The Men in my Family

Let's talk about men. My "hubby tag" in the my last post inspired me along with the fact that it is National Craft Month to talk about our men. This photo is the last photo of all my uncles (on mom's side of the family) together with Grandma and Granddaddy. Standing from left to right: Uncle Lamar, Uncle Leonard, Uncle Earl, Uncle Max, and Uncle James. Of course Grandma Nettie California Yates Thomas and Granddaddy Joseph Hershel Thomas, but folks called him "Joe."

My Uncle Earl, and Uncle Lamar both do wood working (Uncle Earl has passed). One of my favorite gifts from Uncle Earl is my cedar swing. He had his own workshop behind my grandmother's then later my aunt's home. You could just drink in the cedar smell. He made a swing (porch swings) for my son along with the help of my Uncle Joe Bill (in law uncle) and that was Uncle Earl's last swing. He also made jewelry boxes and cedar chests. My mother has several. Uncle Earl also help to lay the foundation for Disney World in Orlando. He worked for them for years.

I did not know my Uncle James. He was the oldest of the children and did not live in Florida. I saw him on visits down, but he didn't take notice of me. I always noticed his wife, because she loved to chew tobacco. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I'm sure, if he was anything like the rest of the boys he was equally talented. I know he worked very hard all his life. Uncle James passed away after Granddaddy and Grandma died.

Uncle Lamar does some woodworking my mother tells me. He was in on the "boys" building Grandma and Granddaddy's house. He is a very very dear man who loves his family so very much. He was one in the family that came to Christ later in life. He has a wonderful wife who I always enjoy when we visit.

Uncle Lamar

My Uncle Leonard can do anything. A tree falls over, he makes a swing. Two trees fall over and he makes a porch. He built his house and with the other boys built my grandfather's and grandmother's house. Being a farmer and a mechanic he loves old tractors. He took the shell of an old tractor from the 50's and rebuilt it, painted and you could not tell you were not in the 50's. He can rebuild any engine or any body of a vehicle. His wife is equally talented with knitting and crocheting. My Uncle Leonard and Aunt Bammer have a wonderful grandson they are helping through college, Joseph...after Granddaddy. They are both wonderfully special people.

Uncle Leonard

Uncle Max is the most creative person I know. He is an artist that begot all our artists in our family. Somehow Uncle Max has the best of the gene pool when it came to artistry. But his talents don't end there. Uncle Max can rebuild engines and body's of vehicle. Matter-of-fact, he and his brother worked together for many, many years. My Uncle Max moved from Pensacola when his two children were very small. He built a small two room house, which Aunt Texie Mae made a home. The four of them lived in that home until Uncle Max built them a nice house completely paid for when he finished. My Uncle Max helped my mother in caring for my father who had Parkinson's, he was there when dad died, he was there for my mom when she became deathly ill after dad's death and through her heart surgery. Uncle Max and Aunt Texie Mae have always been a guiding light of Christ for our whole family. BTW: he has the best sense of humor and I think my son must have got it from him. LOL

Uncle Max

I have some talented men in my family and I'm sure I did not even scratch the surface of all they can do. They are all men of integrity, love of family, love of God, and a closeness not found anywhere else.

Comment Challenge/RAK: Leave a comment here about a man in your life that has a crafty talent/gift.

Gratitude List:
1. My wonderful doctor
2. The peace I feel when scrapbooking
3. fun
4. The death and Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ
5. For the forgiveness of sin

Oh, my news: Basic Grey put my "Elephant Poop" in their Gallery!! LOL Whoo Hoo!! Here's the link: Basic Grey's Gallery


  1. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Well my sweetheart of a husband isn't a carpenter, but lately he's been taking the time to craft some amazing things for me. His first project was a table to increase my crafting space, then he helped me put up some shelves there too. I wanted a lightbox so, he took it upon himself to make one. It turned out great. I have to paint and decorate it and I'll share a picture when it's all done. Carpentry is a craft right.
    Oh he did help me with my sisters wedding thank-you cards!

    Amanda #1485

  2. The crafty man in my life is my hubby. He can do just about any type of craft. He is an all around handyman and he can even draw wonderfully and watercolor. A man of many talents. Marla #3291

  3. Mr. Bill. He used to be the equipment supervisor where I worked. He started off making insects from railroad stakes he would find laying by the tracks. I know have a flamingo made from rakes, penguins made from shovels, crows made from spades, and a whole slew of creepy crawlies. He's the man! He also use to tease me he would dance at my next wedding. Darn if he didn't-he had retired and moved to Oklahoma and god bless him drove all the way back to south Georgia to dance with me.
    Beth #2906

  4. I hav more than one crafty man in my life, LOL. the first my dad, he's not a carpenter but he sure can make everything he puts his mind to. From cutting out picture frames to silhouette garden ornaments, to small furniture. Right now hes working on swan shaped hummingbird feeder holders.
    The other crafty man in my life would be my grandpa, ever since I can remember he's weaved wicker baskets for the family. Hes made clothes baskets, sewing baskets, knitting baskets and even baby basnettes.

  5. Anonymous11:52 PM

    I have several crafty men around.. My husband can do anything.. from carpenter work. electical. taking apart motors of any kind.and put them back together.. welding.. fixingall kinds of stuff.. and my sons are following in his footsteps..Which is 4 of I think this is a craft right? LOL..Mariah # 2457

  6. Sweepnut #36186:47 AM

    My Dad built his own house. I don't think there is anything he can't do if he sets his mind to it. He learned to use a computer all by himself...not bad for someone who only went to 7th grade :-)

  7. P.S. Love the elephant poop!

  8. My dad is a crafty man in my life...he restores/builts classic cars and has been doing it as a "hobby" since before I was born. He builts, renovates, and creates! I come up with crazy ideas...and he helps me take them from brainprints, to reality! :D


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