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Let's Try the Cute Thing Again

Well, I tried "cute" again this weekend.  One of the definitions of "cute" for me is using themed paper.  I rarely, almost never buy theme paper.  They are great, but it's not my thing.  Part of this Journey learning new things about my craft is reaching out to be challenged.  So I'm not going to give up.

I won this awesome American Crafts paper and embellishments from 2Peas in a Bucket during the Winter CHA Online Social.  This was one of their new lines.  It is all about Camping.  Right.  I camped as a child, I've went camping with friends, I've taken students of mine camping, but I have nothing sort of "cute" for "cute" camping paper.  Thank goodness for two sided paper and manufactures who have the foresight to create a side without the theme.  I did jump into the theme once I got started.

As I looked at the stickers and badges I saw a different idea to use.  Jay has graduated High School and is getting ready to go the colleg…

It's Magic!

How long do you think it would really take for me to get the new Graphic 45 paper line "The Magic of Oz?"  Graphic 45 continues to top itself every season.  I have the paper, I got the stamps just a few moments ago, and my chipboard die cuts will be here next weekend.  LOL 

Of course my first layout will be with the bit of Magic I call Little Honey, my newest granddaughter. 

The Story
Little Honey's best friend is Mommy Monkey.  Mommy Monkey is a pink sock monkey that her Gramps gave her.  LH's mommy loads up Mommy Monkey with kisses so LH has Mommy kisses throughout the day.  What's funny is she will talk to Mommy Monkey like they have their own language.  She also gives Mommy Monkey kisses.  She's only 3 months old.  LH continues to make Magic happen.

The Layout
What I Learned
I really thought about all the time I spend cutting pattern paper.  I usually take my "best friend," my Fiskars Micro-Tip Scissors, my paper, and a cup of coffee into the livin…

On My Journey

I haven't taken a scrapbooking class in ages. I love them.  With the insurgence of the internet and the proliferation of talented people posting inspiration and and tutorials I find myself drawn to "taking classes" on the net.  I want to share a few places where I'm learning about my craft while on this journey.

I really admire and I'm totally inspired by Hilde Janbroers-stolk.  Hide's blog is FULL of inspiration.  She always have new, innovated creations.  I'm fortunate to be with her on the Epiphany Crafts Design Team.  She also serves for one of my favorite companies, Graphic 45.  Hilde is on several design teams and her blog reflections a wide range styles.  Scrapworld is definitely an awesome place for inspiration.

How can you not help being inspired by Graphic 45.  They has a new design team that is off the charts!  Several of the team members have video tutorials often.  It is an incredible blog.  Have you seen their new line of papers?  It is call…

My Best Friend

I thought I would try and share with you a bit of the those who are in my crafty life.  I think of them as my best friends.

You've been reading and watching as I go through my journey to learn all I can about my craft and create outside of my comfort zone.  Well, I could not go through this journey without my best friends.
This is my number one best crafty friend.  There is no way I can accomplish those fun layouts without my Fiskars Softtouch Micro-Tip  Scissors.  If you have never used Fiskars Micro-Tip Scissors you will be in for a treat.  They have a spring action that is incredible.  I have several other companies micro-tip scissors and they do the job, but without the same joy!  Instead of placing your fingers in two wholes and wonder if it is lefty or rightly and you do not "pull" apart the scissors, but rather squeeze your scissors together.   I did a tiny Debby's Dare Demo to show you the difference.  (I'm trying to get back into the swing of video demos.…


Yes, I did announce "Cutest Week" on Debby's Dare.  The cute layout I had planned for this post decided to submit itself for publication.  The layout today is not in the cute category, but it was a real lesson in non-clustering.

I found a wonderful design that I knew I could learn about design.  The long and short of it is, it doesn't look anything like the original.  LOL  Boy, did I learn a lot.

The Story
These are my wedding shower photos.  The first photo is me opening gifts, my friend writing down the whos and whats, and the third person behind me is a friend writing down everything I say.  The second photo is my friend reading everything I said back to everyone with the title:  "What Debby will say on her wedding night."  Embarrassed doesn't even cover it.  These are Christians and we are in a church.  LOL  Edgy fun for us "back then."  The third photo is a of the quilt my Grandmother made for me and Jim.

The Layout
What I Learned
The graduat…

It's Cutesy Week!

Talk about a radical change for me.  I decided it was cutesy time for scrapbooking.  I have a lot to learn in this area.  Forgive my struggle with design, but isn't that what learning is all about? 

For this layout I was trying something simple:  three sections that are horizontal.  The first layer is the "bubbles" made from Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio.  Second layer is the photos and the third layer is the fish, title and journaling.  It's simple, but it's a start.

The Story
Isn't she the cutest thing?  I just can love and kiss her all day long.  My daughter and son-in-law love the beach.  I really do mean they love it.  Recently they spent several days at the beach.  Little Honey really had a blast according to all the photos.  These photos are just so colorful I could not resist (like I would) adding them to her scrapbook.  FYI:  LH is three months old. 

The Layout
What I Learned
Cutesy is hard.  I kept wanting to "cluster" and ink.  LOLI found th…

Epiphany Craft Tools, Not Just for Scrapbookers!

Yikes!  I'm a day late on my blog post.  Life has been full of making memories for the last 10 days.

I want to share three fun projects I did for Epiphany Crafts' Shape Tool.

Are You Ready for the 4th of July?

I made this pin to wear for our 4th of July celebration.  The center is my custom epoxy sticker.  I found a scrap of paper with a sheet music print and stamped it with Tim Holtz's stamp.  I centered it in the Shape Tool, placed my cap on, and punched!  My own, nobody-has-one-like-me, center.

Fun Making Jewelry

The beaded part of the necklace was made by my daughter-in-law from her Grandmother's bead from her necklace.  I added the custom pendent.  First layer is Epiphany Crafts Felt Flowers.  Second layer is a bottle cap that I flattened.  The third layer is my custom shape.  I used Graphic 45.  It's actually two layers.  I cut out the image of the woman and adhered it to the word paper.  I placed it in the shape tool and centered it.  Note:  because this is laye…

Post Title?

I'm title challenged today!

Bloggers, thanks for the comments.  I love reading them.  I wish that we could all be at a crop together to create, talk and laugh.  Thank you also for the great encouragement on my art. 

I'm continuing my artful, crafty journey.  My goal for this year is to learn more about the craft I so love and to stretch my own understanding of it.  I never really got into epoxy embellishments.  I would use them from time to time.  Finding epoxy stickers and shapes was hit and miss at best.

My journey has challenge me to be creative in my style of scrapbooking in using epoxy stickers.  You know I fell in love.  I have layered them, inked them, made accents, and embellishments.  I've even made them a secondary focus after my photo.  Epiphany Crafts has the greatest tools to help create custom epoxy embellishments.

The Story
This is another Wall Art layout I created of my my second son and his wife.  The photo was taken right after they were married.  My favo…

Wall Art, Winners Announced

I mentioned last week I was working on creating what is now looking like a gallery of layouts of my family for my dinning room. I would love to share some of the layouts/wall art with you this week.

The Story
My daughter had a photo booth at her wedding. They had brought hats, boas, and other fun stuff. This series of photos are of my oldest son and his wife. My son has an incredible sense of humor and his face lights up when he know you have fall for the trick or joke. What's fun is to see his daughter become just like him. 

The Layout

What I Learned I often hear scrapbookers express they are not sure how they would use designs like you find with Graphic 45. The "front" of G45 is the vintage art. The "back" often has a beautiful print. I loved using the "back" for this layout. Using a pattern background page and layering other pattern pieces makes the layout look like it has more layers.If you have too much of something you can never find what yo…

taking a wee break, GIVEAWAY

Graduation is here!  My last baby, my wonderful son, graduates from High School.  Believe me when I say there will be tears.  I will be taking a blogging break until Monday.  But I'm leaving some fun for you.
Before I get to the awww part of this post let's see about the GIVEAWAYS.  I have THREE Giveaways. Over 300 Moxxie Buttons 7gypsies Stamps, Calias Tim Holtz/Sizzix Texture Fade (autographed) Retro and Rays
How can you win? Leave a comment everyday, only once a day.  Tell me something about Debby's Dare that you like or a Graduation story. Since I won't be around help me by telling others about the giveaways and have them leave a comment with your name included.Hit the Follow Button.  I'll draw and annouce a winner Monday Morning!
Okay, the mush stuff.
Jacob at 3 and 1/2
A Fun Surprise for Mom, Jacob in Middle School Jacob is first from the left

Jacob yesterday, photo is by his sister.
Jacob, Mom and Dad love you and are very proud of the man you've become.  It's t…