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It's Quiet this Morning

Everyone is asleep, except me and the chirping birds outside. It's almost too quiet.

I had a wonderful two days with Ms. Wendi Vecchi. I want you to know if you get an opportunity to take classes from her you should jump in early. She teaches how to use your Ranger products...tag style. She add her style to every tag. I loved the tag class so much. This was the second time I was able to take the Technique class from her and I learned even more the second time around.

She teaches about all the wonderful Grungepaper and Grungeboard. That was absolutely fun all the way around. You know what Grungepaper is made out of? Grungepaper! It's like the Colonel's KFC recipe, lock away in a vault. LOL

Wendy's first and second line of stamps are off the wall great! She taught us about thinking outside the box when looking at flowers and so many of the stamps and products.

I was able to play with a lot of Tim Holtz products. I want you to be proud of me I only spent about 2…

Fun, Fun, Fun and the Ongoing RAK

I have had a wonderful day with Ms. Wendy Vecchi and making art. Today was the first two classes. One we did a beautiful plaque using the new Ranger Memory Capsules.
The second class was just a bast. We made "The Bird." You'll have to see it on Wendy's blog if you don't to the story behind the bird. Every one's bird was very different so we were able to express our personal self and have a laughing great time.

I have two more classes tomorrow. You can only imagine the art work she brought with her to share. I was in sheer Maya Road, Grungey Heaven.
Several of you are guessing well at the Fiskars tools I used in the layout in the last post. You don't have to know the exact name of the item, just in general like scissor or trimmer. I can't wait to see a few more guesses!
Gratitude List 1. going to sleep 2. looking forward to what God has in store for me tomorrow 3. giving, loving friends and crafters 4. understanding 5. God's love

Fiskars Friday and Yes, It's Still Thursday!

I have been have the time of my life today. I was privileged to help take care (PLAY) with Shannon's two children. They are awesome. Shannon had surgery and although she is better it will be awhile before she is back in full steam. Here is some fun I had with the kids. (I'm now an adopted grandmother!)

I knew I would not be home all day, I met up with a friend who was doing Fiskars Demo's. Stacey Hyder is a Fiskars Rep, a Collins Group Rep and Certified Fiskars Demonstrator. She was helping The Stamping Place with a Grand Opening of their Education/Crop wing to their store. I asked Stacey to show us some of her ideas that she loves with the Fiskars Border Punch. WARNING: she's camera shy, but that is only on camera!!!

I created this layout for my daughter's friends. Tabitha's favorite thing to play as a child was "Barrel Rolling." They could not believe it. So I dug through my photos and found one (pre-diggy and pre-scrapbooking) and found this one.


Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

I'm in a fun mood.

I was at Scrapbook Heaven today and Ann, the owner, showed me a layout that one of her designers made. What totally blew me away was the photos. It was Jan's daughter that was in a recycling fashion show. I didn't have my camera, but I always have my flip camera. Take a look. It is so cool.

I have a very special friend that I want to pay tribute to. We've know about each other for years. We've been very close for the last 1 1/2 years. I need her, she will be there. She needs me, I am there. If we do not talk more than once a day then we know something is wrong. Her children are wonderful and I love them. I love my friend very much.

Sudie is comfortable in any Scrapbook Store.

She always comes prepared to jump in and work!

She can scrapbook on a minute notice.

She is a Party Animal!

She love love loves to talk!

She is my best friend.

She's my Sudie!
Fiskars Friday on Thursday tomorrow. Sort of a special guest...I think you will like what you see.…

All About You in 52, Question 21

Do you realize this is the half way mark? How incredible! I started out with one album, but know I'm moving everything to a three ring binder. I want everything in one book. How are you putting together you albums. Share with us in the comment section. I need inspiration!!

I am afraid of high bridges, other drivers (too many accidents) and the under tow of the ocean and lightning. We all have our fears. Some make us stronger and helps us work though them. Some immobilizes us. Nightmares are inherit to some of our fears. I dreamed for months about a red truck that had hit me and put me in the hospital and physical therapy for months. It took a while to want to drive again. I've quietly been hysterical as a friend was driving over a very high bridge while talking with her hands off the steering wheel. It is a part of us that we do not often talk about.

Question 21

What is One of Your Greatest Fears?

My answer


"It washes over me I watch her play. A longing to always be …

May I Catch Up?

It's been so wild I haven't had the opportunity to catch up with certain items.

May 15 I held a Certified Fiskars Demonstrators Training. Now we have Fiskars Tool Demonstrators from Greenville, Greer and Charlotte, North Carolina! This was truly a challenging group of women. They ask all sorts of questions including what else can you do with a corner squeeze punch. "Sure, no problem. Well, I really don't know so let's figure it out together." We did. I'll have to share it with you on a Fiskars Friday on Thursday.

Some events I'm involved in or in charge of in the next month are:

Crop Cherokee Senior Centers of Cherokee County Saturday, June 6 Gaffney Senior Center 499 West Rutledge Ave. Gaffney, SC

Proceeds help provide service to senior adults in Cherokee County.
Cost is $35.00
Lunch, snacks and Dinner provided
Raffle tickets/garage sale table/Silent Auction
To Register call Joan Wood (Fiskateer) at 864-487-2726
Special Guest: ME! I'm be doing demos and a make…

Fiskars Friday Plus

Well, I'm one day behind on my posts. I will be back on track as I have a peaceful weekend at home planned. I might even get ahead!
I was trying to come up with a make-n-take for several events I have in June and July using Fiskars Tools. The one I show on the video is just the base. Everyone will make their own style, but the idea is the same. I made this project to go on one of my son's layouts. It certainly has many more possibilities.
If any of this demonstration of Fiskars Tools helps you, let me know by leaving a comment.

Here is Shannon Smith with a Blog report about the Pre-Crop Grammy Party last Friday.

"The Pre-Crop Grammy night was amazing. A small group of us started out the night with fine dining at Logans Roadhouse, which was the perfect place to eat!
When we got to the party, we were really in for a treat. We started out with a fiska-blinged red carpet, complete with Paparazi and headed into Funky Munkie Scraps for a wonderful time. We were given awesome good…

All About You in 52, Week 20

I'm trying to get back on track with Debby's Dare. I just have so much to share. God has certainly blessed me with so many opportunities to meet people and share the passion of crafting. My heart is certainly full of joy.
Joy. That's what I felt this week and decided to make it question number 20 in our adventure together. I often find joy in the simplest of acts or events in my life around me. I love to vacuum because it brings me joy to have a clean carpet. LOL I find joy watching moms with their children in the mall, the park or at birthday parties. I find great joy and celebration in my faith. I receive great joy from strawberries and chocolate. There is one constant joy that has come into my life. Wrong or right she is my joy. Crying or laughing she is my joy. When I see her my heart turns upside down and the butterflies start in my stomach. She could never bring me anything but joy. My joy is my beautiful and mischievous granddaughter Hannah. I never thought a grand…

Scrap, Rattle and Roll

All About you in 52 will be posted tomorrow afternoon. That way you have an extra day to complete and post your page.

There are no words for the Fiskateer Crop we had this Weekend. So I'll let the pictures tell you.

More later.

Gratitude List:
1. My Shannon, what a true Fiskateer
2. Sudie, always my friend
3. Nan, that's friendship
4. I'm not sore today
5. God working out everything this past weekend to His glory.

What Fiska-Fun We Had!

The Fiskateer Leads held a Sweet Meet and Greet for the Fiskateers in Greenville, South Carolina. Everyone was in rare form! Fiskateers and Leads. Here is a bit of a slide show and a clip of some crazy people.

I saw some old Fiska-friends and made some new ones. Talk about talent in the house. WOW! Maxine brought her scrapbook about the Fiska-Friendzys and a few other Fiska-events. She rocks people. I've need to ask for a photo of the "Debby Page." I missed Sue coming with Maxine, but hopefully we will meet again.
It was good to talk with Suzanne and Stephenie. Stephanie was in rare form. Watch this.

The Agenda:
~~~Welcomes, Hugs, photos all around ~~~Gift to Suzanne Fanning of Boxing Gloves? hmmmm ~~~Julie our expert cupcake designer taught us how to decorate cupcakes. In turn we decorated our own cupcake. I have to tell you I would not have taken first place. She did this really cool making a Rose on a stick. You know I tried. Failed. Ate the evidence. I tried. Failed. Ate …

I Can Hardly Wait!!

Today's the day. Fiskateer Shanon and Fiskateer Bradlyn is heading to Greenville to meet up with Kelly Jo Massicotte, Angela Daniels, Wendy Jo Avey, Rebecca Peck, Cheryl Waters, Suzanne Walker Fanning and Stephenie Hamen! (Did a throw enough names around?) Other Fiskateers far and wide (Yeah Maxine!) are all gathering for a Sweet Meet and Greet tonight in Greenville. I am so very excited.
You can count on fun photos tomorrow!
I need to excuse myself from Fiskars Friday on Thursday this week. This week is full of preparations for the Greenville Fiskateer Crop, Scrap, Rattle and Roll. I'm going to be out of pocket until next Monday (I'll post tomorrow.) I'm going to be away from Debby's Dare.
Well, since I don't want to miss you and you me. Let's do a FUN RAK. I have just posted over 300 posts! WOW. I knew I talked a lot. Also you can see the counter at the bottom of the page. My goal is to get that counter to go over 20,000 by June. While I'm away you can h…

All About You in 52, Week 19

I have enjoyed reading answers to the Questions each week and the beautiful layouts you create. I would encourage you to continue the good journey. Build your album. Commendations to everyone who plays "catch up" and there are several this week. Go back through the All About You in 52 posts and catch the comments.
You would absolutely love to visit each participant's layouts. You will laugh about bananas or cry to read the struggles of others and how they have come out strong.
We've visited our memories of our childhood friends, high school/college friends, now let's visit our adult friends.
I've had so many "adult" best friends. When I lived in Florida it was Linda, Chantay and Theresa. When I lived in Tennessee it was Judy and Carol. Here in South Carolina it has been and is Joanie, Bob, Martha and Ruth. Ruth and I started our relationship as a mentoring one. We met all the time over breakfast, talked, prayed and ate! Over time our relationship turn…

Happy Mother's Day, Mom

Hi Mom,

Happy Mother's Day! I haven't always told you but you have been and will always be a great mom. You are the mom that made my clothes for Barbie. You are the one that helped me learn to sew in order to get my Girl Scout merit badge. You are the mom who screamed when Scott brought home the snakes and when you slipped on the ice protecting Scott all the way! You are the mom who threw the best birthday parties. You held us together when Dad was gone to Vietnam and even oversaw the building of our house.

Mom, you are the one that went back to school and earned two Nursing Degrees. All those years of patching us up paid off.

You taught me and Cindy about dressing and make-up (mine didn't stick, but Cindy's did!) You taught me good manners, to respect those around me, to say "Yes Sir, No Sir, Thank you and Please." You taught us to sew, cook, decorate cakes and put up our veggies we grew in the garden.

You put together my wedding and cried the day Dad gave me awa…

Fiskars Friday on Thursday

My middle name this week is busy busy busy. "Debby are you busy," "Debby, you're not busy are you?" "Mom are you too busy to ...." "Busy?" LOL It's the great kind of busy. It's Thursday and the FOY Fiskateer Event starts next Friday. I can not say enough about everyone helping, it's really more than helping. Wow! God is certainly gracious.
I'm going to show a several Fiskars tools that I used in the layout of my Aunt Robbie. My aunt passed away yesterday. We are sad and will miss her greatly. I've already started pouring over my photos of her from a young lady in school to the last photo I have of her. I will be spending some time remembering her in my way.

If any the video gave you some new ideas let me know. I always appreciate when you leave a comment. Makes me feel wanted. LOL ~~~~~ Last post I DARED YOU to get involved in the Fiskateers Food Drive (you don't have to be a Fiskateer, just someone who cares)? Well, this…

All About You in 52 Week 18

Two years ago was my 30th year High School Reunion. Unfortunately I was unable to attend, but we started a Yahoo Group and shared about our lives, our family photos through the years. It was so much fun to reconnect. I was able to go to Florida a few months before the reunion and "our gang" got together. We were all excited. We were meeting at the cafeteria at the hospital as it was the earliest place open for good food and my cousin worked there and I knew she could cook.
I remember walking in the door and there were these three women who were strangers, but not. Rita and I had seen each other through the years since we were cousins. To see our rebel of the bunch Cathy and our sweetness Carolyn was totally awesome. We nearly had the place to ourselves, so we laughed out loud reliving our "glory" days. We tried to catch up on our lives some fun and some very sad. But you knew deep down we were friends and always would be! Kitty Cat, Retna Mae, Carolyn (never had a n…

Rainy Days and Monday

First Note: All About You in 52 will be up tomorrow morning. It rained all day and I could not get a picture of the layout. I'm sorry. This gives you a bit of time if you have not completed last week Dare. Be sure to go back to some of the questions. Several people are doing "catch up" and their layouts and stories are awesome.
NSD Winner of the Heidi Grace stamp set, by is Shannon Smith. I'll see you soon and give them to you. Congratulations!
I took advantage of the rain today and ran all over town picking up this and dropping off that all for the Fiskateer Scrap, Rattle and Roll Crop.
What started out as a little Fiskateer Crop has become a full blown event!
Tuesday, May 12 Meet the Lead Fiskateers (just happen to fall they same week!)
Friday, May 15 Certified Fiskars Training at the Scrapbook Supply Store in Greenville, SC
Fiskateers Before Party...the pre-Oscar Award Show at Funkie Munkie
Saturday, May 16 Scrap, Rattle and Roll Crop at the Scrapbook Supply Sto…

National Scrapbook Day Report

Although exhausted along with Kathy Adams we arrived at the Watershed around 7:15 Saturday Morning to ready our room for a big blow out of a celebration. We had been up the night before setting up tables and double checking that everything was perfect for the croppers.

Then the everyone started coming in. Linda I had not seen in months with her friend Sandra that I absolutely adore. We were old scrapping friends back when I first started scrapbooking. Then Angie Shuster, my very gifted friend who taught me how to scrapbook, arrived with many hugs all around. Shannon, Nan, Sondra from Greenville, Rachel a woman with a beautiful soul, Lannie and sister Belinda the riot of the bunch, Paula and Patti (soon to be Fiskateers) overwhelmed us all with their talent, Becki, whose name I pronounced correctly the first time. It was wonderful to make new friends Lydia, Angie E.,Elizabeth Hill, who along with Angie S. diggi scrapped the night away;and Kim was so much fun, gifted and a regular at FO…