Wow, What a Weekend


*Husband forgot work cell phone. I spent the afternoon trying to get it back to him.

*Shopping before the crop, HELP ME LORD, I found more clear stamps that I love and had been wanting for 14.95 at Target...least expensive I've found....had to have 'em.

*Crop. I really got to see a lot of my old cropping buddies....Angie (YEAH), Linda, Caroline, Bobby, Penny and we had a blast! I actually got three pages finished.

*Angie, Susan (store owner for Keepsakes), and I went out to eat at Denny's afterward. Interesting at Denny's after midnight. Witnessed a hit and run and that was a story in and of itself. Needless to say the Classic BMW that got hit and split the front fender horizontally is going to have fun with those repairs. And me without a camera :{

*Got home around 3 am and by the time I unloaded and did my nightly routine it was 4'clock before bedtime.


*Up at 6:30 and walked the dog

* A three hour Freshman orientation at 9 am. You know High School is not going to be fun for the first couple of weeks. Pray for my Jacob to settle in quickly.

(Jacob in front of his new school asking, "WHY ME!")

*School shopping at 12 noon. What a hoot at this one. Everyone was school clothes shopping Saturday.

(After an hour and a half he finds shoes that fit...Size 12...good grief)

( Again a few hours in Old Navy and we are finally checking out!)

*Groceries at 4:00

*Home and clean house for Birthday part on Sunday.

*Up at 6:30 to walk the dog!

* Went to early service at Church at 8:15...good service by the way

*Sunday School at 9:30

* Picking up medication at 11:00 am

* Home and a last minute scramble before the crowd got there.

* WE HAD a Birthday PARTY for my 24 year old son.

(Adam, birthday boy with his beautiful girlfriend and hopeful our future daughter-in-law, Ashely)

* 7:31 took Jacob and friend to a end of summer/back to school bash at the Country Club that lasted until 10:00 pm...I read at BAM until it closed.

*Home and had some time with my husband. Oh yeah, one of the kids spent the night. They are still snoozing away! LOL


But it's Monday and it starts all over again. I'm so tired I need a nap, but my daughter left some things at the house Sunday so I have to take it to her downtown and it so happens that there are 3 scrapbook stores on the way. Lord, give me self control.

Here's to a quieter week and I can form a new routine at soon at Jacob starts school.

(Me and my wonderfully talented, beautiful, good hearted daughter Tabitha)

Oh, my gratitude list:

1. survival by God Strength

2. a new day full of amazing possibilities

3. a time today to crop in my craft room

4. granddaughters that love unconditionally

5. My God for bringing me safely mentally and physically through a very tough week.

May God give you a rain of blessings today.


  1. That is why I don't have a dog!LOL I don't know how you did all that on such little sleep. Did you manage to bypass the stores today?

  2. no, but I only spent 8 dollars in one and 12 dollars in another. I ran out as fast as I could. LOL


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