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Busy, busy and more busy

Well, I've not kept up too well this week. Other than spending a lot of time with my new freshman, I've just been running around everywhere doing errands. I did finish my Family Reunion (in-laws) book. Yeah. I'm cranking out the books these days. I'm redoing on of my granddaughter right now. It was a Rusty Pickle little mini book using the ABC's class. Well, it does not hold together well. So I'm pealing off the scrapped page from the cardstock and placing it on a 6 x 6 piece which is attached to an 8 x 8 sheet that fits my 8 x8 album. I happen to have several empty albums. I'm a album freak!!

Tomorrow is crop night and I'm working on a gift for a friend. I'm putting together a Cat Scrapping Kit (with Susan's help...Keepsakes) to get her started with scrapbooking. She will be attending our Fellowship of Scrapbookers and this will be her first project. Joany has 5 cats that own her! I can't wait to get hold of some pictures. I can't wait u…

Fellowship of Scrappers

I had an inspiration about fellow scrappers getting together once a month from our church at a place call the Watershed in Lexington. Well, the vision has grown. A LSS owner is coming to our first meeting to teach a beginners class for free. I have already lined up teachers for projects until December. Our advertising starts this week with fliers, a scrappy bulletin board, bookmarks, and on two websites. There will be challenges, but I'm looking forward to the fellowship and getting to know new people as all the scrappers are encouraged to bring a friend. By the way it is next door to a wonderful coffee house with nice treats!

If you have advise....PLEASE POST IT's scary, but I'm not alone.

I'm still working on my reunion book, but finding the end nearing. I need to start working on my memorial canvas for my uncle and my fair entry. Then my next big project is to work on my son's New York/Washington DC trip (110 pictures). So I'm staying busy.

I can stil…

I'm spending the Day with Hubby

We haven't had one of those in a long time. He works days and nights and since I'm not working I get a little lonely at times. But I manage to stay busy.

We said goodbye to one of my favorite scrappers, Caroline. She was there when I started scrapping and taught me an awful lot. She moving to Washington state as her husband is retiring and they want to be near their children. It will not be the same ever. I feel a part of my life goes with her.

Hey, I won some DCVW Rock Star line. I'm so excited! I'm going to have a blast using this to make layouts. God's good to me when I don't have a lot of money He provides the latest and greatest through RAKs and contests and just good friends! Check this out. She is going into my favorite blogs. Excellent Blog.

Gratitude List for Saturday:
1. God my Provider 2. Good scrapping friends who my heart will always remember 3. My best friend, my husband, Jimmy 4. My church family who was praying for my family…

Well, I'm Still Here

Nothing much going on. I sort of escaped life this week. My Uncle Joe Bill Galloway died Monday while in high speed pursuit of a drunk. Uncle Joe Bill was a police officer, but better yet he was an important part of my childhood and my life. I hope to create a memorial canvas for him soon and post it here. One thing I will always be grateful for is his sense of humor no matter what. He always smiled and had a joke or a "Barney" story for us. This is a "stock" photo that was posted in the newspaper. When I do my memorial page I'll have some great pictures. But even here you can see a little smile creeping in.

This weekend looks quiet, but hey the day is young.

I've been working on a 9 x 9 Lewis family reunion book. I'm almost there and hope I have enough pages. If not I have found the book elsewhere and can finish it up in that one and have much room to spare for next year's reunion.
Gratitude list: 1. My Uncle Joe Bill's impact on thousands of peopl…

Wow, What a Weekend


*Husband forgot work cell phone. I spent the afternoon trying to get it back to him.

*Shopping before the crop, HELP ME LORD, I found more clear stamps that I love and had been wanting for 14.95 at Target...least expensive I've found....had to have 'em.

*Crop. I really got to see a lot of my old cropping buddies....Angie (YEAH), Linda, Caroline, Bobby, Penny and we had a blast! I actually got three pages finished.

*Angie, Susan (store owner for Keepsakes), and I went out to eat at Denny's afterward. Interesting at Denny's after midnight. Witnessed a hit and run and that was a story in and of itself. Needless to say the Classic BMW that got hit and split the front fender horizontally is going to have fun with those repairs. And me without a camera :{

*Got home around 3 am and by the time I unloaded and did my nightly routine it was 4'clock before bedtime.


*Up at 6:30 and walked the dog

* A three hour Freshman orientation at 9 am. You know High School is no…

A Promise of Another Wonderful Day!

Yesterday was busy but I had fun. Since resigning from my job due to illness and all the doctors and medications I do it is hard, hard, hard to buy scrapbooking supplies. Well, I got in a little money and went to my LSS and AC Moores and had myself a little, no a whole lot of fun. (Husband is not allowed to read my blog today! LOL) Hopefully the new Basic Grey and My Minds Eye will be in at my LSS by Friday....crop night! I'm biting at the bit to make some layouts with these papers. Scenic Route did a good job with their new line and I bought the new arrows sheet. It looks fun. I HAD FUN!
Today's list of things to do: 1. Put in my application for a seasonal job...I have to have some scrapping money. 2. Meet with a couple of great friends for coffee and sharing. 3. Meet with my pastor for a little chat. 4. WORKOUT! 5. Get my bags ready for tomorrow's crop. Angie, Susan and I are going to have fun.
Since I'm into lists here's my gratitude list for today!
1. thankful to God f…

I've Met TWO Goals

My first GOAL I met was that I completed my Easter Albums. These are albums that my granddaughter Hannah will inherit one day (three sets now). Also these are not really for any kind of design submission. Basically, I use older stuff with a few new things. The pictures below were scanned in so if it had any bulk to the page some of the pictures turned out a bit blurry. But the original is not blurry. These are just a few pages. I took 159 pictures and used all of them in one form or fashion.

(Picture 4) This is me before losing all the weight. I'm skinner, have very short, dark brown hair. My face is messed up because a real life threatening reaction I had from my original medication. But I figure this is where I am in life and I don't want to miss a photo shot with my granddaughter!

My second GOAL. I finally met my weight requirement. I've gone from 224 pounds to 143 pounds; from a size 22-24 to a size 12. When I get some clothes that fit well I'll post a new picture an…

It's a Heat Wave!

Wow, this past week or so has topped over 100 degrees. Yesterday was the lowest day at 106 degrees. We've been breaking local records all over the place. It has made me heat sick while I've tried to save our poor pea patch. This is a pea patch on HEAT!
Well, congratulations to me I finally put the last page in my Easter books. Now having completed this project I feel like I'm back into the scrapbooking world. My illness really took it out of me and I've been fighting to get it back. One sure sign of being back is that I want all the latest and greatest papers, embellishments, and tools. Fortunately, I'm broke! LOL That will keep me out of dutch with my hubby.

Adam and Jacob (my sons) have been in a Hero Clicks tournament ( After about nine weeks of playing Adam won the grand prize, a 250 dollar Hero Click. He'll be 24 years old in a week. Good Grief, Charlie Brown. But everyone except…


For those who remember:

I had summer then started right back to school. No "orientation," no school fees, no athletic fees, yearbooks were 10 to 15 dollars, no "which section are you in...what teacher did you get," no Nikes, no Skeeters, and girls did not even start getting breast until the summer before 9th grade! No iPods, no laptops, no Blackberries, and no choice in cafeteria menu and you ate or went without. No metal detectors, no worry of another teen gone crazy and shooting everyone. And so on and so on.........

School was about friends, boyfriends, the mean teacher vs the nice teacher, who was our class sponsor, sometimes it was even about the really cool projects. It was about "Scratch" (you don't want to go there), harmless pranks, the "Cool kids" and the nice real nerds in those days. It was about the magic of electrical typewriters. If you needed to phone home you had to go to the office and ask permission. Te…

Slowly changing...

the look of my blog. Since I was away so long I've just about forgotten how to work with the Blogger Template!

My Gratitude List:

1. a down day so that I realize that my up days are even more special
2. finally getting "hooked" back into scrapbooking
3. for what God has for me right around the corner
4. my Adam, whose help and love I could not have survived without
5. my computer (almost lost it this morning to a virus/trojan....sons!)

I'm working on finishing up my Easter book for my granddaughter. I've so much to catch up on. I need motivation to get to the gym first thing in the morning. The heat today got up to 109 in some areas of our city. When you are in that you have no motive for anything! is truly a gift to be shared!

CK Convention and More

Angie and I had a very good, stress free day Saturday. I took the canvas class with Quick Quotes. I love the teacher. I've taken her two years in a row and she has never disappointed me. Besides she declares her classroom a stress free zone. Which I love! Angie took a class that made a heritage recipe box and mini album. It is very nice and I loved the little cookie cutter handle. Check out Angie's Blog to see if she posted a picture or ask her to. We spent money in the Vendor's Fair. Angie won a door prize! But neither of us won any of the layout contests. We'll try again for next year.
Our wonderful pastor is moving to Clemson Presbyterian Church and we had a reception for him and his family last night. It was very moving with glad wishes and sad goodbyes. Dr. Sinclair is a world renown scholar and I will surely miss his ministry.
Gratitude list for today:
1. My pastor and his family. He has been sent by the Lord to work with a community in dire need of his love for G…

State Fair Time Again!

I've signed up to submit ONE scrap page for the South Carolina State Fair. The first year they did this they only had about 7 participants. I took it in my head that we needed at least 50 entries. Now, mind you, I have nothing to do the scrap operations of the State Fair. I went to the local scrapbook stores, who advertised it and even gave awards to those who won ribbons. I posted on several message boards. Did reminders all the time. We had 49 entries submit scrap pages. It felt good that in my heart I was partially responsible. Now if we could only get them to set some kind of guidelines. The winners and those who did not win, at times, did not make a lick of sense. But I guess that is the challenge. I only know of one scrapper on the committee, and I know she is very good in her own right. The rest are craftsman. I took second place for this one last year! My first place winner the year before is in my gallery.

Today I head for the CK Convention. I'm submitting to two of the…

Sad but Thankful

I'm very sad about the collapsing of the bridge, but thankful for those who are safe this morning. My prayers are with those families who lost loved ones and for those missing. So much focus by the media of "why." I don't think the families are thinking of the same kind of "why." I don't know anyone will ever have that answer. But I pray God's comfort and grace for all involved. Gratitude List:1. The safety of my family.2. The beauty of Life3. Ruth, my mentor and Angie who is more like an angel than she would admit!4. Sweet, delicious peas5. Always to my Savior, Jesus Christ, who literally saved my life through my illness.
February, when diagnosed with Diabetes---224 pounds! Yikes

August, after working hard with no magic formula....down 75 pounds!!!

Late Posting this Wednesday

I guess I should type it up the night before and publish it early in the morning. I have a regular doctor's visit every Wed. at 8:00 I'm late with my gratitude list.
1. The sweat that pours down my back as I workout...pounds, pounds, pounds (74 lbs now). 2. Peas that are almost ready to pick and eat. 3. The stars at nights that sing out the glory of God. 4. My Bailey, Bailey (my dog) 5. Always to my Savior, Jesus Christ.
I do this thing with my mom and sister right now. We have to end our telephone conversations with at least one thing we are grateful for. My sister is going through a hard time and our conversations often are negative, so we end remember we do have a lot.
Please pray for my sister as she is going through one of the nastiest divorces I've ever seen. I really can't get into details now because of the pending court case. But put yourself in her shoes and imagine what kind of strength you would need. I appreciate all of you praying.
My beautiful sister.