriting was never outstanding but what pushed me over the edge into terrible handwriting was college.Taking notes in shorthand and not really worried about my handwriting created a very bad habit of not developing my handwriting.Do they still teach handwriting in school?

As part of my journey I'm going to try to develop my handwriting for journaling on my layouts.I see such beautiful, brilliant handwriting on so my layouts I really want to learn to enjoy my handwriting.

The Story
Growing Up Together (part 3) often meant to share in unexpected fun.The photos are of me, my brother, and my cousin.I think it's Jr., but I'm not sure.For my family that reads my blog, do you know which?

This is a visit to my Grandmother and Grandfather Thomas' farm.Dad was military and we usually went back to visit our grandparents when we were moving to a new base.From the look of the photos we were on our way to Bangor, Maine.

Riding "Pat" was fun.All of Granddaddy's mul…

Bo Bunny, Art Parts, and Photoshop Elements

More and more I am drawn to Bo Bunny's paper designs.Years ago most of their lines were "cute."They were beautiful but not my style.In recent years more and more of their collections fall in the "it's me" style.Bo Bunny just released a new line called "Forever Fall."It really reminds me of the autumns when I lived in Maine.A good portion of the trees in the mid-state (SC) are evergreens.So you don't get this wide spread continuous sea of color.Forever Fall reminds me of the brilliant colors and the days I spent jumping into big piles of leaves.

Wendy Vecchi has a line of products called "ArtParts."On the internet it looks like nice chipboard.It is certainly more than that.This is the description from Stampers Anonymous, "Blank kraft-colored, pre-cut pieces made from a superior quality composite material and ready to alter. Strong, sturdy components are 1/8" thick."I was able to stamp it and ink it without damaging the…

Growing Up Together Series, pt.2

Honestly, I'm not crazy about the photos taken in the 70s and 80s.It is taking a lot of work in Photoshop to clean them up and correct the coloring.On the other side, I very glad I have photos from that time as it preserved memories of my brother and sister.

The Story
My sister is 10 years younger than me.By the time she was fun to hang out with I was married.This is one of the first trips my family took after Jim and I married.Bummer.They went to see my grandparents and my dad's brothers and sister in Kentucky.They left me!They didn't invite me!They had fun without me!Say it isn't so.LOLMarried life was a real adjustment.I love the photos of Mom and Dad with Cindi and Scott.The fashions and Dad in checkered shorts are too much fun.Emily, my niece looks a lot like her mom.

The Layout

What I Learned
I love Jenni Bowlin's products.This is bit of an older paper line but its classic.I'm trying to use that older stash, but you have to see my STASH!Good grief I'm g…

Incredible Effect!

Please excuse the absence last week.With all the moving to college I did not have time to do my "normal" around the house work nor have art time in the studio.I've made up for it this weekend.

On my journey I want to try new and exciting techniques and designs.I took this particular turn in the road to alter a Starbucks' bottle.I've been saving this for just the right time.

The Story I have been slowly redecorating and renovating my house.In my kitchen was a huge table that did not fit.There has always been some type of foosball table or air hockey table in my dining room so the table was in my kitchen.I finally moved the air hockey table to the spare room.The table went back to the dining room.I've always wanted a two seat, bistro style table.I found one at JC Penny's believe it or not.It was 60% off plus I had a 20% off coupon.It was beautiful and my thought was "I'm going to get this table.Now how do I explain it to Jim?Show him the receipt.&quo…

Recording Memories of Growing Up Together

One area of my Journey I haven't explored is creating layouts that preserve the memories of me and my brother and sister growing up.My sister is 10 years younger than I am.We only had the first 8 or 9 years of her children together in our home.The other downfall has been when Mom gave me Dad's photos I went through them and any photo of just Cindy I left at Mom's for her.Right after Cindy was born the big craze of slides started.A lot of Cindy's photos growing up are on slides.I haven't been able to get them converted, yet.

My brother is less than 4 years younger.Now I have a great many photos of Scott growing up.So it's time to plow into scrapping my memories of us growing up together.

The Story
These three photos of all me, Scott, and Cindy are copies of photos Mom kept in an old three photo frame.I don't know how long they had been in the same this frame as I can remember seeing it since my childhood.Mom gave me the photos and frame.I noticed my photo of…

The Best Kids ... Winner Announced

William, Jacob, Tabitha, and Adam I have four of the most fantastic kids.Three boys and a girl.All grown, three married, leading successful lives and careers, all kind hearted and loving.Yeah, they have their moments, but overall Mom and Dad are so happy at our life's work.I need to confess that we did not do it alone.Each of my children has had great people in their lives teaching them, being there for them when the times were rough, ultimately and first, God taking the lead and guiding my children. We could not have done it alone.I am grateful every day for my children.

Photo by For You Studios
Why am I waxing nostalgic?Jacob moves into his dorm at College this Saturday.I'm fortunate that the University is so close.Things will be different.He's a man now, making his decisions and a way in this life.I'm going to try and stay busy today and tomorrow, but all bets are off starting Sunday that I cry all day long and all week."I love you Jay and we are proud of the man…

You Got the Scoop--Giveaway

The blog changing, direction altering, mindset rearranging SCOOP!I started Debby's Dare as a Dare to myself, thus Debby's Dare, more than five years ago.I wanted to write and share my passions.Five years and over 200,000 views I felt I wanted to shake things up and refocus my purpose for my blog.

This past week was a time for me to reflect and make changes.
I want to change my goal and purpose very to focus on being authentic.My desire is to share my art and at times how it relates to my life.My blog is a place for me to share about my passions in a real and "authentic" way.Second, I am finished going through the stage of wanting to make money with my blog.It's not me.I want my blog to be a stress free zone and I hope that translate back to you.Lastly, I fell into this "Journey" I write about.It was something I just fell into.I believe my scrapbooking and art has improved significantly in my Journey.
Celebration, Challenge,  and Giveaway I've changed…


I have so much to blog about, but I'll save it for next week.I wanted to give you an update on my redesigned blog.I'll let you know the whys and what fors next week.

I've redone the header about a dozen times.I think I like this one.I had a professional look over my blog and I made changes yesterday.I'm still thinking about other ways I can make my blog clean, easy to use, and reflect my new direction for my blog and scrapbooking.

I really wanted to go to typepad but for what I wanted to do the cost was prohibitive.It's not expense, but with Jay starting school in 9 days it's just not feasible.I know Blogger better, so here I am.

I'm about to reach 200,000 page views for Debby's Dare/D's Paper Studio.I want to have a week-long celebration.Make sure to check in on Monday for fun giveaways.

A Few Stats
I started my blog on April 19, 2006.New Beginnings.I started during a time in my life I was very sick. I wanted to blog about my life in a positive way an…