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Inspriation Comes In All Shapes and Sizes

I had a boom of a day yesterday with a desire to scrapbook my brains out.  Realize that I usually spend a day or two on a page.  I actually got three done yesterday.  LOL

Inspiration for me can come from a photo, a piece of paper or just the desire to design.  My first page "family traditions" came from a photo I found on Google Images.  I loved the layout of the page and decided to try and make it happen as close as I could. 

Here is the original:

Here is my attempt:

This was from a family reunion several years ago.  I have so many photos that I want to get as many on a page with a fun design as I could.  I need to so do about 5 more pages and I'll have all the photos scapbooked.  Cutting your photos:  Donna Downy taught me to be BRAVE and COURAGEOUS and cut those photos.  Pick up the focal point and get rid of the rest.  It works!

I as inspired by my yard sale for this next page.  I was cleaning out everything and ran around this paper line by Daisy D's.  I have the…


I’m so sorry about not posting the winners yesterday. I was in a focused mood and scrapped my head off. It rained yesterday afternoon so I wasn’t able to get some good shots. I’ll hopefully post some cool stuff this evening.

Back to the winners…

For the post with my new logo of my new adventure the winner is

Tracy said...
You have been busy.  I love your logo. I like the silhouette of the family and the scrolls. Its pretty, yet at the same time getting your message across.

For the post that was a Little Bit Country the winner is

TracyM #6773 said...
Awesome flower Debby!!!  Thank you for the template - off to check out the instructions now so that I can give it a try, I expect the Fiskateer gallery will be like a flower garden soon :)

Congratulations to the Tracys! I draw the winner via You have 48 hours to send me your address via

My newsletter will be going out by morning so if you have not signed up yet and not want to miss this one go to the top ri…

Is My Busy Week Starting Out Slower?

I certainly hope it does.  The yard sale was fun yesterday as I was able to reconnect with some long lost scrappy friends.  Hurray! 

I do have a prayer request for a friend.  If you know the company Two Scrappy Owls, Slaine is one of the owners.  Slaine experienced a sudden loss of control over the left side of her body.  The doctors found a large brain tumor.  Slaine is having a biopsy on Wednesday to determine what is happening and what the doctors' next steps are going to be.  Please remember her in prayer.  Slaine is a beautiful woman who always has a little something extra to give to you no matter what.  Thank you.

My busy week kept me from doing much on the creation end of life.  But I did do a little recycling using my daughter's left over wedding programs, Artful Legacy Rubber Stamps and a few photos of the newly weds.

I stamped the sea oats on the front since it was a beach wedding.  I eliminated on full page (basically shorten the book by four pages).  Using Artful …

Opinionated People Wanted!

The week is becoming a bit overwhelming!  LOL  I'm off to Charleston to pick up my son and hopefully get there early enough for a cup of coffee with Ms. unKit. 

Speaking of Ms. Paula Dean of Scrapbooking, Sudie Alexander:  Monday, 9:30 pm unKit live is having a special broadcast on a site called Vokal.  It is an interact chat and video sharing site.  Pretty awesome.  She has a special guest and an awesome giveaway.  This broadcast is for everyone but most especially for mom and children.  Yeah, you can tell it's summer.  Here's what Ms. unKit says....

We are talking Scrapbooking with your special young person. We’ll talk challenges, tips, and triumphs. Bring your questions, because we’ll have answers. This is a very interactive show. In addition to our interactive chat, we will be accepting questions via text or video.

During the live broadcast, we will be randomly drawing for a lucky winner who will receive a free spot in the Big Picture Scrapbooking Kidding Around class t…

Getting Real!

It's time to go back to my roots of "Getting Real" on Debby's Dare Blog.  LOL  Enjoy the video blog post. 

I still have two outstanding giveaways:  last post and the post prior to that one.  If you haven't left a comment please do.  Especially on the "logo" post.  I would love your feedback. 

Donna Downey's blog is Simply Me.

Me and Hannah Getting Down with a Game of Checker at the Cracker Barrel Sunday!  LOL (hubby took photo with phone)
I'm nearly packed up for the day.  Now to get a little less "real" for my time out.  LOL

Gratitude List
1.  opportunities
2.  less pain
3.  Christ died once for all that I might have life
4.  the beauty of God's creativity all around me
5.  a heart full of God's grace this morning

"I'm A Little Bit Country"...well, a Whole Lot Country!

I "discovered" a new-to-me blog yesterday that I just had to share. If you love country, county furniture, colors all pulled together in a Scrapbook Room/Studio you are going to love Marcie’s new Room. It is country through and through and has such fun pieces that I would not have thought to put in a studio. I'm ready for her to come to my studio. Take a moment in a minute to visit Marcie atJust A Country Girl.

Most of my creativity this week is going towards classes so sharing is going to be thin. But how about a free template to make this...

Here is the template or a six sided flower pattern or die cut would do the trick. The instructions are on Tim Holtz's blog.  Right click and save.  You can adjust the size on your photo graphics program.

The Paper is from Graphic 45 and I spritzed it with Perfect Pearls for a bit of shimmer.

I'm out the door in a minute for a scrapbooking class I'm teaching. It's truly a ton of fun.

GIVEAWAY: Leave a comment on T…

Betcha' I Can Make You Tired!

It was a whirlwind week and we finish it off with the winner of the ScraPerfect Perfect Printing Pouch.

Barb said...Very cool! I always love your gratitude list, Debbie.

Congratulations Barb.  Send your address to  Thank you everyone for having such fun with me last week.  You can still be a winner by checking out the products from last week and ordering them on site at ScraPerfect.

My extra busy time officially kicked off Saturday with my bi-yearly Flea Market Sale.  Here is a photo of the "Bat Signal."  I had let everyone know that was how to find me.  I had several come by and mention Debby's Dare and Fellowship of Scrapbookers.  Thank you very much.  I had a wonderful time with my friend Ruth and thanks to my hubby and sons for all they did to help. 

What I'm Up To...
This Saturday I'll be with my friends Shannon and Monica at Croppin' Columbia in downtown Columbia, SC.  I'll be there from 9 to 12 for a Scrapbooking Yard Sale.  Th…

A Perfect Great Ending to a ScraPerfect Week

This has been an amazing week with our guest and sponsor Amy Roszak of ScraPerfect. I have learned so much and I hope you had fun picking up on a few things as well.

The winner of the fun and jolly ScraPerfect Embellie Gellie is
Colleen said...

Wow, that embellie gellie looks like a very useful new tool. Will have to see if I can get ahold of one. That peach crisp sounds delic. Think that I will buy the stuff to make one this weekend.
Congratulations Colleen and thanks to everyone who left a word about the video and Embellie Gellie.  Send your address to
Well, we have one more product from ScraPerfect. I’ve had mine for several years now so I can say I do not scrapbook without it! It the famous ScraPerfect Perfect Printing Pouch.

Hybrid scrappers, stamps, cardmakers, altered artists, Copic users, and Scrapbookers could all enjoy the benefit of using a Perfect Printing Pouch. I highly recommend that you click HERE to see more than what I can show you.

Watch as I use …

Day Three is here and It's Been a ScraPerfect Week!

Wow! I’ve been getting some projects completed. I love playing with the Quick Quotes paper, die cuts and vellum quotes. It is a very different style from my norm and I love it.

Did you not love the Best Glue Ever from ScraPerfect? I think I will be needing more very soon! LOL Our winner from Day 2 of their own bottle of Best Glue Ever is

2MiniSchnauzers said...

I've always stayed away from using glue on my layouts. By watching you demo this awesome product, I'm willing to give it a try. I love the way it comes out clear on the vellum and acrylic! Thanks so much for sharing!

Congratulations.  Send your address to

I love saying Embellie Gellie. It makes be laugh it sounds so jolly. It truly is a simple idea, a simple product but makes crafting so much simpler for using Embellie Gellie.
Watch the video. Leave a comment and I’ll draw another ScraPerfect winner tomorrow for one of your own ScraPerfect Embellie Gellies. Take the opportunity to explore Amy’s webs…

ScraPerfect Week Continues

The winner of Day 1 of the ScraPerfect Week is

Lindsay M. said...

Wow!!! What an amazing cleaning cloth!! That's incrediable!!! I would love to try that out!!!
Thank you so very much for a chance to win!!!!

….. Congratulations!  Send your address to  Thanks to everyone who left a comment.

So what about another giveaway? Watch the video about the layout that’s pictured here and leave me a comment on what you think about the Best Glue Ever! I’ll draw a name tomorrow to win an awesome bottle of ScraPerfect’s Best Glue Ever.  You can order your very own bottle by clicking the prior link.   FYI:  I can't turn off the music.  I won't include it in the next video.  Sorry about that, I'm experimenting.

Debby’s Rate O’Meter takes the Best Glue Ever to a 9.90. It almost instantly bonds with paper, velum, metals are awesome, and work great with acrylic. I was a little impatient after everything else working so quickly that it did not work as fast on fabric. In…

It’s Totally the ScraPerfect Week!

Since the temperatures are topping over 105 degrees Fahrenheit it’s the perfect time to be inside and crafting.

This week we have an awesome sponsor for Debby’s Dare Demos: ScraPerfect. The first product from ScraPerfect is one of my favorites “Perfect Cleaning Cloth.” The packaging says, “Removes fingerprints, powders, and dirt from paper, photos, transparencies, glass, metal, and more.” I have to tell you I’ve tried all of them and guess what? It’s true, really.

Although ScraPerfect is our sponsor it is the understanding between us that I tell what my experience is with each product I’m going to demo for you. On Debby’s Scale of 1 to 10, 10 being totally perfect I’m giving it a 9.99. Why a 9.99? Personally, would like the cloth to be larger for those larger pieces of paper I distress, embosses and sand, etc. Do you want to see for yourself how much I really love my Perfect Cleaning Cloth? Here you go.

As always I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment about your experience w…

Day Five "Cards You've Been Dealt" Dare Ya and Giveaway

Day Five.  I don't know why I torture myself with these challenges.  LOL  I have to tell you they are often tough as I have to reflect and remember the great times as well as the pain.  Thanks for all those that did the same.  If you did some or all of the challenge but did not want to post them publicly, you are welcome to email me at to let me know you did and how many you did.  I'll add you to the drawing tomorrow morning for the Quickutz L Letterpress Starter Kit.  I will give those who did post their layouts double of the chance of winning. 

Day Five had to be my children.  Our children are the greatest blessing for me and Jim.  Yeah, even through the changing of the diapers, runs to the emergency room for stitches or casts, unending soccer games, thousands of dollars to the dentist, puberty (and we are still in that one....I can do it all except rolling of the eyes!) watching each one fly the nest and choose a life partner.  It is the hardest job we…

Day 4 "Cards You've Been Dealt"

Day Four of “Cards You’ve Been Dealt.” This has been a crazy week and having to dig deep to do these layouts has been difficult.

My card for today is my struggles to maintain a good weight. I was never blessed with one of the metabolisms that stay pretty much in the center of life. LOL I was a tiny thing when I was a child. When puberty hit my life changed and my weight became an issue for the rest of my life. I’ve been medically too small and medically too large. I’ll be honest it’s a card I wish I could toss back in the deck and say “Hit me Again.”

Weight is such a personal issue and people often look at you and ask don’t you have any self-control. If eating were my issue I’d be the healthiest person out there. It’s the package of healthy eating, healthy middle of the road exercising, and actually keeping anxiety out of the kitchen.

For me my weight has been a “reflection” of who I am as a person. It’s only been recently I’ve been able to say that it’s Christ who is the “reflecti…

Day 3 of "Cards You've Been Dealt" Dare Ya1 and Giveaway

Day three is upon us for our Dare Ya! “Cards You’ve Been Dealt.” I had fun with the last layout and all the flowers. I think you can catch Prima Fever if you are not careful.  To read the details and see what you you could win click .... Cards You've Been Dealt.

My third "card" is my husband and marriage. This is a photo of us about 11 years ago when we renewed our marriage vows. Jim and I were only 18 when we got married. Honestly, I don’t know if at 18 you understand the impact of those vows before each other and God. I know we’ve tested them very well through the years.

Despite those wonderful feelings in the beginning, marriage is not a simple thing and takes lots of work and much more prayer. After a very tumultuous time in our marriage we renewed our commitment to each other and to the continuing to work throughout our lives together to trust in the Lord and to lean on Him.

My Jim is my card gifted to me by God. I don’t know anyone else on this earth that could have…

Day Two "Cards You've Been Dealt" Dare Ya! and Giveaway

Day Two is almost gone. I taught all morning at my local AC Moores to three wonderful women. Maybe I can coax a photo out of them in a week or so. I’m teaching my first round of Scrapbook Design and You from EK Success and I love it. I have openings in round two for July. Just contact our local AC Moores if you are in the greater Columbia area.

Yesterday was a hard, maybe my hardest blogging day ever. Being “naked” is hard. Being real is harder than you can imagine. So why did I do it? I’m not alone in on going physical or emotional issues and it’s awesome the responses via email and comments that I got. I don’t recommend it for everyone, but I’m glad I could if it encourages others not to be so alone.

“Card’s You’ve Been Dealt” day two I need to pick to be much more fun after a “heavy” yesterday. Growing older is not for the weak or wimpy. It’s tough! Do I hear an “AMEN?” One of the great-unexpected joys of growing older is grandchildren. These are my two grandchildren from my oldes…

Gone Fishin'

Probably I'm not going fishin' but I'm going on a short vacation!  Rest, relax and enjoy.  I'll be back on Monday with the new Debby's Dare Ya!  Click the link with the cards on the right side of the blog to take you to more information.

While I'm gone if you stumble upon my blog that you will have a look around see what you like, leave a comment or email me a suggestion.  Even better sign up for my newsletter.  It only goes out about once a month and is secured via Constant Contact.  I do not sell or share email address and names.  How about a special RAK for you if you sign up for the newsletter: 

Yes, it is autographed by Tim Holtz himself.
Constant contact will send me a report of all new people who sign up and I'll draw a winner from that list.   I'm sorry but I can only ship to USA and Canada.

Winner of the Prima RAK is
Scrapycandy said...

I think her work is so amazing, that I saved it to look at it again! Thanks so much!
Send your snail mail addr…