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To All Empty Nesters and Animals Lovers!

This is what you do when your children are grown and you get fleeting photos of them as they head out the door or when they come around.  LOL

Happy Halloween
Have Fun
Be Safe

{Thanks Pammie Jo for my Hat}

Gratitude List
1.  Men who stood up for God's Holy Word
2.  Truth revealed
3.  God, who enjoys when we are delighted
5.  because He first Loved us, we then can love others

Hanging My Shingle Out "Not Well"

I’ve been absent from my blog the past few days. I’ve been sick and the medication had a bad reaction to me! I’ll pop out of bed long enough to put something on Facebook or a note here and there to let folks know I’m still alive. I’m starting to feel better but it is taking me forever to do Debby’s Dare Demo. So I I thought I’d post one of the projects I’ve done and then we’ll do another project using the same materials.

Also, I’m still counting on a November announce date for Dare Ya! 2010. I’m very excited about it. And of course I made the mistake of telling Sudie and she is ReTweeting it everywhere! LOL

Can I recommend a great practical and inspirational book? Paper and Pixels by May Flaum and Audrey Neal. If you want to use your computer more, but keep your addiction to paper intack this is the book. It is for Beginners, Intermediates, and Advance. It’s an all in one.

Back to the sick bed. I have my Blackberry with me so you can send an email to I’m at th…

All About You in 52, Week 43

***FOR The Post for the HUGE FACEBOOK RAK Click Here.***

Lists. I’m really having fun making lists of things that I remember well. Some are even hilarious. This week I went down memory lane and reflected on foods. Food is a central part of our lives. I remember when there were no options. We ate as a family around the dinning room table. It was set before hand, forks, knifes, napkins and plates. The food was placed in the center and we “passed the peas.” We did not get up until we were excused and you were not excused unless the majority of your food was eaten. I still remember mom in a dress wearing an apron. Although I had a few bad moments … like not finishing my food, Hey I did not like liver and onions back then! I loved our time around the table with mom and dad.

Question 43

What foods do you remember that you loved as a child/teen?

My Answer

Orange Crush
Babe Ruth
Black Cherries
Roast Beef, English Peas and Mashed Potatoes
Brockwurst, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and bro…


For those already on Facebook, I've opened a page entitle Debby's Dream Studio. It will be combinations of Debby's Dare and Debby's Dream Studio. In celebration of opening my new Page on Facebook I’m doing a huge gift to one randomly drawn winner. Once I receive 500 fans I will draw the winner.

If you are on Facebook make sure to come by and become a fan. If you are not on Facebook, you can do one of two things. You can join Facebook and become a fan. Facebook is really a lot of fun. Or if that is not a possibility you may leave a comment here. It will not count towards the 500 fans, but it will include you in the drawing.

What is the drawing?  I’ve put together a great Foundation kit. It contains:

Seven Gypsies Binderie

Jenni Bowlin Studios

Glitz Designs

Maya Road Vintage Pearl Pins

I would be overjoyed if you would invite your friends of Facebook or if they are not at Facebook to invite them to come visit here at Debby’s Dare and leave a comment. The Dare is open to all …

Debby's Dare Demo "What To Do On a Yucky Day

've had a couple of yucky days and what I do best to shake myself out of it is to create down and dirty. LOL I pull out inks, paper to tear, stamps, especially alcohol inks (they can be messy if you try!) and paint. There is just something therapeutic about playing in all my mediums.

This is a sample of what I played with and the video shows you how I made the Flower and Flourish.

I also made some quick and easy handmade cards for Christmas.

5 x 10 cardstock
Fiskars Around the Corner Boarder Punch
Making Memories Ribbon
Stazon Ink
Sakura’s Glitter Pen

Punch all the way around your card, remembering your cardstock has to be in one inch increments or the punch will not work evenly. Here is a demo on how it works.

I cut my old card down to fit the inside of the punched area and adhered it to the card.

I did “jazz” the card a bit. Using my glitter pen I went down the brighter side of the trees and highlighted the snow and I added my little title “Merry Christmas” with the Stazon on …

All About You in 52, Week 42

I would say I apologize for not getting All About You in 52 post up yesterday but I enjoyed my time in Charleston so much yesterday. It was inspiring and restful. My daughter will be the most beautiful bride, but of course I can’t share the photos…yet! Then I spent the rest of the day with my friend Sudie. We sat on the park bench like two little ole’ ladies eating lunch and watching people walk by. LOL It was very inspiring to be around Charleston and the old world feel.

Here is one photo I thought was funny. This little pup had his nose under the gate when Sudie noticed him. I literally laid my camera on the ground to take the picture. What do you think the caption should read?

Lists! We did a list of books last week. This week I turned my head to the beat of my soul growing up. Music. It was so hard to get all the types of music I love(d) growing up. I went through my old record collection (for those born after 1989 they are just bigger CDs!) I found the sound track to “Chitty Chi…

Off My Rocker!

My daughter has asked me to head for Charleston this morning to see her wedding gown.  Do I seem to be in a theme these days?  Weddings!  It's going to be until tonight before I'm able to get everything finished for All About You in 52.  We will get back on track.  In the mean time for your viewing pleasure....

Lisa Falduto
Paper Fashions

Core'dinations' Jenni Bowlin and Maya Road Coasters.  You can find them all at Debby's Dream Studio and there is a coupon for Core'dination on the right hand side of the blog. 

Family Fun

I had been working in so many different directions as of late I thought it was time for my son Jacob and me to have some fun.

We started out with breakfast at IHop.  That boy has two hollow legs.  Wow!  He is about 6'4" so it takes more to keep that frame going!

Jacob wanted to buy his Halloween costume and we had such a time at Party City! We laughed so hard. He decided on being one of the Ghostbusters. But the stuff they have out there is to funny. You can be Michael Jackson, Elvis, Star Wars Storm Trooper, a Fairy, a dark Fairy, a cowboy, Cat in the Hat, a police officer, the most gruesome of creatures. A lot of the "attachments" are inflatable now. Pirate swords, backpack for Ghost Busters, etc. It was a hoot.

We took the time to play in the hats.  You know my love love love for hats.  Jacob took a bunch of photos of me in my favorite hats and he let me take a few of him.  We kept expecting someone to come stop us, but they just laughed with us.  It was a great tim…

Debby's Dare Demos, BOO!

My Pumpkin made with Martha Stewart Glitter on Silk Leaves, 
Bazzill Chips/Tattered Angels Marshmellow Glimmer Mist

I went craft happy today and could not help sharing all the different tools and techniques I used.  I cut so much out when I'm demo-ing that I don't feel like I'm teaching.  But I don't like watching long videos either.  Hopefully, this will be worthwhile.  Think of it more like a class than a demo because it is packed with helps, tools, products and techniques.


Debby's Dream Studio coupon code for 20% off all Core'dination is Boo.  Good until October 31st.

Also I created my first Mommy and Me Craft video in honor of Jump Create going live today!  This fun, messy project is for both adults and children to participate in together. 

Using my left over embossed Core'dinations I punched out three leaves from
Fiskars Limited Edition Fall Leaf squeeze punch

Mommy and Me Helps!
1.  In learning to follow lines with the glue your child is learning fin…

All About You in 52, Week 41

One down and one to go. Adam and Vanessa had a wonderful start on their life together. Now the focus turns to my daughter who is getting married in April. Her and David are awesome together!

Lists! I make lists nearly everyday. List for groceries, a “to do” list, list of guests, list of goals, list for my husband to pick up things before coming home from work. Lists, Lists, Lists! So I turned my attention to Lists in my Life.

First up is one of my first loves. Reading. I can’t remember not reading. My mother has been and is an tenacious reader. One of my favorite items in my house growing up is that mom and dad’s classic bookend busts that held three books that were published by Readers Digest of some of the great classics.

Reading was more than just gaining information. Reading was about experiencing life with words. Heidi is one of my favorites still today. I can see Grandfather, Goat Peter, Grandmother. I can taste the goat’s milk and cheese that Heidi ate in the loft with the fre…

Rain, Rain, Rain

It's Raining, It's Pouring, I wish that I was snoring!  LOL  I can't get a clean photo of my All About You in 52 layout so I thought I would share some photos of things I actually made for Adam and Vanessa's wedding.  I'll post All About You in 52 as soon as I get some good light. 

Realize that I don't general make cards, flower arrangements or anything like that.  My passion is for layouts and canvases.  Although I love doing other creative things I never considered myself very creative.  Saying that, I'm proud of the creative work I did!  It was not only a labor of love, it was pure fun!

Bridal Shower Favor Box (there is a ribbon that ties around it also but we gave them all away!)

Wedding Program

Bridal Shower Invitations (design was from Two Peas in a Bucket Gallery)

Wedding Invitations, collaborative effort of me and Amber, sister to the Bride
(FYI: 500 times through the Cuttlebug to emboss the entire background!)

Flower arrangement I made for the Bridal Sh…

The Big Day

Congratulations to Adam and Vanessa! Mom and Dad love you very much!!!

Debby's Dare Demo

Yes, I found one minute to put up this week's demo! LOL Actually my handy dandy camera man, Jacob, help to tape what I was doing for the wedding to show you a few things I've learned stamping and embossing with Ranger's Antiquities. I don't know why it took me so long to discover Antiquities. It really gives an elegant look to any project. To me it is like a mat finish, but more.

Have fun and I hope there were a few things in there that made sense! LOL Let me know by leaving a comment!!
I finally learned how to post a code to a badge without it creating the badge! Find the code to Debby's Dream Studioto the right and you can copy and paste it to your blog or your signature line (don't use it at a message board with an online store...the internet police will come get me....LOL). I've pulled out the 2010 calendar and I'm planning a few Dream Events as well as working on several classes. I can't wait to share them with you.
I created my first PSE sketch…

All About You in 52, Week 40

Only 12 more questions. Incredible!

The wedding is upon us. This Saturday we will be whiteness of my son Adam and his bride Vanessa joining their lives together. In all the "to do" of it all that is the lasting pointing of the whole wedding. Their life together. I breathe deep and can believe this is my little boy who is a man.

We have tons of company coming in. For me and our family the most important people besides the Bride and Groom has always been the grandparents or great-grandparents. Adam will have three grandparents in attendance. Mom and Dad Lewis have been married over 50 years. Although Dad passed away in 2000, mom and dad had been married since dad was about 21. There is a lot of experience and wisdom between these two marriages.

My grandmother attended my wedding. I did not appreciate it near as much as I should, but Grandma was the most important person at my wedding. She quietly became my role model on how to handle life and marriage.


Who was the most imp…

It's Monday

I need to wait and post All About You in 52 tomorrow. My crafting light blew a bulb and I can't see well enough to create my layout. I'll have it up tomorrow afternoon. If you haven't created your layout from the last question you just received a one day present!! Winners: Mary Hanz won a Fiskars Trimmer from her donation to Susan G. Koman for the Cure and bluucaca said"... your story is so warming i love your story from AC Moore" is my secret winner from AC Moores Forum. Send me your snail mail and I'll get your goodies out to you asap.
In the meantime Debby's Dream Studio Guest Designer Lisa Falduto sent me this wonderful layout. I love what she did with the Core'dinations Jenni Bowlin signature line. I'm trying some out next. This is awesome. When you buy the pack there are 5 different designs and four of each included. Cool. How about a 24 hour special on Jenni Bowlin Core'dinations Pack? Normally the paper pack sells for $14.99. For the nex…