Easter Morning

Excitement, remembrance, new clothes, eggs, a bunny (?), families, baskets, surprises, children, grandchildren, church, sobering thoughts, unbelievable suffering and pain,resurrection, new life, new beginnings, Jesus Christ, the cross, God from age to age...these are all my thoughts this morning.
My testimony begins on 21 Jupiter Strasse in Weisband (Crestview) Germany. My godparents gave me a Bible and it had pictures so as a young girl I would love to go through my Bible having no idea what a Bible was other than another book. You see, we never went to church, God and Jesus, were not words I heard growing up. But I had my Bible. One morning while sitting in my bedroom window looking at the pictures and looking outside, clearly remembering the street sign that denoted where I lived, I suddenly knew that the book I was holding was not "just" a book. The pictures I was looking at were not "just" pictures. I knew there was something more. I knew God was real. He had made himself known to me through that "book." Nothing more happened that day, but looking back I know now that God was preparing my heart for years to come. All these years later and I clearly remember that moment. God's plan for my life, His call to be His child...was there on that day in an apartment on 21 Jupiter Str.

Easter is more than a word, a day, a family gathering. Easter is life, a resurrection of our Savior and of our life in Christ.

Comment Challenge today on what Easter means to you.

Gratitude List:
1. God's plans for me and you.
2. Jesus Christ's willingness/obedience to become flesh.
3. His suffering not only physically, but with the weight of my sin.
4. His Resurrection
5. God's forgiveness, grace, Love, provision for my salvation.
6. God's comfort and love throughout my days of living.

May God's Love Be a Part of This Day For You.

BTW: I still have that little Bible from my godparents.


  1. Happy Easter Deborah!

  2. You a wonderful and inspiring story thank you for sharing! As a child Easter always meant a new dress and new shoes, as an adult the new dress and shoes have a whole new meaning! Christ is arisen and everything is new and pure today and it is a time of new beginings...a fresh start.

  3. I loved the story about your little Bible. How cool that your Godparents made that much of a difference in your life. I love how in my church we strip the alter on Thursday night, on Good Friday everything is black and then you come in Easter morning to the new Hope in the resurrection of our Lord. This year it hit home with my youngest who was visibly upset on Maundy Thursday when the alter was stripped, so much so that her face showed her grief to the point where our paster leaned over to her and whispered, "Don't worry, everything will be all right" as we were leaving church.

  4. Easter still means the same to me now as it did as a little girl. Even more since I now understand the meaning of Easter. As a little girl I couldn't wait for Easter to come for it meant I would have a new dress and sometimes even a new bonnet. Babysitting at my cousins meant I could look forward to getting an chocolate Easter bunny too.

  5. Anonymous1:28 AM

    Happt Easter Deborah.. easterto me is a reminder what our Dear Lordand saviour did for us.. died to save us from sin... As a small girl. I thought Easter is just to miss a couple of days of school.. but now it has a very different meaning...
    Mariah # 2457


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