Late Posting this Wednesday

I guess I should type it up the night before and publish it early in the morning. I have a regular doctor's visit every Wed. at 8:00 I'm late with my gratitude list.

1. The sweat that pours down my back as I workout...pounds, pounds, pounds (74 lbs now).
2. Peas that are almost ready to pick and eat.
3. The stars at nights that sing out the glory of God.
4. My Bailey, Bailey (my dog)
5. Always to my Savior, Jesus Christ.

I do this thing with my mom and sister right now. We have to end our telephone conversations with at least one thing we are grateful for. My sister is going through a hard time and our conversations often are negative, so we end remember we do have a lot.

Please pray for my sister as she is going through one of the nastiest divorces I've ever seen. I really can't get into details now because of the pending court case. But put yourself in her shoes and imagine what kind of strength you would need. I appreciate all of you praying.

My beautiful sister.


  1. Hope things are all over with soon for your sister. HUGS!!


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