The Best Kids ... Winner Announced

William, Jacob, Tabitha, and Adam
I have four of the most fantastic kids.  Three boys and a girl.  All grown, three married, leading successful lives and careers, all kind hearted and loving.  Yeah, they have their moments, but overall Mom and Dad are so happy at our life's work.  I need to confess that we did not do it alone.  Each of my children has had great people in their lives teaching them, being there for them when the times were rough, ultimately and first, God taking the lead and guiding my children.  We could not have done it alone.  I am grateful every day for my children.

Why am I waxing nostalgic?  Jacob moves into his dorm at College this Saturday.  I'm fortunate that the University is so close.  Things will be different.  He's a man now, making his decisions and a way in this life.  I'm going to try and stay busy today and tomorrow, but all bets are off starting Sunday that I cry all day long and all week.  "I love you Jay and we are proud of the man you have become.  Enjoy the Journey!"

Okay, dried up the tears, its My Journey time.

I'm totally in love with this layout.  The background design was all cut and pieced together.  A scrapbooker from 2 Peas in a Bucket inspired me.  When I find her name again I will give her credit.  The squares are 1.5".  It was a total blast to make this piece  I LOVE how it turned out.

The Story
This is my son Adam.  This is the earliest photo telling us of what would be his love of baseball during his elementary and some of his middle school years.  By the time he was in fourth grade his hero was Jose Canseco.  I have a video of him talking about Canseco and all his stats.  He has his cards and an autograph  photo.  This is certainly a time I want to always remember.

The Layout

What I Learned
  • Squares Rock!  I had such fun.  I placed the squares on black cardstock, leaving a tiny space between each square.  I was able to make sure the bottom was straight by lining it up with the bottom of the cardstock.  After cutting it out it was a breeze to place it on the foundational page.
  • I was excited to make the little banner at the top of the page.  The first flag I punched with Fiskars "An Apple a Day" squeeze punch and added a matching background.  Second flag, well is the second flag.  LOL The third flag is from Maya Road's chipboard people. The fourth flag is a small ticket covered with Tim Holt's paper ribbon.  I inked it with Distress Ink.  It all turned out cute.  I did machine sew through the Maya Road piece, very slowly.  
  • I just purchased Tim's Alteration die of the clock this past week.  I added Snow Cap Dabber paint from Ranger.  
  • I added square tiles (bottom, right of the photo; a number clip along with a tag underneath for texture.  I've been trying to use these tiles.  They have letters on them and I think I've used all I can to make words.  Here I turned them over for  just a clean design.
  • The stamped image of the diamonds on the layout and tag is from Tim Holtz, Stampers Anonymous.  
I had total fun doing this layout.

Thanks for all the comments and help with sharing about the new blog.  The winner is

Sarah said...
Love the new blog! funny I never thought of the results of searching for Debby's Dares before! lol Your layout is fabulous and I totally can't agree more with you on the awesomeness (don't think that's a word but a great non word to describe)of Tim Holtz and Ranger. I love how you used the stains as a mask, I'm definitely going to have to try that soon! Also I love how you used all your wallets in your layout, what a great way to use them up! TFS!


Congratulations!  Send your snail mail address to

Thanks Connie (not Mercer) for being a wonderful long time…5 years…blog reader.  I really appreciate it so much.

NanaBeth, crafting has made the journey even more magical.

Thanks Everyone

Have a Crafty Weekend!

Gratitude List
1.  Tabitha, William, Adam, Jacob
2.  God's apparent Grace in their lives
3.  for allowing me and Jim the privilege of raising these four children
4.  Jay's strength, love, drive, kindness, and joy
5.  God's strength to get me thought the weekend with joy 
6.  friends who are a great source of comfort


  1. Beautiful layout!

  2. Fantastic layout! :)

  3. Fun layout. I love the squares. That looks awesome. :)

  4. what a cute layout! love the squares

  5. I love the way you did the banner...untraditional ROCKS!

  6. your welcome Debbie! Thanks for having a blog I enjoy visiting. Good luck to your son.

  7. what fun. i love the lo's, good luck to your son!!!

  8. Every mother's wish for her children~ love the LO ~ keep it coming just keeps getting better and better!!!

  9. Beautiful layout, Debbie! Especially love the banner :) :) :) (besides the cute picture!!!!)

  10. Wooohooo!! I won!! hehe thanks Debby!! Your layout is amazing, and you're right, those squares DO rock! That photo is ADORABLE! I'd love to chat with you about having 4 kids and how it was while they where at home...we have 3 boys right now, but we're thinking about having another, but I'd love to hear from someone who has raised 4 kids...Love your blog!


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