My Journey Back and Better

Wow!  I'm excited about all the ways you gave to find inspiration and revive that spark.  Thank you so much.

I've decided to take a journey back to creativity and ask you to come along with me.  I'm going to need all the encouragement I can get.  I have so many distractions right now, but being creative is a fulfillment that allows me to focus on the rest of my world with joy. 

First Steps Are the Hardest
I believe one thing that was mentioned in your comments was a good cleaning of the studio.  As you can see I've not been putting back things in their place.  If I take a few minutes to unload from my classes I'm likely not to make as big a mess.  Also I'm trying to find space for the cartridges and other items for the new Imagine.  When my house is not clean I'm restless.  It's the same for my studio.

I've set a goal to have everything back in its place by Tuesday night.  I also have to get creative to store new items I've purchased.

By cleaning and going through my supplies I'll be working through another suggestion by several of you to be inspired by my papers, remembering what I was going to create with them when I purchased them.  I love my pattern papers and often I've created from the paper instead of the photo and I love it.

I know it's going to be tough because I have an event with my son this morning and I teach tonight and tomorrow morning.  Soooo, I would love if you would leave a comment with ideas for storage, organization, or a link to a photo of your creative place. 

Join Me in My Journey RAK/Giveaway
Leave comments throughout my Journey and at the end (hopefully it will be a short journey.  LOL) I'll have a wonderful collage of My Minds Eye Girl and Boy Papers to giveaway to one person randomly drawn by  You can see the whole line at heART of Scrapbooking.

Winner of the Help Me Find My Mojo RAK is
Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

Most of my ways have been mentioned, but the ones that work best for me are just to look through pictures and my albums. It brings back that fun warm, fuzzy feeling you get while making new pages and re-living the memories. Also, going through embellishments. A lot of times I buy embellishments with certain ideas in mind and don't get to it right away. So, by going through them, it helps me to remember some of those ideas I have put on hold.

Congratulations Marianne!  Send your snail mail to me via

Thanks for all the ideas.  It's motivated me to take this journey and not give up.
Gratitude List
1.  blessings of my family
2.  stick-to-it mentality
3.  strength that only comes from God
4.  the journey back to my joy
5.  God's inspiration through His Word and His Love


  1. Have fun cleaning your stuff. Since I don't have a dedicated room or work area, that is the one major challenge that I have. keeping everything organized and neat. Plus when I want something, I can never find what I am looking for.

  2. I could have wrote this.
    My room is a mess. I haven't done anything for over a month. What got me going was I signed up for a swap.
    But I sure need to clean and organize. I will be closely following your blog for tips :)

  3. Have fun cleaning your room up! I'm also doing the same things. In fact, I'm sorting my buttons by color as we speak. lol I find that i tend to scrap by colors. I orginally had all my buttons in this tin bowl but it wasn't working for me as it take me forever to look thur them all to find certain buttons and having two little ones, I need time to scrap a layout, not searching for things. lol I don't really have any tips--for you. hope to read others to get ideas. thanks for sharing.

  4. I love your gratitude list!! Great idea to include!

  5. Wow! I know how it is to clean up my scrap room. It takes me a few days. have fun doing it. I love finding things I forgot I had. It makes it new all over again..

  6. Mmmm...I see what you mean. My craftystudy at its best has photos here. I love the Really Useful Boxes; any kind of storage drawers - I've got both wooden and plastic; wooden magazine racks from Ikea for scoreboards as well as obviously magazines and other A4/Letter-sized items.

  7. I love cleaning and organizing things. Here is a link to a video of my craft room. Hope you enjoy it and it might give you some new ideas:
    I am always changing how I store things.

  8. I feel restless too. Too many "projects" I've decided to take on...some related to helping at school, and then my decision to paint my son's room, and then the scrap supplies that really need to be organized and I could go on. Gee whiz!

  9. Good luck with your journey. Cleaning up your space will really get you going, I'm sure.

  10. Deb I wish I had the area you do for my scrapping!

  11. I bought one of those white shelfs -- pre-made when I had a 40% off coupon! it helps store smaller items and those in jars so you can see them right away--it looks pretty, too! The bottom 2 shelves are for ribbon.

  12. Like you, I can't settle down to create if I'm surrounded by clutter. I have those clear Iris stacking storage containers holding the bulk of my paper & embellishment. I label each one so that I can find what I need at a glance.
    Congrats to Marianne!

  13. I've been busy doing a few catch-me-up project and missed your post. Thank you so much, Debby, you a sweet and generous person!

    Hope your mojo is up and running again!

  14. I really enjoy seeing your studio like this! It's very well "loved"! lol I can never start a project until the mess from my last project is cleaned up! I'm just funny that way!...Nancy :o)


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