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My First Paper Publication....WOW

A Florida weekend and my first publication came out while I was gone. What a weekend.

First about my weekend. I so enjoyed my mother this weekend like I never have in the past. Like many daughters and mothers we have had our differences. But since I began scrapbooking my mother has taken great pride in my work. Seeing that my whole family is gifted beyond belief scrapbooking has become a gift to me and my family. It is exciting what scrapbooking has opened up to me in my relationships.

My daughter, the producer, was helping me on a project whereas she was to help me interview some of the family for my scrapbook. Well, she decides to video the interviews in order to get it all down and I could transcribe it for my scrapbook. By the time she was finished Tab had decided to create a video entitled “The Thomas Family: A Story of Sisterhood.” It was dedicated to the one sister that passed away this year. This weekend the family gathered together to see the results of Tabitha’s efforts. Peopl…