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The Doctor Will See You Now

I'm sorry about no Fiskars Friday on Thursday this week. It is going to be very very helpful and the RAK is to die for! LOL I'm sick but don't really feel sick. I'm having trouble with my throat! Can you imagine ME not talking up a storm? LOL BUT I do have a doctor's appointment at noon today so yes to all the mom's out there I am going to the doctor. LOL
Frustration of being sick is I've had to cancel a few classes and demos AND I didn't get through trying to do Fiskars Friday on Thursday. Give me a day or two and I'll be back up to speed. You can't keep a good crafter down.
Debby's Picks is going to be a newbie for Fridays. Every Friday I'll post some links to some of my favorite places, new places I've discovered, and old places I would highly recommend you check out. So here is Debby's Pick for this Friday.
I don't know if I've recommended this blog or not, but you need to check out Roni's blog. Roni is an extraordin…

Random Ramblings

{All About You in 52, Week 8} {Registration for Scrap, Rattle and Roll Fiskateer Crop}
I've pretty much shut myself up to get some scrapbooking done. I've been "out there" so much that my studio has been neglected. So I'm giving it some love this week.
Boxes! OMGoodness at the boxes that are coming for the Fiskateer Greenville Crop! Yikes! I've got to clear out a space for everything and it's not fitting in my studio! LOL Great problem to have.
May seems like a long way off, but do you realize that we are at the end of February? I can hardly believe it myself. I've been busy with the crop in Greenville and trying to figure out exactly what I'm doing National Scrapbook Day! If you are interested in becoming a Fiskateer and/or attending the Fiskateers Crop email me and I'll give you the scoop. Two things (1) it's only $15.00 for the day and (2) the hotel rooms are being given to us at a very special rate of only 79.00 per night and sleeps 4. If…

All About You in 52, Week 8

{Scrap, Rattle and Roll Fiskateer Crop}
{Fiskars Friday on Thursday Dare}

Two months and for me this is the hardest question. Not only to answer, but to answer and write it down. Our journey through life is full of moments of faith. No matter what your faith is, there is faith.

If you haven't guessed by now through my blog, I am a Christian, believing in God, in three persons Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I believe with all my heart that God Loves me. I know that the Son was sent as a Propitiation for my sin. I know that His Spirit guides me through each day. I know God's Word is true and relevant to me today. Okay, sermon done...but I wanted to make sure and since it is my blog I can do that!!

I've have had faith moments all through my as I write this I can think of another Faith moment, I could have scrapped. I'll write it down and scrap it anyways! I remember my first awareness of God in this world. I could not have been but about 9. My parents did not atten…


I haven't been 100% lately so I'm a bit behind everywhere I turn. Here are a few layouts to enjoy and I'll have "All About You in 52" up by Monday afternoon.

FYI: Tim Holtz is back from his trip and he has a give away on his blog.

Gratitude List: 1. Life 2. Second Chances 3. Forgiveness 4. Change 5. The Father that holds all this in His hands.

Fiskars Friday on Thursday (if)

{Question 7}
{Scrap, Rattle and Roll Fiskateer Crop}

...I get it uploaded before midnight. LOL

I'm demo-ing Fiskars Compact Stamp Press and using my Squeeze Punches and new stamps from Fiskars called "Wishes All Around."

If I had a wish I would love everyone to come over and play in my studio. I always make my videos too long, thus it is one take after another. It's just I like visiting with everyone. So one day you might see an open house sign and it might be ME! LOL

Couple of things.

Fiskars Squeeze Punches come in X-Large... 2", Large...1.5" and Medium 1". Not all Fiskars punches come in all three, but if you see on the package it say "X-Large" then you know what size it will punch.

I used Rangers Archival Inks and Worldwin cardstock. I'm sorry I said the wrong site address for Worldwin papers. It's actually the PaperMill and you will enjoy exploring their site. Psst: check out the Crafty Board.

Winner of Last Fiskars Friday…

He's Sweet Sixteen!

{Question 7}
{Scrap, Rattle and Roll Fiskateer Crop}

{Fiskars Friday RAK}

My son, the last of my wonderful babies, turned 16 today. Poor thing was running around trying to get ready for school. It's inspection day for ROTC, he was printing out his order for his Senior ring, he was grabbing his school stuff and he has a job interview after drill. In the middle of everything I was trying to snap photos. Of course they did not turn out great, but this afternoon he said he would pose for photos in his 16 year old! LOL OMGoodness, when did he grow up!

My Baby full of fun

Never ending imagination

Is going to be the strongest person in the world

Turned 16 today and he is full of adventure, caring, compassion, love...His love for his country is overwhelming as the day he began ROTC he overwhelmingly became involved in every aspect. My baby has become a man (without drivers licence LOL). He will get his first job today. I love him so very much. BTW: don't get upset he doesn't have his tie…

All About You in 52, Week 7

{Scrap, Rattle and Roll Fiskateer Crop}
{Fiskars Friday RAK}

Can you believe we are already on week 7? I can't. I now have 7 completed layouts about Me. Me to share and give to others, especially my family.

I'm loving the journaling aspect of the challenge. I always went with the "art" side and sort of forgot to journal, not just what is happening but the feelings behind it. I love love love journaling now. All the books I ever purchased about journaling and now the light bulb comes on.

Over the next few weeks we are going to look at "moments."

mo·ment n.
* A brief, indefinite interval of time.
* A particular period of importance, influence, or significance in a series of events or developments: a great moment in history.
* Outstanding significance or value; importance.
* A brief period of time that is characterized by a quality, such as excellence, suitability, or distinction.

I want to documents moments in my life. For me these are harder than the other questions. …

Happy Heart Day

{Question 6}
{Fiskars Friday RAK}
{Scrap, Rattle and Roll Fiskateer Crop}

I have to tell you my heart right this minute is full of wondering and heaviness. I received word of a friend who I admire. Here is my heart felt prayer request for my friend, wife, mother, child of God and avid scrapbooker. Please hold her up in prayer.

"Lisa was diagnosed with cancer today, lymphoma. We thought something was up, but we were not expecting this. Lisa will probably start treatments next week here in Cleveland. As it stands right now they have already removed the infected node, next will be chemo and radiation, followed by a bone marrow transplant."

1 John 4:10 New International Version from the Holy Bible
"This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us ...."
Gratitude List1. God, my Father, Comforter and Healer2. Jimmy, Happy Valentines Day3. Tabby, Willy, Adam and Jay4. Ruth and Bob5. My heart Hannah and Amber

"So" Fiskars Friday on Thursday

I might make it before midnight! LOL I had an opportunity to do a little retail therapy with my mom at the Super Joann's. I actually purchased a pattern (for Dummies) to make a bag. I hope I can focus a way from scrapbooking for a moment to actually do it. LOL I also picked up those Fiskars Razor Scissors to help me with sewing. So maybe by Monday or Tuesday I'll post my new bag.

Push and Print Stamp Factory
Once you start using "Frankie" you can't stop. It's truly addictive. There are a few small tips if you get these then there is no stopping you. Even the most advanced of stampers can have a great time using Frankie. I'll explain on the video why we call it Frankie. I'm making Valentines Cards. Besides you surely want to see my new hat. LOL In order for youtube to accept the video I had to cut 7 minutes (I would think you would be thankful LOL). It's a bit choppy.

If you have questions let me know and I'll post the answers next Thursday. Leave…

a tiny bit late

Just a quick note that it will be tonight before I post Fiskars Friday on Thursday and announce the winner. So you still have time. See the last post for the links. I'm going to go for a little Retail Therapy with mom!!

All About You in 52, Week 6

{Biggy RAK...deadline this Thursday} {Registration for Scrap, Rattle and Roll}
I'm sorry for the tardiness of the post. I forgot to get a photo of my layout and I had to wait for the sun to be up right to take photos.
Storytellers. Do you have one in your family? Are you a teller of Stories?
According to Wikipieda "Storytelling is the conveying of events in words, images, and sounds often by improvisation or embellishment. Stories or narratives have been shared in every culture and in every land as a means of entertainment, education, preservation of culture and in order to instill moral values...."
Stories have always played a part in my life. As a child I would fall asleep at night with the little am Radio between my ear and my pillow while listening to stories. It is one of my most vivid memories as a young child. they have always fascinated me. I love Stories!
When I was in undergrad one of my assignments was to teach a teaching technique. I chose Storytelling. I love it…

Keeping It Simple Today

{Question 5} {Clean out Clip-It-Up RAK...biggy} {Registration for Scrap, Rattle and Roll Fiskateer Crop}

How about a few photos and a few layouts today. We are celebrating my son's 29th Birthday and my younger son's 16th Birthday today. So we are in the celebrating mood.
New Question tomorrow for All About You in 52. I think you will find this one fun!
The Stamping Place Scramppathon (Scrapbooking and Stamping Crop) Homemade donuts that would rock your world!

The Stamping Place collected over 100 pairs of socks for the Oliver Gospel Mission.
Layout Challenge from Deborah Melborne. An inTEAresting Challenge
Challenge from Kelly Jo, Lead Fiskateer. Use Spring Colors although the groundhog says 6 more weeks of winter.

Challenge from Rebecca, Lead Fiskateer...our teen heartthrob!
Gratitude List:
1. Jesus Loves Me
2. This I Know
3. For the Bible Tells Me So
4. Little ones to Him Belong
5. I am weak and He is Strong! Thank you Father for your Love

Fiskars Friday on Thursday

{Question 5}

Well, it's the end of the day Thursday. I need an administrative assistant to do the paperwork and I'll do the creative paperwork. Right! LOL

The video is a bit whacked today. I had to stop and start several times because Mary Beth of The Scrapbook Supply Store was working hard to get Fiskateers registered for the "Scrap, Rattle and Roll Crop" This is a crop for Fiskateers being held in Greenville, South Carolina. I know at this point we have SC, GA, and VA Fiskateers signed up and ready to start. I can promise you that between all the folks planning and working hard on behalf of Fiskateers and having a great time, we are certainly in for a GREAT Time. If you are a Fiskateer you can register at

The Scrapbook Supply Store all the details are on her site.

Today is Fiskars Circle Cutter. If you haven't purchased this one or you put yours aside it now time to FREE THE CIRCLE CUTTER! LOL I've had many people tell me how much they love their "circle c…

What a Week!!

{Question 5}

Hold on to your Hat, there's a lot going on. Here is a review of three of my outings this past week.

Brains On Fire, Greenville, SC

Certified Fiskars Demonstrator's Training, Greenville, SC

Scrapbook Frienzy at JoAnn's in Augusta, GA

Other News
I won a sketch contest on Paper Crazy with this sweet layout. I love playing with Yvonne and the whole design team. I'm cardstock "challenged" and so they not only teach me and push me to meet the challenges. I love them. WorldWin is a great cardstock and speciality paper. If you get a chance check out there website (link is on Paper Crazy).

Fun items with Helmar. Remember the commercial I did with Helmar Vellum Adhesive Spray? Well, I did not get picked with the Random Drawings on their blog, BUT they are sending me an honorable mention prize for my creativity with the video. LOL I can't wait. Thank you Helmar!!!So Much to MentionMy new class at The Stamping Place in West Columbia, SC is up. I'M in love …

"All About You in 52" Question 5

First four weeks caused us to look hard into some parts of who we are that are totally joyful, hilarious and painful. I do want to encourage you to continue or start "All About You in 52." I'm not looking just at the past, but looking at those memories that have molded me to be who I am today.

Before I had children I was very shy and backwards. I have proof. I found several of my old report cards. I was told that "Debbie doesn't participate much to class discussions." All my report cards have something about needing to participate more or about me being shy. LOL Today I'm quiet at times, but when I need to be or when I'm totally in my comfort zone I'm certainly not shy. All my experiences to now has created that in me and I'm GLAD!One more very hard to journal question then next week I'll make it an easy one just for the break and the fun.

Question 5"Whose Life Have You Influenced Outside Your Immediate Family?"To me this was the …