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Artful Legacy Design Team Project

It’s now become the “W” word. Phone call. “Are you busy?” “Nope, just the ‘W’!” I’m busy, but I’m having a grand time. I’m very grateful that I’m able to make all these special items for Tabitha’s wedding. Tab thinks up something new. I sigh and tell her “you owe me.” I thought about that today. “You owe me.” You know what my daughter ‘owes me’ for all I’ve done? Nothing. It has been and always will be my greatest pleasure and joy to be there for Tabitha. I love you sweetheart.

Artful Legacy has been stretching talent and sparking my imagination. I’m so into wanting to scrap my older Easter photos. I pulled a few out in honor of my daughter and scrapped her first Easter Egg hunts.

I love Artful Legacy’s bunny and lilies. The original stamp is one stamp. I loved the lilies and I wanted make a bed of lilies. I stamped the image several times on a transparency using Staz-on ink. I cut out the flowers. I used one bunny backed with pattern paper. To make the flowerbed I cut my flowers and…

Easter Bonnets

It’s like the launching of the Space Shuttle around here. The countdown to Tab’s wedding is down to days and hours. I’m working on programs and redoing the guest book today. It’s going to be a beautiful wedding beyond even my imagination. My daughter tells me there are all sorts of surprises throughout the weekend.

It’s the week before Easter and Passover begins soon. Eggs, basket, the hunt, pretty dresses, and HATS are all part of the fun of Easter. But I’m constantly reminded of what Easter is and what it means to me.

I found where I purchased some of the Karen Foster Easter line and didn’t use it when I was creating pages of my older photos. Fortunately, I found two sheets of this one and I have a few Easter photos left.

Here are two Easter Bonnets! These two people in the photo with me are my mom and dad. I come from pretty handsome stock.

Winner for the Tim Holtz Sizzix die is …….
stampkjs said...

Hi Debbie - can't believe how busy you have been especially since you hadn…

Gremlins on the Loose, part 4 and Tim Holtz Sizzix Giveaway

I have had a something of 48 hours. Not to long after Wednesday’s post I felt like I had run into a brick wall. I remember walking by all the kids and went straight to bed telling everyone to leave me alone. When I woke up an hour later I discovered I had a horrible virus. I’ll save you the details but the last time I went through something like that I was in the hospital for 5 days. Yucky. I thought about all of you, wishing I was well enough to hit the internet.

I’m back and it’s time to have some fun. I hope you don’t mind but I would like to make this a two in one blog post. First….

Gremlins on the Loose

Even though everything is back in my studio I’m finding myself continuing to run the Gremlins out of my studio. One BIG piece of advice: don’t let ridding yourself of the Gremlins keep you from creating. I read on one message board about the frustration of a stamper who wanted to get back to stamping but was caught up in organizing her stamps. Reorganizing can take a week or months.…

Hundreds and Hundreds

The countdown is closing in on my daughter and her fiancée. We are exactly one month until the wedding. For our sanity we have about 2 weeks to finish all the creating for the wedding. So far this is where we are.

400 water bottle labels - done
100 welcome tags with welcome message - done
100 custom rub-ons - done
100 rehearsal dinner escort cards-almost
250 reception escort cards-started
300 wedding programs -working
35 table lanterns for table numbers-working
1 custom chest for wedding cards-almost
2 custom small chests for ring bearers-almost
2 custom nautical pieces for décor-tomorrow
1 guest book-just need to put the pages in the book
1 advise book-nope
2 outdoor nautical style wooden signs
Personal - 2 necklaces

The big catch is that my daughter has an eye for art that is very similar to mine. So as you read the above list think T!m Holtz. They are being inked, distressed, spritzed, crackled, aged, painted, stained, you name it! Really, it is a blessing that my husband, my friend…

Scripture Challenge, Neighbor

My last catch up word for the Scripture Challenge is Neighbor. The main verse Patter brought out in her study was Romans 15:2, Each of us is to please his neighbor for his good, to his edification.

I know who my neighbor is in context of this verse. Everyone, not just those in close proximity of my home. My neighbor is the greeter at Walmart and the person who checks me out at AC Moores. My neighbor is the person next door who lost her husband to my best friend who holds me up to the Lord and is a much better friend than I am.

What drew my attention most was how I could “please his neighbor.” I sure some company for my next door neighbor, showing my friend more love and pray more for her, smiling and letting the person at Walmart and AC Moores know what a great job there are doing are all things I could do. I can make a list, complete the task and cross it off and move on to the next task. That, in my study, is not how I am to please my neighbor. My heart and attitude makes me want …

Scripture Challenge, Follow

Followwas the word Patter gave as our challenge. To follow Christ. I delved into Matthew 16:34 “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me.” The Bible never ceases to amaze me. I’ve studied and studied yet in ever verse something different or new stands out for me. I’m sure I’ve studied the point before, yet today it took on a personal meaning.

The part of the verse that stands out for me is “take up his cross….” Look this up in commentaries. Everyone seems to have a bit of a different view of what it means to “take up his cross.”

I thought maybe it meant for me to quit complaining about my own sufferings and praise God that he allows me to go through it for His glory. I know it is a view that I have had taught to me.

The cross of Christ was more than suffering. It was indeed great suffering that I can never experience no matter how I follow Him. I cannot take up Christ’s Cross as His cross was unique to His mission in this life. So how…

Scipture Challenge, Home

I’m catching up on my Scripture Challenge from Patter Cross this week. One down, only two to go. A couple of weeks ago the word was Home. Patter did a great job sharing about the Home God is preparing for His children. When I went to study the on of the passages Patter referred to I was really caught up with Revelation 7:16-17.

They will hunger no longer, nor thirst anymore; nor will the sun beat down on them, nor any heat;
for the Lamb in the center of the throne will be their shepherd, and will guide them to springs of the water of life; and God will wipe every tear from their eyes.

The joy in my heart is overwhelming at the thought that there is a place and time when God will wipe away all my tears. I hope I get to keep my tears of joy, but my faith is that in taking away our tears He takes away our pain and suffering. That is the Home I desire beyond all things.

Here is my ATC for our word Home:

I loved using Making Memories Vintage Findings. The gold flowers and birds are beautif…

Brides and Grooms are Everywhere!

My son was married in October. My daughter is marrying in April. Saturday I attended the wedding of my "other son” Kevin.

Kevin has been a part of our lives since he and Adam became friends in High School. He has often called me "mom." Kevin and Matt (his brother) have grown to have a special place in our family. Every since Kevin and Becca began dating we've known and loved Becca. She is a beautiful woman and has a beautiful heart as well.

Jim and I attended their wedding Saturday. With the mix of this being the "other son" and my daughter getting married in a month I bawled through the wedding. Not so much that I could not get a few photos snapped off. I took all the "regular" wedding photos, but I love to get photos others do not think to get in the moment. So I'm sharing a few with you.   I haven't had time to crop with them....but I wanted to share.

Groom being marched to the alter!
Christine our cuties flower girl!
I love Becca'…

Gremlins on the Loose, Part 2

One of my goals was that my room would be inspirational. I wanted my organization to inspire me to use the product and inspire me to create. I wanted it to have the look I want not what my products want. What does that mean? It means I’m in control of my room and my products are not taking over and landing here, there and everywhere. Warning: If you are hiding purchases from hubby this one might be more challenging! LOL

The following photos are before and after shots of certain areas in my studio that now inspire me. I know that one rule of thumb is we want to see our products. There are different ways to “see” what we have.

One product I keep purchasing is brads and such. They would go into this wonderful Cropper Hopper storage for beads. They are great! Since I don’t go to crops on weekly bases anymore they have a tendency not to be used as much. The products go in and I forget about them.

(The two purple and one black storage pieces--before shot) My remedy for this problem came fro…

"Crafters Who Care"

This is the first of many times I will be focusing on “Crafters that Care.”

Sandy Paavel was the creator/founder of a charity crop the way I’ve never seen. Sandy, who works with the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department and a scrappy Scrapbooker wanted to raise funds for the LCSD Explorer Post. Sandy came up with a way that will surely become an annual event, “Scrappin’ with the Law.” I’m sorry I was not able to attend due to another scrapbooking event. It was wonderful that I got to meet one of the officers and talk a bit with him. He was very kind to bring me my own LCS Explorer badge! Thank you. Here is Sandy’s Report:

The 1st Scrappin' with the Law fundraiser for the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department Explorer Post #106 was a huge success. We had 44 scrappers for the all day event. Twelve brave souls made it ‘till we cut the lights out at Midnight.

It was a great day that began with smiles as the scrappers arrived and found that there were Explorer cadets to help unload their…

It's a Triple Crown Day!

Today is my 500th Post! Do you believe it? 500 times I’ve had something another to say! It’s sounds like party time.

Today I am a Guest Designer for Making Memories blog! Awesome Dude!

Today is my first official post on Artful Legacy’s Blog for my Design Team work. It is the first page to my Easter in Germany. You will love it. Scroll down as they have given each of us our own post.

So, how am I partying?
Here’s how to enter:
-------Leave a comment at Making Memories…a must to be entered.

-------Leave a comment at Artful Legacy on my post. This makes two entries.

-------When you are finished come here and post that you participated. Three entries.

I’m putting in a RAK box, Jenni Bowlin, Glitz, and Fancy Pants Foundations and add-ons. It has to be a BIG RAK for a Triple Crown Day. Ah, let’s thrown in a Fiskars Apron Lace Border Punch to add another Jewel to the bunch.

Tomorrow evening at midnight EST is the deadline.

Woo Hoo!! I love triple crowns. They only happen once in a …

I Love Spring

I can’t get Easter or Spring off my creative brain. Sudie, from unKit made some beautiful flowers last night on unKit Live (you can see the recorded verison) and now I’m dying to create some fabric, specifically blue jean, flowers. In the meantime I’ve used my last sheet of Karen Foster Easter line.

FYI/Response to yesterday's comments:  --Tracy made the cutest set of paper flowers and a tutorial to go along with it at Tracy's Treasures.  Another flower must do.  --Suzi you are too sweet.  I'd love to see your page.  --Crafty Secrets blog, I think.  If not it's pretty good.  If you leave a site name or tutorial, add your link.  We would all love to share the wealth!!

This is the last page of my Easter 1962 in Berlin, Germany. When it comes to any holiday and candy Frau Ingle knew how to celebrate. Matter-of-fact it didn’t need to be a holiday. I would wake up sometimes and run to the front door to open it up and there would be a small glass of candy hanging from the do…

Come Spring Come

I am sooo ready for spring. It’s has to been just around the corner. No more snow and cold winds. We need a little South Carolina Spring.

I found Karen Foster’s new Easter line. I purchased four sheets and I’ve been stretching every piece. I’m up to my fourth layout! For someone who layers pattern paper like crazy this is awesome! In this project I used Prism cardstock, KF Bunnies and Lace and Old Fashion Eggs.

Here is what you are going to see that I don’t do that often. It is spring and Easter that brings these things out in me.

Multi-photo layout!
Two page layout!
Pastels to work with Heritage Photos!
Used Themed Paper!

I added a lot of texture. I have been reading Tantalizing Textures and the book is so inspiring. If you enjoy leave a comment. I love hearing from you.

This Wednesday is going to be full of firsts andfun. You should really check in early.
Don’t miss nnKit Live tonight at 9:30 EST. We are making tons of flowers. Personally, I’m dying for it to get here. It’s “a don…