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Pressing Towards the Goal

I'm doing well with my studio.  It's pretty much put back into place.  My husband is going to make a shelf unit that will sit under my table where my Circut Imagine is placed.  It will sit under the end of the table and not be any wider than from the leg of the table and the outer part of the table.  It should fit my electronic cutter accessories and cartridges.  We'll be working on that together tonight. 

Three ideas I really loved from the comments and I would love to see photos were
     ...the Hutch by Marianne.  That is doable in my studio
     ...Peg Board by NickelNook.  I've seen this before but I'd love to see what you did with the idea
     ...the towel rack for punches.  I've never heard of this.  I would be very interested in seeing photos.  Leave a link or send a photo and I'll be happy to share it here if it's okay to

I've cleaned up.  Organized ongoing projects.  My mind is even clearing a bit and…

Pushing Forward Towards the Goal

Yesterday was an extraordinary day for me, Jim and Jacob.  Jacob was chosen to represent his High School along with another student Aaron to be delegates to "South Carolina Students Honoring Valor" Conference.  The theme was "Beyond Valor." 

We met, listened and watched some of the most incredible people and honored South Carolinians Medal of Honor Recipients.  We heard their stories of true Valor.  It was incredible what these men did in securing our freedom.  All the Medal of Honor recipients were from WW II except one from the Vietnam era.  I was amazed and speechless.

Jacob and Aaron with Maj. Gen. James E. Livingston
Me and Jacob with Col. Charles P. Murray, Jr.
My Journey Continues and Giveaway
I got most of the studio cleaned yesterday.  Hopefully, I'll finish it today.  I did come up with a way to store my Cricut and Slice cartridges.  Now to get Jim to make it!!  LOL

I am beginning to feel the mojo returning but I'm going on to the next step on Wedn…

My Journey Back and Better

Wow!  I'm excited about all the ways you gave to find inspiration and revive that spark.  Thank you so much.

I've decided to take a journey back to creativity and ask you to come along with me.  I'm going to need all the encouragement I can get.  I have so many distractions right now, but being creative is a fulfillment that allows me to focus on the rest of my world with joy. 

First Steps Are the Hardest
I believe one thing that was mentioned in your comments was a good cleaning of the studio.  As you can see I've not been putting back things in their place.  If I take a few minutes to unload from my classes I'm likely not to make as big a mess.  Also I'm trying to find space for the cartridges and other items for the new Imagine.  When my house is not clean I'm restless.  It's the same for my studio.

I've set a goal to have everything back in its place by Tuesday night.  I also have to get creative to store new items I've purchased.

By cleaning…

HELP! I'm Looking for My Mojo! Giveaway

I've been MIA too much these past few weeks.  I've been busy at this end of teaching and doing demos at Michael's and AC Moores.  I'm also working on a Design Team project for Glue Dots® Adhesives.  In the midst of all this I think my Mojo is hiding from me and I'm having problems finding the formula to jump start it again.  It's time I do something to jump start the creativity again.

That's where you come in.

Leave a comment here and tell me how you find your inspiration, jump start the creativity, find your mojo.  Monday I'll draw a winner for one of Moxxie's cool new lines Moxxie Joy of the Season 12 x 12 Double Sided Papers and Embellishments.  Yep, the whole thing.  I really need my mojo. Double your chances of winning by asking a friend to come leave a comment and leave your name with their comment. 

Gratitude List 1.  Joy 2.  supportive husband 3.  new friends 4.  Bob, thanks 5.  God's unchanging nature...who He is yesterday, today, He will be …

Story of a Birthday Present

I mentioned Monday that I would show you how I made my embellishments for my layout of Little Honey.  Well, I've finally invested in a Circut...The Circut Imagine.  After watching the demonstration at the Craft and Hobby Association Show and actually having some hands on time I realized out of all the Circuts the Imagine has the greatest potential for me to be able to create something new and different.

I sat up Tuesday waiting for the midnight hour.  I Instant Messaged back and forth with a friend who was the expert buyer from HSN.  By 12:01 over 500 had sold and I was right behind with my order.  One catch, I did not tell my husband what I was up to at midnight with a TV, a phone, and my credit card.  The deed was done, now to wait.

HSN said it would arrive on the 24th.  Plenty of time to husband.  I checked the status on Thursday and it just said UPS had billed HSN for the pickup.  I checked the status Friday to see if it had a "real" date.  The track…

I Had a Great Birthday Present

What a stay-cation!  I enjoyed my break cooking, spending time with my family, and all the Happy Birthdays here on Debby's Dare.  Thank you for all your good thoughts.

I woke up late on Saturday to my first Birthday phone call from my daughter, Tabitha.
     "Happy Birthday Day!"
     "Thank you.  You're my fist call of the day."
     "Guess what."
     "Oh, today is the day."
     "Yes, we are here now."
      (excited beyond words.)
     "It's a GIRL!"
     Imagine lots of screaming right here!  LOL

On my birthday we found out Tabitha is having a precious little girl.  She sent me photos of the sonogram.  Guess what this scrapbooker did Saturday?  Oh, yeah.  Little Honey's first page.

What a way to start the day. 

Tomorrow I'll show you how I made some of my embellishments on this page.  LH's Great Grandmother crocheted the piece on the right.

The winner of the four day cele…

Four Day Birthday Celebration

It's my Birthday on Saturday!  I have plans on Saturday and Sunday to spend time with my family having a celebration birthday.  Saturday one of my sons is spending the day with me at the Greek Fest.  I'm excited about all the food, music, and dancing (not me! LOL).

Sunday we are having a family dinner with my daughter who has a birthday in September and my son as well. 

So you see we have some celebrating to do and Memories to Make.

Celebrate with Me...Giveaway
I'm going to take a staycation from now until Sunday, but I want to celebrate with you as well.  Leave a comment on this post to be in a drawing for one of Moxxie's new paper/embellishment lines.  You can leave a comment each day....not more than one a day.  If you sign up for my newsletter (I don't sell or "lend" my email list to anyone) you can have your name placed in the drawing one more time.  I'll be on staycation from now until Sunday so help me spread the word help me celebrate my Birth…

A Banner Time with Design Team Member Connie Mercer

Connie recently created this magnificent banner from Debby's Design Vintage Tags.  I love what she did with the tags and wanted to share it with you.

Vintage Boy Tag Banner by Connie Mercer
Instructions: 1. Cut each tag into a point~measure half way down on the tag~take a ruler and draw a line at an angle  the middle bottom point. That will give you a nice even point for your banner. Do all the tags.

2. Punch out 9 1" circles for each tag~out of pattern paper of your choice.

3. Adhere circles around bottom of tags ( point part)

4. Use tissue tape to adhere tags together making the banner.

5. Sew on machine~a top stitch.

6. Add tickets to sides with hemp or ribbon.

7. Now you are ready for the fun part~decorate and tell your story!!

Thank You Connie for sharing your creativity.

Gratitude List
1.  a fun day in class
2.  the blessing of Baby Safdi (joining the family in March)
3.  opportunities for Jacob
4.  my blessing my husband
5.  God's blessing on every breath I take

Boo and a Winner Too!

What a weekend!  Friday started the Orange Blog Hop by members of the Fiskateers community.  We had 44 participates and a whole lot of hoppers!  It was so much fun to hop to the different blogs to see the diverse creativity of the Fiskateers. 

Saturday I was hopping early in the morning then off to the Fellowship of Scrapbookers Birthday Crop.  We are 3 years old now.  You can read more about Fellowship later this week on Paper Crafters Corner in the South Carolina section.  FYI:  If you know of an event or something just outstanding that is happening in South Carolina contact me

Sunday I was doing demos at Michael's.  They have a huge sale going on and the place was hopping with crafters.  So you see my weekend was full of blessings.

My News
I'm excited to announce that I'm a member of the Glue Dots® Adhesives Design team.  There are two different teams:  Dottess and Dotties.  I'm excited to annouce that I'm a
I'm shoc…

If It's Orange It Must Be a Fiskateer.

Due to football team rivals where I live I usually do not wear orange, but Fiskateer orange is something all together different!  Orange is the new white and black and goes with anything!

If you came from the Fiskateer Blog then you are in the right place.  This is your first stop for the Orange Blog Hop where members of Fiskateers, a community sponsored by Fiskars, is sharing their passion for crafting. 

I've been a Fiskateer since November 2007 when I was given the number 2852.  Fiskateers will tell you quickly that this number is unique and special to every of the members of the Fiskateers community. 

On November 1st 2008 I was named one of the Fiskateers of the Year.  I was overwhelmed then and even more grateful now.  My favorite chocolate was the back drop of my experience in Hershey PA!  I created this layout this week to share with you a bit about the experience.

I used my Fiskars Paper Trimmer and my Threading Water Border Punch.
Being part of the Fiskateers is a unique e…

It's a Guy Thing

I believe we don't have enough examples of teen guy's layouts.  The paper is there more than at any other time in our industry.  You are going to see a lot of "guy" layouts from now until May.

This layout goes in my son's album.  He graduates from High School this year and I'd like to have his album finished by graduation. 

The lettering for the title is early Tim Holtz.  When it first came out several years back I loved it so much I think I purchased about 10 sheets of his alphabet paper.  It perfect for distressing and is great on a guy page.  It's called Tim Holtz Alpha Blocks.  I found the whole line at Articus Studios.  It's well worth the look. 

ORANGE BLOG HOP Fiskateers from the Fiskateer community are hosting an Orange Blog Hop that starts tomorrow at the Fiskateer Blog at 8:00 am EST.  I've been coordinating the blog hop and have been given significant of insight about what Fiskateers are doing on their blog.  Incredible.  You really do…

I'm Just Scrap Happy

Last week while I was introducing the heART of Scrapbooking Design Team I spent a lot of time scrapbooking so I can share with you this week.

Pretty much everything on this page was on my desk.  LOL  I do have a mess to clean up.  I love all the circles.  The buttons are from Moxxie.  The circles / embellishments on top are my creation.  The metal rim with transparency is from Lil' Davis.  I used a scrap of the light greenish paper and darken it with a bit of Distress Ink Tea Dye.  I stamped it with Fiskars Vintage Farmhouse stamps.  Then I adhered it to the metal rim piece.  I cut it out with Fiskars Fingertip Craft Knife making my own cool embellishment. 

FYI:  the photo is me!

Orange Blog Hop
Don't forget the ORANGE BLOG HOP this FRIDAY morning and goes until Saturday evening.  It's a really don't miss Hop!  Lots of inspiration as we Share the Passion for Crafting.

Gratitude List
1.  fun croppin' with friends
2.  a wonderful husband
3.  that God holds my concern…

Debby's Dare Demo: Make Your Own Embellishment

I'm having a grand time working my way through the book Time to Scrap by Kathy Fesmire.  I created the flowers on my layout with a fun technique of layering your punched (or cut) flower and a transparency.  I've been really inspired to begin to make more of my own embellishments.

I hope you enjoy the how-to video and remember if you have and idea about this type of layering leave a comment and share.

Here's a pattern for your own flower. Just right click and save as to your computer.

The days are counting down.  Friday morning at 8 o'clock am EST the Orange Blog Hop by Fiskateers will begin.  Our theme is "Sharing the Passion for Crafting."  There has always been an incredible amount of craftiness and talent in the Fiskateer Community.  There has always been a generous spirit as well.  Which means you will be inspired and have many opportunities for RAKs ... Random Acts of Kindness (giveaways).  I hope you will join us hopping around the inter…

My Personal Annoucement and Blessing

Everything seems to be moving fast around my house.  So much is happening.  The kids are now all adults and although a few are still living with us I never see them.  I think I'm in the early stages of Empty Nest Syndrome.  LOL

Here is who the announcement is about...

(photo was taken by Tracy Turpin .com)
I have so many wedding photos of Tabitha and David that it will take me years to get them all in a scrapbook.  In the meantime life goes on.

Tabitha and David are expecting their first baby in March!  I'm going to be a grandmother again.  I'm very excited and know that I'm blessed.   Congratulations to Tabitha and David!  I love you.

Gratitude List
1.  Tabitha and David
2.  Baby S.
3.  H.
4.  A.
5.  Life that is given by God and His walk with us through out our lives.

Welcome Katrina Hunt

Help me welcome the last member of heART of Scrapbooking's Design Team, Queen of heART Katrina Hunt. 

"Hi! I am Katrina and I live in Midwest USA! I am currently owned by three Cardigan Welsh Corgis, who appear in my layouts from time to time! I’m a full-time office worker by day and crafter by night. I’ve discovered as an adult that I love to create and craft. I was never the artsy type while growing up, unless you count cutting my doll’s hair. I have been scrapbooking since February 2009, when I decided to make a mini album for a friend. I discovered that I loved it! Well, let’s just say after that I went a little nuts with the paper, scissors, and glue. I love color, the more the better. To define my style is hard, as I do what makes me happy. I like to scrap everyday life and things.

How is it that you come to have a heART for Scrapbooking?

Ok, I am sure this is going to sound really crazy, but it’s true. You know the saying…'never say never'? well, I had always be…

Welcome Erika Taylor

Talent around here oozes at time.  heART of Scrapbooking's Design Team oozes tons of creativity.

Welcome our next Queen of heART Erika Taylor.

"Hi Everyone, I'm Erika Taylor and I'm super excited to be working with heART of Scrapbooking. I have an absolutely wonderful husband named Mark, who is my biggest supporter and fan and we have two beautiful and zany children aged 3 and 6. We reside in small town Southern Saskatchewan.

I've been paper crafting since September of 2008, but you could always find me with scissors, glue, crayons and construction paper when I was a little girl. I've got a crazy personality and love to make people giggle, either with me or at me.

Creatively, I love trying new things and revel in new techniques, tools and supplies. I am very eclectic in my style and love everything from Grunge to Vintage.

Being creative gives me the ability to express myself through art. Thoughts, memories and the little things inspire me and I love that this…

Welcome Connie Mercer

I'm excited to be working with three talented and awesome crafters.  I thought I would introduce them to you one at a time.  I am happy to welcome Connie Mercer to the heART of Scrapbooking.

Connie is the first of three Queen of heARTS.

"I have been scrapbooking for over ten years. I was introduced to this great hobby by way of Creative Memories. My style has changed drastically over the years, but my reasons for scrapbooking have not. The reasons are many, but they start with friends and family. There are so many ways to tell a story with photos. The scrapbooking industry is thriving with new and fresh ideas. I am so happy that I am able to save memories for my children and family to enjoy. I have five grandchildren and I love all the sweet words they say and the way that they say them. I never want to forget these precious times!

My other love is photography. To capture those precious smiles and special moments that show through in a photo is priceless! Inspiring others thr…