All About You in 52, Week 6

I'm sorry for the tardiness of the post. I forgot to get a photo of my layout and I had to wait for the sun to be up right to take photos.

Storytellers. Do you have one in your family? Are you a teller of Stories?

According to Wikipieda "Storytelling is the conveying of events in words, images, and sounds often by improvisation or embellishment. Stories or narratives have been shared in every culture and in every land as a means of entertainment, education, preservation of culture and in order to instill moral values...."

Stories have always played a part in my life. As a child I would fall asleep at night with the little am Radio between my ear and my pillow while listening to stories. It is one of my most vivid memories as a young child. they have always fascinated me. I love Stories!

When I was in undergrad one of my assignments was to teach a teaching technique. I chose Storytelling. I love it I tell you!!! I have several classical and modern storytellers as my favorites. Garrison Keillor and Lake Wobegon stories have been one my favorites through the years.

I come from a family of storytellers. My daughter is the most recent generation of carrying our family stories. she became interested in our family stories when she was very young. She would ask Grandma to tell her a story when she was a little girl and Tabitha would go home and write it down. while I was going through old papers I ran across this story she wrote down when she was about 14 years old...16 years ago. Everyone loves this story in our family, but it has been an oral story never written down, until Tabitha. So my layout answers our Week 6 question.

I have a disclaimer here. I've felt a little hard on you at times with these overwhelming questions. I have enjoyed reading every one's journaling. I think, even me, we have moved away from writing our stories down. We have beautiful photos and beautiful layouts with a title. One person asked if I was letting the photo "tell the story?" I know that many photos can tell the story....but what about when society and culture changes will the photos tell the same stories? I'm thankful to all of you that work hard at the journaling and telling your story. But this week will be a bit more on the light side of life.

Week 6, Question 6

"Who is the or some of the
Story Keepers in your family?"

Interpret this question how you would want to. If you are the storyteller in your family, then tell a story, tell about yourself as a storyteller, why do you tell stories and how.
Here is my answer to the question:

Story Keeper


"Tabitha has always been the keeper of stories for out family since she was very young.

Tabitha wrote this story in the first person but it is actually a story about my mother & her brothers.

Today my daughter is a producer for ETV & tells stories for others to enjoy."


Kaisercraft: all paper & flowers
Hambly Screenprints: transparency
Bazzil Chips: parenthesis
Fiskars; New Apron Lace Punch, X-large Circle Punch, Trimmer and Micro-Tip Scissors
The story: the original paper and story as written by Tabitha.
Note: I sewed my buttons through all thicknesses to hold the transparency in place.

Have you ever heard "when it Rains it Pours." Sometimes I feel like that. I cheer myself up by playing with my "tools" and creating layouts and more. So the RAK for Week 6, Question 6 will be Fiskars newest, limited addition squeeze punch "under cover."
RAK for Week 5 Goes to MIKJ. Congratulations. Email me your address and name and I'll get your RAK in the mail to you.
BTW: Next week...back to the "hard stuff." LOL

Don't forget about Fiskars Friday on Thursday for a new video and a winner of the "Cleaning out my Clip-it-Up" RAK.

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3. Time with Hannah and Amber
4. God's Grace and Mercy
5. God's Word that tells me the character of a true friend.


  1. Okay I know this is easy for some. . . but I tell you not for me! LOL maybe next week.

  2. I tell you this is not easier in fact - I think they are getting harder every week. I hope my children will appreciate learning about my feelings through this book that I will have completed when these weeks are done. This will take some time to figure out.

  3. Hi Debbie -
    i thought this was going to be hard too but once I got started it just flowed. Thanks for the thought provoking questions. I'm really enjoying putting these down on paper but could not think of these questions on my own. Check out week 6 at

  4. What a wonderful challenge, debby!

  5. Okay I got through it although it was kind of tough for me to figure out as really there are only the two of us and no kids to pass stories on to. . . but I got it.

  6. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Here is week 6 for me

  7. I actually got this done early. I probably took a different slant on this question, but this is where it led me.....

  8. Here is my LO:

  9. here is mine
    [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=]The Story Keeper[/url] By [url=]Northernmemories[/url]
    oh and I got my paper kit thanks so much I will be ready for Halloween next year!

  10. Ok my page is up on my blog. Or I should say two pictures. It's one lay out but with the journaling opened up on the second one.

  11. I'm late! I posted the layout on my blog but I still have to add the journaling. I hate being behind!

  12. I am late with this, but I wanted to post anyway just to prove that I really am trying to do All About You in 52.

  13. Here's my week 6 -

  14. Here's mine:

  15. Finally catching up on some of these. :) Here's my week 6 layout:

    It's legible to me, but it may not be to everyone else. ;)

  16. this was a hard one - deciding who keeps the stories

  17. I'm late, but it's up! On my blog,


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