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National Craft Month Comment RAK Winner

Wow, this has been a trip this month. Thank you for all the comments, the stories, your sharing of yourself. You are great to play with me this month. Before I announce the winner, I will be taking a break from my blog for a couple of days to plow into some of my scrapbooking. I'll come back at the end of the week and update everyone on what is happening in "Debby's Dare's World."
Winner is, by random number generator (I assigned everyone a number in the order you commented) isChristina said...
It is purely a miracle that your aunt could do so much with such poor eyesight. Some people have that gift...and she is obviously one of them!
Congratulations Christina. Send my your snail mail address through At that time I'll also give you some choices in this RAK.

End of National Craft Month

What a way to end a month of unending crafts than to complete my certification to be a Certified Fiskars Demonstrator. I had so much fun with friends and Sudie (our instructor). I even ate way too much (paying for it today), but it was fun. Several of my friends from the Columbia area went to Charleston for the training.
And I made a few new friends with Betty and Dalene from the Greensboro area. Here are a few pictures from the day.
Judy of The Stamping Station and Scrapbook Store in West Columbia, and Fiskateer with Stacy, our wonderful Fiskars Rep.
Leslie, another Fiskateer and all around fun person! She is associated with the Stamping Station.

Angie, one of my best friends, cropping buddy, and a brand new Fiskateer!
Dalene, teacher and creative designer at a LSS in Greensboro, NC Betty owner of LSS in Greensboro, NC and all around fun person!

Angie and Sudie, out fearless Leader!
I wish I could tell you all the talent, gifts, wisdom, business sense, great mom, and good friend Sudie is. I…

News and more News

Life is moving fast and so is National Craft Month. I'll be drawing a comment winner for a RAK on Monday evening. So the last comment goes up Sunday midnight EST. There are a lot of comments to go through, number and go to the official number generator.
My News and More News..... has picked up another of my layouts for publication. "Elephant Poop." I'll be doing a little article and directions on making the page. I removed it from the Fiskateer Gallery, Two Peas and here until it comes out and then I'll put it back. This has got to be the most fun one has ever had with "Elephant Poop."
I just registered my business domain name for the Internet: Nothing is there yet except to say this domain is "Parked Free." Sounds like a Monopoly game. LOL I applied and received by retail license March 12, 2008. AND I just finished my first order. My business is to do custom scrapbooks, but differently. As the website …

The Next Generation

What am I doing to help the next generation to carry on what we were taught as children. Since I wasn't gifted in any area other than scrapping and I only started that in the last 6 years, I've been working hard to influence my grandchildren's artistic endeavors. Amber has been crafting probably since she was old enough to hold a crayon in her hand. I remember in her first home she has a corner of the dinning room a desk full of crafts. Any Birthday or Christmas Amber was receiving crafty gifts. At one point she wasn't even able to open all her gifts because she received so many.
About three years ago she went through her scrapbooking phase and I had so much fun having her scrapbook with me. And she was good. As with many of us phases come and go. But Amber remained the artist. I hope she will always stay a little scrappy in her heart.
These are her latest creations. The self portrait is Watercolor and the second painting is oils.
Amber is 13 years old and plans on g…

Easter Morning

Excitement, remembrance, new clothes, eggs, a bunny (?), families, baskets, surprises, children, grandchildren, church, sobering thoughts, unbelievable suffering and pain,resurrection, new life, new beginnings, Jesus Christ, the cross, God from age to age...these are all my thoughts this morning. My testimony begins on 21 Jupiter Strasse in Weisband (Crestview) Germany. My godparents gave me a Bible and it had pictures so as a young girl I would love to go through my Bible having no idea what a Bible was other than another book. You see, we never went to church, God and Jesus, were not words I heard growing up. But I had my Bible. One morning while sitting in my bedroom window looking at the pictures and looking outside, clearly remembering the street sign that denoted where I lived, I suddenly knew that the book I was holding was not "just" a book. The pictures I was looking at were not "just" pictures. I knew there was something more. I knew God was real. He had …

The Men in my Family

Let's talk about men. My "hubby tag" in the my last post inspired me along with the fact that it is National Craft Month to talk about our men. This photo is the last photo of all my uncles (on mom's side of the family) together with Grandma and Granddaddy. Standing from left to right: Uncle Lamar, Uncle Leonard, Uncle Earl, Uncle Max, and Uncle James. Of course Grandma Nettie California Yates Thomas and Granddaddy Joseph Hershel Thomas, but folks called him "Joe."
My Uncle Earl, and Uncle Lamar both do wood working (Uncle Earl has passed). One of my favorite gifts from Uncle Earl is my cedar swing. He had his own workshop behind my grandmother's then later my aunt's home. You could just drink in the cedar smell. He made a swing (porch swings) for my son along with the help of my Uncle Joe Bill (in law uncle) and that was Uncle Earl's last swing. He also made jewelry boxes and cedar chests. My mother has several. Uncle Earl also help to lay the…

Tags and Challenges

This is a challenge on Two Peas in a Bucket by Sohpie. Here's a list of the AFI's Top 100 Films of all Time. The meme is to highlight the ones of the 100 you've seen and then add three more to the list at the bottom that you would include, then pass it on. I'm doing it here and saying to help yourself to try it on your own blog.

2. CASABLANCA (1941)
6. THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939)
7. THE GRADUATE (1967)
10. SINGIN' IN THE RAIN (1952)
14. SOME LIKE IT HOT (1959)
15. STAR WARS (1977)
16. ALL ABOUT EVE (1950)
18. PSYCHO (1960)
19. CHINATOWN (1974)
22. 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968)
24. RAGING BULL (19…

Rosie Elizabeth Brown Lewis

My mother-in-law is one of the most gifted women. There is not much she can not do including cooking the best yellow rice and chicken and baking a red velvet cake! Yummmm She loves putting together puzzles. It's an art form and a math problem all rolled into one. And of course, she can do Sudku like it was nothing. Pictured here is just a little of her work. She made Wedding Ring quilts for both her children and all her grandchildren. She loved knitting afghans and throws. And still, every year, we receive two new hand towels that have been cut in half, knitted a top and added a button. Everyone in the family gets two every year and we love and treasure them greatly. Mom has two children, 7 grandchildren, 8 great grandchildren. Her and Dad will celebrate their 58th wedding anniversary this September. I greatly admire my mother-in-law and love her dearly. Did you see the video at the top?! Wow! This was outside my house Saturday. This is South Carolina and not South Dakota. Althou…

My Dear Aunt Ruth

I want to showcase my Aunt Ruth. I went through my pictures for two days and the one here is the only one I could find. Pre-Scrapbooking days. Aunt Ruth is actually my husband's aunt, but she was the absolute greatest. When I joined the family she welcomed me unconditionally. For about 10 years we lived walking distance from each other. She had her first grandchild as I was having my third child. She had a beautiful spirit and a heart for God.
Aunt Ruth with my son, Adam
My Aunt Ruth could knit and earlier in life crochet. She was a miracle everyday I knew here. Aunt Ruth had rheumatoid arthritis that was very aggressive. When I first met her she could barely use her hands, elbows, and shoulders and yet she would, on her good days make crafts.

Aunt Ruth died a few years ago. About 2 months after the funeral her son and daughter-in-law sent this towel and hot pad to me. They told me that Aunt Ruth's health had gone down hill fast, but she was thinking of her family while she lay …

My Son Adam and My Cousin Joey

I've gotten so much done today with my scrapbooking and with my computer. That's what I get for declaring to the world that I'm taking quiet days. LOL

Today I want to tell you about one of my favorite cousins. Joey is my Uncle Max's oldest child. He's younger than me, but we share something that we both love very much: Uncle Max. Uncle Max is like my second father. He was my father's best friend since about 1957 or so. From 1971 until dad passed away in 200o they were next door neighbors. So on to tell you about Joey. Joey is our artist in the family, along with Uncle Max, my son Adam and my granddaughter Amber. Joey has always be artistic but was really challenged when the family wanted a picture of the "old house." Since there were not a lot of pictures of the house while the children were growing up Joey had to take everyone's memories and a few pictures and drew one of the most outstanding pencil drawing I'd ever seen. Remember there are 11 …

My Aunt Ruby

I want to tell you about my wonderful Aunt Ruby, one of my mother's older sisters. She is a crafter of all trades. When I was a child my Aunt Ruby made quilts and quilts and even more quilts. I'm privileged to have one, but it sealed and tucked away. Aunt Ruby also crocheted anything from dollies to table clothes. She can knit, sew, and I even remember her making a trash can from egg cartons. We kids loved going to aunt Ruby's because she did kids crafts and would always set us up with something to do. Later in her life she became a Christian. VBS was never the same again. She was now in charge of the crafts for VBS. Everyone loved Aunt Ruby's crafts...the children and their parents. I did a few pictures of two of the stockings that she did for my children about 25 years ago. She also made crocheted snowflakes (not pictured) and these little cheeky guys. You squeeze their cheeks to reveal a "kiss." You would always chocolate at our house. I've had all this…