Gremlins on the Loose, part 4 and Tim Holtz Sizzix Giveaway

I have had a something of 48 hours. Not to long after Wednesday’s post I felt like I had run into a brick wall. I remember walking by all the kids and went straight to bed telling everyone to leave me alone. When I woke up an hour later I discovered I had a horrible virus. I’ll save you the details but the last time I went through something like that I was in the hospital for 5 days. Yucky. I thought about all of you, wishing I was well enough to hit the internet.

I’m back and it’s time to have some fun. I hope you don’t mind but I would like to make this a two in one blog post. First….

Gremlins on the Loose

Even though everything is back in my studio I’m finding myself continuing to run the Gremlins out of my studio. One BIG piece of advice: don’t let ridding yourself of the Gremlins keep you from creating. I read on one message board about the frustration of a stamper who wanted to get back to stamping but was caught up in organizing her stamps. Reorganizing can take a week or months. It took me weeks to clean out everything and move the furniture back into the room. Now I’m organizing little at a time.

This is an idea I picked up with the book   Organizing Your Scrapbook Supplies (Ask the Masters!). They were using a curtain rod to hang different materials from. One product that I’ve just hidden away was my rub-ons and sticker letters. I had them in a Cropper Hopper organizer (which are great by the way) sitting on a shelf. I never really thought to go through them because I have so many chipboard letters.

I thinned out some of the rub-ons and stickers to give to my granddaughters. I found this wall piece on sale for 80% off at Hobby Lobby. I had the hooks from Ikea. I went through the alphabets to make sure each had large enough holes on the top. Many of the packaging was already designed for hanging. Those that did not I either punched a hole if I could without damaging the alphas or I created a tab, taped it to the back of the packaging and punch a hole.

I’ve started using my rub-on’s and stickers once again. I can’t believe I had collected so many and not use them.

Your Assignment: organize your sticker and rub-on alphas in a way that they become more useful to you.

Let’s give away a Tim Holtz Sizzix Die. I love my T!m Sizzix’s.

If you check out T!m’s website you can see how he used this particular die to make a roof. I’m going to make a journaling block with mine for an upcoming layout. What ever you do with it I know you will have a great time.
DARE YA! I’m a member of the Design Team for Artful Legacy, a rubber stamp company. The owners Bruce and Christine are totally awesome. The new designs went up on their blog this past Wednesday. Here are a few of mine.

To be in the running for winning the Tim Holtz Alterations On the Edge Plaque & Postage go to Artful Legacy and pick out your favorite stamp. Come back here and leave a comment telling which one is your favorite. For legal reason: I’m not being compensated by Artful Legacy or Sizzix Dies.

Dare Ya! I’m looking forward to seeing which are your favorites. The giveaway is open until Sunday. Make sure you leave your comment on this post.

Gratitude List
1. feeling so much better
2. my children taking care of mom
3. husband who cut his work day short to be there for me
4. Vanessa helping me
5. God who hears my prayers


  1. I'm so glad you are on the mend. You are in my prayers. My favorite stamp is Act impressed, although it was VERY difficult to choose. Fabulous stamps!

  2. There's so many great stamps there! Didn't know about them.
    If i had to pick just 1 that would be hard but 2, well these 2 are my favorites:
    At Christmas Time...
    A baby and a manger...

    Thanks for pointing them out.

  3. Debbie #466811:34 AM

    Thanks for the organizing ideas Debby. I had to empty out my craftroom last week for new flooring to be put in and am in the midst of putting things back so your ideas are a great help. Now what to do with my paper???

  4. Tina S11:55 AM

    Ohh...I like the book candle glasses stamp! I can think of lots of ways to use that one. Loved your layout on the Artful Legacy site. The shaving items look so neat with that photo.

  5. Loving the apple blossoms stamp - i can see some fabulous watercolouring techniques used on that one!

  6. I love that wall hanger from Hobby Lobby that is just so perfect. . .

    The stamps are all great but Love background stands out for me so many uses!

  7. i like all the old time stamps but my favorite is 1923 Afternoon. I made a series of bottle cap pins with old photos from magazines and newspapers form 1920's-1940's. Those stamps would be awesome to use to make those

  8. Debby.... so glad to hear you are feeling better. There are some great stamps at Artful Legacy and it was hard to pick just one.... So My favorite is.... Smiley the Cat. I really like the hand drawn look and the frame around the cat.

  9. what a great giveaway and boy you are busy! Everything you do is wonderful! Love that stamp site and I especially like "Shim's wardrobe"

  10. So glad to hear you are feeling better. I pulled out all my stickers that I had in Cropper Hopper Binders and just refreshed my memory of what I have and actually used some of them this week. My favorite stamp over at Artful Legacy is the 1935 Evening Lady. She is so regal and elegant. Your examples of their stamps are fabulous. I like how you turned them into buttons.

  11. Even our Doctor has been out sick with this stuff. It's pretty nasty and I'm glad you're feeling better!
    I love the stamps of the women dressed in the fashions of the early 1900's They are so classy. Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. I really like the 5 diamonds stamp...would be great background! And I am liking this blog...I'm doing my ancestor album and vintage ideas are so important to me. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. SusanHnSC2:43 PM

    Hi Debbie - sounds like you've been busy! I like the Young'uns stamp (love those old photo stamps) but those early 1900's ladies are pretty cool too! Anything vintage!! Good luck with your organizing! and isn't Hobby Lobby on sale the best??

  14. Hi Debbie - can't believe how busy you have been especially since you hadn't been feeling well. Glad you are better. Thanks for pointing me to this new company. I LOVE the Smiley the Cat! Thanks for the great RAK too.


  15. Anonymous8:09 PM

    I love the apple blossom stamp.

    Joan fiskateer #808

  16. those pesky gremlins. and reorganizing is just another way to distract and deny. so glad you're back at it and so glad you are well. some nasty stuffs going 'round.

  17. love those stamps and the way to go on reorganizing... It's always fun redoing things and finding things we forgor we had... I just adore the apple blossom stamp... Oh and I am loving all the new Tim Holtz dies. So waiting for my stores to get them as I can't wait to get a few. lol

    Thanks for sharing...

    Elisa K

  18. WOW Debbie you are so generous. I would LOVE these Tim Holtz ones. My favorite stamp is the coffee cup.

  19. ohhh I loved ALL of the Religious section...loves those scriptures!!
    Thanks for the gremlins reminder...i tend to get all wrapped up in organizing!! have fun scrapping!!

  20. I'm liking the Bunny Loves Me... Stamp. It's too cute. =)

  21. I loved the Be Joyful Always stamp. I love your projects, great job.

  22. Kim fiskateer 561210:11 AM

    Debbie I love the holder idea! It will go great with my ribbon rak. thanks for sharing. I was just going to ost on the fiskateer blog asking for sticker suggestions!

    Fiskateer 5612

  23. I so love your holder idea!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing and for a great giveaway.
    My favorite is the apple blossom

  24. Debby,
    Hoping this finds you much improved! My favorite TODAY would be "Hand Stamped with a Prayer." It would remind ME to pray for each person I send a card to.

  25. Hi Debby! There were so many great stamps to choose from but I would have to say that the "Be Joyful Always" is my favorite! I don't have any stamps with Scripture verses on them and the name of this one states one of my goals in life! Glad to hear you're finally on the mend! Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!...Nancy :o)

  26. michelle12:16 PM

    Hi Debbie glad you are doing better.I really like the apple blossem stamp.Thanks for all you do.

  27. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Sorry to see you were so sick. Checked out the stamps and some of the sayings made me We'll be friends till we're blue in the hair! I liked the Abbey, Apple Blossoms and 1904 strolling. Not in the running for the prize, but had fun looking at the stamps.

  28. HI Debbie! What a fun little giveaway!
    I would have to say "Made for Walking"! That image is just too adorable!


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