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Fiskars Friday on Thursday

We are pulling out Fiskars Border Punches again! Oooo, I picked up a new-to-me technique I should have known, but when you don't read like you should then you miss out.

Let's take these babies around the corner!

Leave a comment if this demonstration helps and share with us if you come up with going around the corner with other Fiskars Border Punches.

I was asked about using Fiskars Push, Print Stamp Factory in lining up to make sure it stamps where it is suppose to stamp. Here is the link to the demonstration of "Frankie."

Busy is not the word right now! LOL I'm on a run of wonderful scrapbooking adventures. Of course we had Certified Fiskars Demonstrators Training Monday. Now I'm co-hosting a crop for the Fellowship of Scrapbookers for National Scrapbook Day on Saturday. The start gun for the "the marathon" has been fired and I'm running. I'm also running some others with me!

If you have no where to go to crop with friends may…

We Had a Party

All About You in 52, Week 17
Fiskars Friday on Thursday

We had so much fun, maybe too much. I laughed and had a great time at Certified Fiskars Training yesterday. This group of crafters were the absoulte best. Several knew a lot more than I did, so I commend them to hanging in there. Of course there was a lot of shopping. I only hope they had as good as time as I did.
If you are interested in knowing more about CFD training and live in the southern states email me at If I can't come the distance we have trainers all over the United States.

1. Fun with fellow crafters
2. Friends who encourage
3. God's safty in travel
4. Excitement
5. Rest in God

All About You in 52, Week 17

I was inspired greatly by the answers to last week's question. For those of you that dug through this question and posted it, I applaud you greatly. That question was not easy task, but one your family will find you in.

Best Friends. We all have them. Different friends for different parts of our lives. Different friends at different times of our lives. We are going to look at this question over the next three weeks.

Because I was a military brat I moved every few years. So I had to make friends fast and often. They usually did not last beyond a few letters after we moved. I remember so many friends that passed through my life as a child. Donald, Sharon, Joan, the kids next door, my pup Sam and many more. Who was my first best friend and what was an adventure we shared? I wanted to share this memory with my family.

This week's question:
Who was your best friend as a child (before High School)?
Remember to take your point of view on answering any of these questions.
My answer Journali…

Fiskars Friday on Friday!

Thanks for coming back to visit. I tried to do the video on Wednesday night, but I did not like it was pushed off until this morning.
I'm more in love with my Push, Print Stamp Factory from Fiskars than ever before. I received Fiskars Ribbon Attachment last week and I've been having fun every since!! Here's how it works:

You can find the Ribbon Attachment at Two Peas or You can find the Push, Print Stamp Factory at Two Peas or
If you found this demo helpful or "enabling" leave a comment!
Winner from Debby's Dare for last weeks challenge to create a project with Fiskars Texture Plates is (drum roll please) Arcade Dweller! Congratulations. Send me your snail mail with the subject line being "texture plate dare."
Would you like a tiny sneak of what I've been up to? This is just a teeny tiny bit of what's all over my house for two crops. NSD crop in Lexington, SC and Fiskateers Only Scrap, R…

Fiskars Friday On Friday This Week

I'm dog tired! Several of my friends got together from 8:30 am and worked straight through to about 4:00 pm working on two different crops. Punching, cutting, circut-ing, folding etc, etc, etc. I'll get the Fiskars Friday up in the morning. I hope you peek back in to take a look. Thanks

All About You in 52, Week 16

I had a wonderful weekend at a two day crop with Pages From the Heart. I was able to meet up with some old friends and make new friends. That is always exciting. I finished my ATCs to send to Laura Casey. This was a feat for me as I have never done ATCs in mass before. They are cute and going to good homes!

This week's question is going to scare a few. Don't let it. Be brave! Do your journaling first then create your layout. It took me awhile to figure this one out for myself. I could have written thoughts down for pages and pages.

Have you thought about who you are? What makes you? Not a mom, a daughter, a wife employee or employer. Drop away all the things around you that define you as a job description and answer this week's question.

What Makes You You?

Here's my answer:

What makes me? I have a great joy and assurance that God orders my steps. In that I have the freedom to be who I am. I am defined by that freedom. I can be free to be who God created me to be…

Fiskars Friday on Thursday!

Hurray! It's Thursday. Still.
Before you start the video let me tell everyone that has an outstanding RAK from me, my hubby put it in the mail today. I have no RAKs to mail.
Today's Fiskars Demo: Coming Out of the Closet with Fiskars Texture Plates!
Concerns I've heard: I don't understand how to. I can't make it work right. I can't make the textured image come through well.
Let's see if we can bring our texture plates out of the closet.

NOW, I want to see some projects using your Fiskars Texture Plate. Make a project with the texture plate. Post a link on this post. I'll draw someone's name randomly for a smart Fiskars gift. I'll post mine next Thursday.
I'll be off the computer for the most part for the next two days. Two day crop! Whoopee! I'm doing the Fiskateer of the Year thing (having fun with everyone..passing out a few goodies..sharing the passion of crafting), doing some demos and of course I'm the number one coffee maker! LOL I…

Bailey VS Norman

The Saga of Bailey vs Norman!

I sat with my pup last night and played with his mind. LOL I gave him a new toy and then videoed what he did. He usually does his destroying when I'm not watching so he was very nervous. LOL

Winner of All About You in 52, Week 14 is ShellyK! Congratulations. Send me your email. If you have not visited Shelly's blog you really should. I was enjoying all her layouts that she has been doing. Her layout / journaling about her Life Lessons were awesome in the light of what she deals with on a day to day bases. Her craft and determination certainly shows. Check out her blog and read her "About Me."

Several people have been doing catch up. I'm glad that when you miss a week or two (or more) that you don't give up! Hurray to you. Vicki MD, Rhonda, ShellyK, Maya, Angie all of you keep amazing me. Everyone is doing a great great job! I love what we are doing. My book is going to be a real treasure for my family.

1. My family…

All About You in 52, Week 15!

**Winner from All About You in 52 will be announced tomorrow due to Holy Week and Easter.**

My Bailey Bailey is an important part of my life. My little fat dachshund meets me at the door, sniff’s in my purse for anything I might have brought home for him, lays down with me when I sick, listens to me when we are outside chasing the birds and looking for his doggie friends. I chase Bailey around the house and he chases me. Never give him a dog toy that squeaks because it will on live for about 15 minutes.
I’ve had other pets, Raisin, Oreo, Sam etc. I’ve had turtles, birds, fish, hamster, rabbit and cats. My first dog has become so much apart of my childhood memories and I believe my compassion and love towards animals started with Tippie.
Did you have a pet as a child and what do you remember about your pet?
(If you did not have a pet as a child, any pet you want to write about is great)

Here is my answer: (The background of blue is only a mat, the scalloped edges are the edge of the layout…


Don't we all need a little encouragement from time to time? I know I'm high maintenance. I received a beautiful and heart felt email from a very good friend of mine. She did not tell me what a great scrapper I am. She took the time to encourage me in my character. I will always cherish that email. It might end up on a scrapbook page.
I know we are all busy this weekend, but maybe someone needs a word of encouragement. Take a minute and send them a short but encouraging email. Hey, if you are reading this you are already on the net!
Here are a few photo of my daughter in her first staring role. She is a producer for ETV and is usually, but not always behind the scenes. If she is in front of the camera it is interviews and such. I was so very proud to see her photo on set. She is sending me a copy of the broadcast. I know she is encouraged by times like these. It is wonderful to see my daughter so happy. Tab is the one is white.
Encouragement:Since this is Easter Weekend and it has…

Fiskars Friday on Thursday

Yes, it is not midnight. I've been working on getting this in before Supper EST. I made it!
If this demonstration helps you to use your Oval Border Punch or enables you to buy one....let me know in the comment section.
I have to tell you I watch a lot of demo's to pick up tips. You know what I found out? It's not me. I'm no good without it being personal, funny and at ease to watch. It's like "Welcome to my Studio."

Violets Are Blue

Ivy League


Roses are Red ~~~ Rain Dot Jewelry---I'm waiting on a few entries that I mailed out internationally. So the is RAK on hold for a bit. ~~~ Debby's Dare Blog Dare-dear folks I did not quiet reach the number I was looking I'm going to check everyday and as soon as I meet my goal I will announce a winner. You are so very close. If you visit without leaving a comment, I'm glad you came. If you leave a comment on that particular post you will be in the random drawing for a x-large scalloped squeeze…

All About You in 52, Week 14!

Fiskars Friday on Thursday RAK

Is your album starting to fill up? Mine is. I'm excited that I've made it this far! LOL Many of you did not "kiss and tell" which is fine. Some things are too personal.

We've been a little low in participation, so for this week's question I'm adding a 8 x 8 Scrapbook Project Pad by Making Memories from the 5th Avenue collection. You can see the 5th Avenue collection from Making Memories here. The 5th Avenue Project Pad will be RAKed only if we get at least 10 layouts posted. So if you know anyone on the "52 Wall" to the right...give them a jingle!

"Anything worth doing, is worth doing right," "When the going gets tough, the tough get going," "If you tell a lie, your nose with grow!"
I've heard these quotes and many more throughout my life. Some did stick with me and others I out grew! :} There are many things I've learned in this life to date. If I had to narrow it down to the 5 m…

Debby's Picks in the Arts

{Question 13}
{RAK for Stamp and Punch}

I've been every where on the net this week. I spent too much time on Facebook. I'm trying very hard not to get addicted. You can become a fan of Fiskars, Scrapbook etc, Two Peas in a Bucket, Marks Paper, Creating Keepsake etc. etc. etc. There are some things happening there that you won't get on the blogs. Facebook is certainly a most interesting place.

Pick One:Mark Montano's site. It is not a blog, but rather a website of his creative journey. Mark is one of Fiskars friends. He has been a guest of Fiskars at CHA and on Fiskars TV (and many many more...see the site.) His book The Big-(bloop) Ass Book of Crafts is over the top great.

Every time I pick up the book I find something new. Last night I discovered this very cute "Living Doll" with flowers for her...nay, you have to look. Vintage crafts, crafts on a dime, domino art, home decor to this really cool pencil project I made with a group of children. And you have to see…

Fiskars Friday on Thursday!

It's been since Monday that I've posted. I have been so busy teaching and Fiskateering! I'm preparing for two crops. May 2 my friend and I are in charge of National Scrapbook Day Crop which we hold for free each year in Lexington, SC. We are both excited about it. May 16 is the Fiskateer Crop, Scrap, Rattle and Roll, in Greenville, SC. I can't hardly wait for the surprises! And I'm at the beginnings of a Charity Crop right before Summer CHA. Whew! What fun I'm having.

I'm showing a demo of the Border Corner and Punches. Here are the four Fiskars Punches.

Border and Corner Punch – Read Between the Vines

Border and Corner Punch – Lattice Entertain You Border and Corner – Comin’ Up Roses Border and Corner Punch – A Tisket, a Tasket
I apologize about not getting the names correct on the punches! Have fun watching the video, but continue to read for the BIG ONE!

Here are the two beginner layouts I did using Fiskars Border Corner Punch:

Cloud9 Rain Dot Jewelry Challenge…