Day 3 of "Cards You've Been Dealt" Dare Ya1 and Giveaway

Day three is upon us for our Dare Ya! “Cards You’ve Been Dealt.” I had fun with the last layout and all the flowers. I think you can catch Prima Fever if you are not careful.  To read the details and see what you you could win click .... Cards You've Been Dealt.

My third "card" is my husband and marriage. This is a photo of us about 11 years ago when we renewed our marriage vows. Jim and I were only 18 when we got married. Honestly, I don’t know if at 18 you understand the impact of those vows before each other and God. I know we’ve tested them very well through the years.

Despite those wonderful feelings in the beginning, marriage is not a simple thing and takes lots of work and much more prayer. After a very tumultuous time in our marriage we renewed our commitment to each other and to the continuing to work throughout our lives together to trust in the Lord and to lean on Him.

My Jim is my card gifted to me by God. I don’t know anyone else on this earth that could have love, cared, and put up with me. Even when he infuriates me and pushes all my “buttons” in the end I know it was God who brought him into my life. This marriage ”card” has been both a great blessing and the one of the hardest things in life to do. I’m glad it was Jim that we get to walk together.

Don't forget to link you project at the bottom of the post to be in the running for the Quickutz L Letterpress!  Check out this youtube demo on how awesome it really is.

My layout doubled as my Design Team Assignment for Artful Legacy Rubber Stamps and More. Here are the stamps I used.
     Triple Dogwood    
     Trust in the Lord 
     1935 Evening

Also, I may have a GREAT BIG secret about Artful Legacy. So hopefully soon I can help make the announcement.
Sneak Peak: Next week we have a sponsored Debby’s Dare Demo from ScraPerfect with some giveaways. Mark your calendar, as there will be a few. In the meantime check out their site and see their products.

Gratitude List
1. Ruth and a wonderful morning/afternoon
2. Jim who took care of me in the middle of a migraine last night
3. prayers
4. assurance that God will help me make the decisions I need for life direction
5. God’s help and protection while driving


  1. Another beautiful layout Debby! Those stamps are just gorgeous! Thanks again for your open sharing! I think I'll just go ahead and link my next two "cards". Have a great day!...Nancy :o)

  2. Wow! I love your beautiful layout! I definary have to get those letterplates you use on ur layout. I love reading ur blog.


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