Opinionated People Wanted!

The week is becoming a bit overwhelming!  LOL  I'm off to Charleston to pick up my son and hopefully get there early enough for a cup of coffee with Ms. unKit. 

Speaking of Ms. Paula Dean of Scrapbooking, Sudie Alexander:  Monday, 9:30 pm unKit live is having a special broadcast on a site called Vokal.  It is an interact chat and video sharing site.  Pretty awesome.  She has a special guest and an awesome giveaway.  This broadcast is for everyone but most especially for mom and children.  Yeah, you can tell it's summer.  Here's what Ms. unKit says....

We are talking Scrapbooking with your special young person. We’ll talk challenges, tips, and triumphs. Bring your questions, because we’ll have answers. This is a very interactive show. In addition to our interactive chat, we will be accepting questions via text or video.

During the live broadcast, we will be randomly drawing for a lucky winner who will receive a free spot in the Big Picture Scrapbooking Kidding Around class taught by Tami Morrison.


I would love your opinion.  It really matters to me when I'm looking to take on new projects.  Here is the link to a survey hosted by Constant Contact, which mean BIG TIME SECURITY.  When you complete the survey if you wish to be in the drawing for Scrapbooking Products you can opt to leave your email address. 
Thanks a Ton
Gratitude List
1.  safety
2.  seeing friends
3.  feeling better
4.  God's Grace in the mist of my storms
5.  Christ died once that I'm might have life everyday!


  1. Anonymous7:33 AM

    I absolutely lov ethat you include a Gratitude List on each post - it is so inspiring!

    Debbie Y
    dabblesbydeb at yahoo dot com

  2. I took up the survey! thankyou for counting my opinion!

  3. I took the survey aswell.

  4. I took the survey. Hope it helps you!!

  5. hey lady. gave you my 4 cents hehe
    smoochas! I would love to be able to come to a crop with you maybe I can get john to cheauffer me hehe

  6. hey sweetheart! long time no leave a comment-just wanted to say Happy Friday and that I completed the survey...you are my Friday Scrapper on my blog! I was talking about you with my friend Deb yesterday since she said I was her enabler by directing her to the Unkit stuff...she ordered way too much stuff!!

    KateB http://kateblue.blogspot.com/2010/06/my-friday-scrapgal.html


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