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All About You in 52, Week 35

Update: Winner of the GREAT MINI-BOOK GIVEAWAY, per is
Lauren said...
I am here! visiting your awesome site!

Send me your snail mail and I'll get the books out to you. Thanks everyone.

All Summer..."I'm bored!" "I don't have anything to do!" "No, I don't want to do that." Familar? That's my 16 year old when I don't allow him to live his life on a computer (LOL) or video games. I survivied without them. Mankind survived without it and we've done pretty well. The Sistine Chapel, Handel's Messiah, Automobiles, Telephones and Flight. We managed quite well. Oh, there is nothing wrong with video games. We all had/have obessions that entertain us. But get outside and have some real, get in the dirt fun!

What did you do before x-box? Or maybe you are not old enough to remember not being without computers. Document what you do now, because believe it or not 10 years from now we'll be laughing. Pick a year and answer thi…

The Great Mini-Book Giveaway

Since I've sent all my packages out I feel free to do an awesome RAK!

I have all these mini-books and I want to find them a great home. The mini-books are from:

Kaiser Beyond the Page Board Book
Melissa Frances...Open Up Album SEI Beginnings Word Book Creative Imaginations Parts & Parcels Paper Accents Create You Own Desktop Scrapbook Create Treasure Ready-to-Go! Blank Board Book and Maya Road 5-Ring Tab Chipboard Book

Here's the deal:
Leave one comment for each Dare Accomplished
1. Leave a comment you that you stopped by for a visited at Debby's Dare
2. Bring a friend who will leave a comment then you leave a comment that "I brought ..."
3. Post on a messageboard, Facebook, Twitter, or your blog , etc. about Debby's Dare Great Mini-Book Giveaway with the link to Debby's Dare. Leave a comment.
4. Sign up for my newsletter (top righthand corner), then leave a comment that either you have already signed up or that you just signed up.
5. Have a crafty friend sign up…

Debby's Dare Demos

I'm replacing the title of Fiskars Friday on Thursday to Debby's Dare Demos. I want to include other great products on the market that I absolutely love. As soon as I get my hand on some of the new Fiskars tools I will certainly be demo-ing them with some projects. If you have a tool or technique (you see, I'm making myself clear) you want to see on Debby's Dare Demos then leave a comment.

I'm using my flip camera today to see if I can get a better quality picture. Leave a comment and let me know which one you like more the web cam, which is what I've been using, or the Flip Camera which I'm using today.

Here is a few quickies for Debby's Dare Demos today.

Couple of Reminders:
Greenville, SC...tomorrow. Scrapbook Yard Sale...Funkie Munkie Scraps...10:00-2:00. I hope to see you there. You can't miss me. I'll be in Orange and Green! Mary, I not sure yet about the hat! LOL

The Secret will be announced on uStream Tuesday at 12:05 pm EST. If you go to my …

You Dared, I Answered!

Good Grief. Next time I ask you to Dare me I'll explain myself a little more. LOL I meant for you to Dare me to learn a new tool or show a new tool or product. Nooooooooo. I did not explain myself and now you get to see the results. Good Luck.

MissouriAngel12 send me you mailing address and I'll send you one of my favorite chipboard books from Maya Road.

If you are unaware of Scrapbook Royalty I encourage to go to their siteand their blog (big big giveaway). This is an all volunteer crafting origination for Charities. They are awesome and have been recognized not only in our industry but across the board. Elena Etcheverry is the founder, president and heartbeat of SBR. Right now they are and we are trying to help them "win" $25,000.00. That can go a long with any all volunteer charity and when you read about what they do I hope you will go to The Christie C-O-O-K-I-E giveawayand cast your vote for Scrapbook Royalty, San Diego, CA. Per the rules you are all…

All About You in 52, Week 34

I'm crying out- "where is the year going?" I'm already planning Thanksgiving and Christmas. Good Grief Charlie Brown! I've been a busy beaver these past few weeks and my household chores have not been getting done by themselves. That fact had me thinking about my chores as a child and teenager. I want to share a bit of my Dad's journal (dad passed in 2000) about his chores: "I remember the work. I don't know why. I guess that was all I knew as a kid. After school I cut fire wood, hoed tobacco, hoed corn, sill tobacco, prepared tobacco beds, cut hay, hauled hay, fed cows and horses, milked cows before and after school, harnessed horses, cared for horses. I cleared land, hauled water, helped my mom in the house. All this before I was 14 years old.
The biggest job was the fire wood. It took a lot being from the north. I carried it on my back, hauled it on a wagon, on a sled, drug it with a horse. Just any way to get it in the house. and then I had to cut …

Just Plain Fun...Questions/Answers

I love teasing people with secrets. In light of the suffering I'm causing I'll just have to tease some more. LOL It's 10 days until I reveal the total secret which Sudie with unKit is having a fit to tell NOW. She wants to spill the beans. If you know me then you know it's coffee beans. My lips are sealed. BUT this Monday and next Monday you will find some hints about the "Secret." unKit broadcasts live on ustream Monday unKit Live! That's when maybe, well sort of, kinda, Sudie might let something slip. LOL IF YOU CAN NOT WAIT...sign up for the newsletter and I'll spill the beans to YOU.
Just Plain Fun
I was helping my son at a flea market sell yesterday. I met up with some followers of Debby's Dare and of course when crafters get together we have fun. One crafter asked me what company was not going to be making the adhesive I was speaking about in a previous blog. My understanding is that Kokuyo will no longer be making Dot n…

Dare Me!

I am all the time Daring you to do something easy to the crazy. Let's turn the tables. Dare me! I make no promises other than to try. Now when I say DARE it must be craft related. LOL
I'm asking for your opinion at a couple of things in my video this week. Watch and let me know.

News Here are a few photos of some crazy and wild Fiskateers at the CKC Convention in Charlotte, NC last Saturday. I got caught without my orange. Sondra and I were incognito. LOL But Mary is good and found me. We had a great time visiting. All Fiskateers, all but two CFDs and one 2008 Fiskateer of the Year! Oh, yes three sisters and a mom and daughter. Too much fun.

Jen Diaz, owner of Oh, Scrap, Certified Fiskars Demonstrator and Fiskateer in Charlotte, NC. A beautiful store and a wonderful location. So easy to find, I did not even get lost.
SCRAPBOOK YARD SALESaturday, August 28th I will be in Greenville, SC at Funkie Munkie Scraps with Stephanie White. There is a scrapbooking yard sale going on. I have…

I'm in Love with Glimmer Mist

I've been using Glimmer Mist for about a year now. It took me forever to figure out why I would use it. Once it clicked I was Glimmering everything. I was truely clueless because I really was guessing at what I was doing.

I took a class sponsored by Graphic 45 and Tattered Angels at the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show. I leaned so much. I also learned not to be scared of what I do. As with all scrapbooking adventures, mistakes can be turned into gems.

I wanted to share so many techniques they shared with me. But time is limited. I've demonstrated the basics and maybe I'll do another one with more of the cool techniques Liz shared that give you totally different looks. FYI: Tattered Angels has a Design Team Call on their Blog.

Please leave a comment if you learned something new or if you have a Glimmer Mist question. If I don't know the answer I'll find out for you. Go forth and add some Glimmer to Your World!

SECRETS, SECRETS, SECRETS...I'll be announcing my…

All About You in 52, Question 33

I have always been fascinated with my heritage. Finding photos, gathering stories, setting up genealogy trees. I want to know what my people have accomplished. I like learning about the little things. My Great-grandmother Thomas (in photo below) would offered a visitor a melon. If she gave you a green melon she liked you, if she gave you a yellow/white melon she did not like you. LOL

I love learning about physical traits through photos. Who’s hands did I inherit or where did I get my eyes. What part of my character is similar to a family member.

The question this week has a two fold purpose. Find a family photo current or old. Look it over. Do you see traits in them that are reflected in you? Also label who is in the photo. I have photos back from when photography started and I don’t know who is in the photo. I know there is a set of great-great grandparents and four great grandparent, but who is in the rest of the photo. Sad. We need to document now who is in the photo before it is too…

Fiskars Friday on Friday!

Yep, I'm behind. But for a good reason! We have many birthdays happening right now. Let's see. Mom Lewis, my mother, Dad Lewis, my sister, my niece, my sister-in-law and Ta-Da, my son turns 26 in a few days. Whew! We are just party animals right now. LOL

Okay today's tool is the Fiskars Floral 3-in-1 Fastener. Now I'm not a big floral crafter, but I love this fastener because I can do things that can be added to my layouts, my canvases, altered arts, children's hair bows and the list can go on.

Let me say it now....Once you see the 3-in-1 demonstrated how else could you use this feature for something other than making bows for a floral arrangement. Leave a comment and I'll draw for a RAK on Monday.

Is anyone interested in a Tattered Angels (glimmer mist, chipboard and mask) demo Debby's
Dare style? Not on Fiskars Friday, but maybe Tuesday next week? Let me know. I had the privilege of taking a class from the famed Liz Hicks, Tattered Angels head of Education. S…

Do You Want to Know my Secret??

Do you want to know my secret? Check the video below to find out how you can know first.

All About You in 52, Question 32

Today. Today is full of running around, getting the kids here, there, everywhere. I have to go here, type this, answer that....agh!

It is difficult, but slow down a moment and ponder where you are going. What are some goals...not resolutions, but goals that you have that you are working towards or want to work towards in your life? I'm one of those that will "wing it" if I'm not careful. I have to write things down daily to make sure they get done or attempted. Those are daily tasks taking me in the direction I want to be in five years?

This week's Question:
What are 5 Goals you want to Meet in the Next Five Years?

My Answer:

My Next Five Years
Lose Weight
Renew and Rest
Establishment of CDS
Trust and Depend on God

Pattern Paper: Basic Grey Fruitcake
Letters: tiny alpha by Making Memories, Title by chipboard letters by Tattered Angels;
Journaling by Dynmo
Stamp: Autumn Harvest Rhonda Farra Swirls no1
Ink: Ranger's Archival Ink, b…

"We Love Ikea" and Winner

I had a busy week that involved a lot of children.
Ms. unKit has two beautiful children 7 and 5. They stretched my imagination and added so much to my day. I had conversations that were well structured, I now know the secret hiding place (shhhhh), I attended not 1 but 4 solo concerts. My favorite was "I've Got Levite Genes Down in My Soul." A and Meemee did a wonderful job singing and adding their special touch to the song. They both helped me with a few business decision was I was trying to make!
I love A and Meemee as they are both very special and unique. God bless them both, because they have blessed me.

Family Pet....and it is HUGE!"We Love Ikea" was our chat heading in and out of Charlotte Friday. Shannon and her two creative and fun children spent the day with us shopping. Allison and Jed rocked the house. I was once again serenaded and I don't know if I like the one where the frog went splat and dog ate it. Ask Shannon. This was Shannon second trip …

Yes, It's Fiskars Friday on Thursday...I'm B-a-c-k!

Wow, I'm excited to be back working on my Fiskars Friday on Thursday. Although I do have to resolve my lighting problem because it greatly affects the quality of my video. Any one with suggestion is welcome to suggest away.
I am almost finished with a cute little project using Oopsy Daisy's new paper line. They were kind enough to let me have their display paper and I'm in love. I can wait to show you the the scrapbook page I'm creating with one of my daughter's engagement photos. I have to tell you the coolest thing real quick. The photographer has given written permission for me to use her photos of Tab and David for publication purposes. Does it get any better?
Enjoy....and there's a Dare at the end of the Blog. Easy and cool stuff.

I DARE YOU to HELP ME finish my CD project. I would love suggestions on some finishing touches or how to "kick it up a notch." Leave your suggestion in the comments and I'll draw a name Saturday evening to receive.....

All About You in 52, Week 31

31! For those who are looking for Week 30, that was a freebie week. Vicki took advantage of that week to answer the question "what sound is the most comfort to you?" Great question and answer. Thanks Vicki and again so many of you are "catching up." You don't know how much I admire you. I'm not that great at "catch up."
I've had several weeks of non-stop events, family gatherings, crops, teaching and demo-ing. Sunday I stepped outside to look at the sky and breathe in deeply and slow my mind and body down for a little bit. WARNING: this can be addictive. LOL
Simple Pleasures. Ever laid on your back and watch the clouds? Or get up at 2 in the morning to watch a meteor shower? Ever search for that elusive 4 leaf clover? Have you collected leaves in the fall? Have you ever made a snow angel? Have you ever taken a walk just to discover something new? Have you just breathed in Simple Pleasures?
Question What was your simple pleasure growing up or even…

Craft and Hobby Assoication...My Take

Please forgive me and give me one more day to find the top of my craft table in order to do the next All About You in 52. The plan is to have it up tomorrow! Thanks for your understanding.

CHA is always an amazing experience. Seeing all the new products, learning new techniques, spying celebrities and seeing once a year friends.
Although attendance for CHA was well below any CHA I have attended there were real perks to having a low attendance. I found I had time to talk to those working in the booth, to learn more about their product and their passion for what they do. I was able to do several make-n-takes which is not my norm. I learned several new techniques. I also attended a co-class of Graphic 45 and Tattered Angels. I learned many new techniques with the Tattered Angels I hope to share.

I finally understand what the Gypsy for the Circut is all about. After the drilling one of the designers for Gypsy I understood how they keep people from sharing Circut cartridge. When you download y…