It's a Triple Crown Day!

Today is my 500th Post! Do you believe it? 500 times I’ve had something another to say! It’s sounds like party time.

Today I am a Guest Designer for Making Memories blog! Awesome Dude!

Today is my first official post on Artful Legacy’s Blog for my Design Team work. It is the first page to my Easter in Germany. You will love it. Scroll down as they have given each of us our own post.

So, how am I partying?

Here’s how to enter:
-------Leave a comment at Making Memories…a must to be entered.

-------Leave a comment at Artful Legacy on my post. This makes two entries.

-------When you are finished come here and post that you participated. Three entries.

I’m putting in a RAK box, Jenni Bowlin, Glitz, and Fancy Pants Foundations and add-ons. It has to be a BIG RAK for a Triple Crown Day. Ah, let’s thrown in a Fiskars Apron Lace Border Punch to add another Jewel to the bunch.

Tomorrow evening at midnight EST is the deadline.

Woo Hoo!! I love triple crowns. They only happen once in a lifetime.

Gratitude List
1. the kindness of our industry
2. Christine and Buck
3. fun days that make you smile
4. God’s overwhelming goodness
5. The fun way I am encouraged by God’s love


  1. Woo Hoo Great job! Left some love for you over at both spots :)

  2. Congratulations Debby ! Nice feature on MM. I'll have to check out the other site yet.

    Boy, kids grow up so fast, don't they !

  3. Congratulations on your 500th post! Both the layouts on the other two sites were lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Debby!

    I am viji's sister. I am just getting my feet wet in scrapbooking! I checked out your layouts! They are gorgeous! TFS! Thanks for offering a RAK! Would be my first one:)

    Congratulations on your 500th post and guest designer and design team spots!

  5. Done!
    Checked out your layouts....wonderful!
    Left comments, and now I'm back!
    Congratulations on the LO's and your 500th post. Thanks for the chance!

  6. Hi Debby..Congrats on ur 500th post..I left comments for u on both ur posts..Thanks for being sooo generous!!

  7. wow, 500 blog entries. that is awesome. Love the layouts on the other two sites also. I left you some love.

  8. Congrats on 500 blogs I am excited for you!!! Love all of th work you did on the other 2 dt's. Lots of inspiration :) Congrats again XoXo Niki_Ray

  9. Way to go Debby. I left comments on your LO posts. Great work. I enjoy using my Slice machine too. It was acting up recently but when I contacted them they helped me with some of the issues.

  10. TracyM #67733:57 PM

    CONGRATULATIONS on your 500th post Debby - what an awesome milestone!!!

    Loved both your layouts, the photos and the background to them => congratulations on being guest designer at MM and for your 1st post as part of the Design Team on ALB!!!

    What a wonderful triple crown - savour the moment!

    Thankyou for sharing this moment with us and for the chance to win too.

  11. Tina S.4:15 PM

    I can't believe it's your 500th post! I loved your layout for Making Memories--so cool how the kids participated in its design. I commented on both posts besides this one. By the way, love the crown. Are you wearing it now? You should be!

  12. Congratulations on the trifecta. Five hundred posts… that is a lot. Great job on the layouts. I love both of them. I left you some love on both sites.

  13. Deb, great job on both layouts! they're totally awesome! and congrats on your 500th post!!

  14. Anonymous5:00 PM

    I loved both layouts.I left a comment on making memories under your layout,and I made a comment on the artful legacy site under youre layout.

    Joan Fiksateer #808

  15. Oh so many Congrats!! WOW 500! That is awesome! Your layouts are great, and the Artful Legacy site was one I had never been to before!
    Enjoy your day Debby!!
    Donna # 4454

  16. congrats Debby! What a triple crown day for you. I posted on both places!

    sandyh50 Fiskateer 4165

  17. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Hey, you are looking good over on the other sites! How wonderful you are getting such wonderful recognition!! Donna#6036

  18. Congrats to YOU!!! Thats awesome! Your work is amazing!!! I left you love at both spots and also now follow them!! Congrats again!! XOXO

  19. Susan Serigny5:52 PM

    I left comments. This was easy to do since you do such great stuff!

  20. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Congratulations, Congratulations, Congratulations - Triple Hugs to you Sandy "aspromised"

  21. Congrats, Debby! I checked out your work on the other two sites and they are terrific! God is so good. Thanks for letting Him work in and through you! (Suzi #5563)

  22. 500 posts? Debby that's amazing! Congratulations! Can't wait to read the next 500! I always enjoy visiting Debby's Dare & am always blesssed by your Gratitude List too!
    I'm partying along with you today so I left comments on your posts at Making Memories and Artful Legacy. Beautiful work just like always!
    Your RAK sounds fantastic! Thank you so much for your generosity!

  23. Congratulations on 500 posts Debby. Your layouts on Making Memories and Artful Legacy were both stunning. Thank you for the opportunity!

  24. Way to Go! I love both your layouts and how exciting to be on the design teams! I posted on both. I have been peaking at your blog off an on (and enjoy it!) when I see it at the fiskateers sight - TFS!
    fiskateer # 5736

  25. well done Deb! I like your work in all the places you go lol...but I did what was asked and commented on both sites...luv my fellow Fiskateers! xox

  26. WE are all so proud of you!Can you believe how far you've come in just a few short years? I made the requested blog entries. Dream on girl!

  27. Triple Congrats Debby!!! You deserve it! Thanks for the heads up, your work is wonderful!!!

  28. Cindy Brooking #20597:53 AM

    Debby, i loved both projects. i especially liked how you made the ladies on the artful legacy page.

  29. Hey Debby, congrats on the triple crown! I loved your layouts. You are always so creative! I've been to both sites and commented on each. Very Cool RAK TFS

  30. Wow 500 posts good for you. I left you some love on both your layouts. Not because of the RAK, I don't even know what that stands for LOL, but because both layouts are really good.

  31. wooo hoo!!! that's a lot of posts!!! :)

    i've posted at both sites...

  32. Happy 500th!!! I checked out the other two sites...very cool!

  33. done and done.. Love your layouts!!

  34. Thanks for the great Triple Crown give away/RAK! You are so generous. As a fellow Fiskateer, I truly appreciate you. Congrats on all your wonderful success. You are my mentor.

  35. Wow Debby, It's definitely a triple crown day for you. Many more blessings to come for you.

    Thanks for offering up such a great RAK. I've seen(commented) both of your layouts on the other blogs. Their awesome.

  36. just stopped in to see what's happening and I discover you've made it to 500 - congrats!

    Loved the two LOs on the other sites - great job, as usual!

  37. Great job... and congrats on the 500th post! :)
    I left you love in both places....

  38. TracyM #67739:32 PM

    Congratulations Donna :)


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