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My Family, My Dinning Room

I don't know how the title of this blog post is received but I didn't know quite how to title the post today!  Let's see if I can put it together.

I've always wanted to do a wall in my home with a series of layouts framed in black.  We are working little at a time to do some renovating to my house.  So I've decided to do a "room" with layouts of my family.  I have an informal dinning room that I think once I'm finished I'm going to be very satisfied.  I have all but two of the layouts complete except two.  I hope to have those by Friday. 

I found myself drawn to one of my favorite paper lines to do this project:  Graphic 45.

The Story
This is my oldest granddaughter.  She was only about 7 when we met her and fell in love at first sight.  Amber is my son's oldest daughter.  I can't believe how she has grown.  I still remember that shy little girl, missing a few teeth, hiding behind her mother's skirt. 

The Layout

What Fun I Had
I used Epi…


Today is a day of Remembering. 

It is Memorial Day here in the United States of America.

I grew up in the Air Force.  I grew up with the knowledge that my Dad gave much of his life in service of our country.  Our family gave so much.  To us it was normal, it was what is suppose to be: Service.

Although Dad put his life on the line many times the time that stands out to me was when Dad served a year in Vietnam.  There was a popular song in the 70's, Daddy's Home by the Jackson 5, that I would listen to or sing to myself.  I missed him so much.  Dad got to come home.  So many did not.

Today my youngest son plans to follow in his grandfather's footsteps and serve his country. 

Jacob has participated in the Air Force Junior ROTC program for the past 4 years.  At the end of the year there is an Awards Banquet.  To open the event they honor those who gave everything to our country.  It is sobering and full of symbolism. 

The Missing Man POW/MIA Remembrance

Here are the writt…

Are You and the Kids Ready for Summer?

From Summer Camps to Summer Reading Programs I loved to take my children on adventures during their summer off from school.  This year I get to take my granddaughter to a summer class just for her.  I love summer and kids!  Our local newspaper lists a ton of summer fun activities for children in late March or early April. 

You'll have to excuse me here if I use my son, who graduating from High School next week, as my examples.  I'm a bit nostalgic.  The photos are not great because Jacob and I cut them up and made a book from them.  Yikes!  I digress.  There were always free or low cost camps and activities in our area.

Over two summers of looking through the newspaper and talking to friends Jacob attended: 

Summer Reading Programs
 Art Appreciation at the local Art Museum
Music and Drama Day Camp
 Drama Camp Zoo Day Camp
Vacation Bible School
County Museum Summer Program
And there are activities in arts and crafts as well.  Ask at your local scrapbook store.  Ours is having a progr…

Where Does the Day Go?

I have the honor of caring for my little granddaughter during the day.  It is really a grandmother's blessing.  Since being a stay-at-home for a long while I WAS able to craft just about anytime I wanted.  Now I'm away from the house most of the day.  The challenge has been to try and crave out that precious time for my art.

I lived by my cropping days.  I love being with friends, learning new techniques, and finding out about new products.  The more detailed my pages have become the harder it is to see far enough to the end of the page to know exactly everything I need.  Other than an occasional special crop I have my studio at home. 

I've come to the conclusion that I have to prep as much as I can before I go and then pack up the cropping bags and pray for a bit of time!  It worked yesterday.  WooHoo!!  The one problem was I didn't have everything I wanted.  Part of the learning process is to learn to be creative with what you have.  So I did.

The Story
I found these…

A Little Bit of Honey

My new little grandbaby is growing so fast.  I received a text this weekend that she rolled over THREE times.  What better inspiration than that of someone you love so dearly. 

The Story
RA has not met her great grandparents.  Cross our fingers and say a prayer that all will be right and in a few weeks the two great grandmothers, one great grandfather, along with great aunt and uncle will be here for Jacob's graduation and to meet little Miss Priss (I have a myriad of cute names for her!).   In the meantime we all tell stories of of them.  This particular picture is RA napping on a quilt Tabitha's grandmother made for her years ago.  I love how the Future is in the Past.

The Layout

What I Learned
Try to think outside the box.  The "bow" on the bottom left are two crocheted doilies from Prima.  I kept trying to layer them with flowers or even lay them by themselves. It just wasn't working for me.  I've really been into making hair bows  so I decided to add stitch…

Crazy Days!

When a  baby sleeps all day and stays awake all night we say the "baby has her days and nights mixed up."  I think I have my days mixed up with all the interruptions the blog/internet has had around me.  It may take me a few days but I will get my "days and nights" straight again.

Friday (today) ends the celebration of Epiphany Crafts and Vintage Street Market week of fun.  Please continue to check them both out on Facebook.  They both have some fantastic scrapbooking plus products. 

I created one more projects from Epiphany Crafts tools and accessories and Vintage Street Market kit. 

The Story
Bloggers many of you know you don't see cards on here to often.  It's hard to make and let cards go.  I put my heart in any project I do and when you have to let it go, never knowing if it will end up on someones shelf or trash, it's tough.  LOL 

The Card
Fun Things I Did
I totally love the foil paper from Vintage Street Market .  It embosses well and holds up to …


The wonderful world of being a grandmother continues!  I'm taking care of my little granddaughter during the day.  BTW I'm sore all over.  LOL  It brings new challenges into my life.  Mainly to create time for my craft/art.  I love challenges!  I've discovered the art of making hair bows.  I work on those while Little Honey sleeps.  Right now she doesn't need anymore bows.  LOL

Epiphany Crafts and Vintage Street Market continues their week long fun and a great giveaway on Facebook.

I've created another fun project for Epiphany Crafts.  Somehow I just really like doing little plaques.  The chipboard foundation is from Maya Road.

The Story
I so love how and where my life is going right now.  Oh yes, I still have the normal struggles everyone has, but I'm really excited about all the new things in my life and the challenges they bring.  I made this plaque to express my excitement.

The Project
Fun Things
I rubbed on some white acrylic paint (Ranger's Dabbers) ont…

Oh No!

Remember when it rains it pours? Last week Blogger went down and today I got up to no internet connection. Oh, I'll use my iPad when I get to my daughter's. Funny thing happened I forgot to download photos of my project from my home computer. I'm still learning about iPad.

I would like to encourage you to check out Epiphany Crafts and Vintage Street Market on Facebook. VSM is having an incredible giveaway. You can find the links in the previous post. I'm still in the beginnings of learning iPad and Mac.

Have a crafty day. Make sure to check back tomorrow for another project for Epiphany Crafts and Vintage Street Market.

Have a crafty day!

1. Jay's college list of "to dos" is getting smaller.
2. Good health..a BIG thank you
3. Adam and Vanessa's love
4. Tabitha and David
5. God's care and viligence over my family.

Team Epiphany Crafts!

Epiphany Crafts and Vintage Street Market have teamed up for a fun time on Facebook this week.  I'm on Team Epiphany Crafts. 

"The Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio and Button Studio line of tools allow you to create your own custom epoxy shapes or acrylic buttons in just a few, quick, easy steps."  I love the word Custom!  I can match my embellishment perfectly to my papers!

Here is an excellent YouTube video by Scrapbook Trends about Epiphany Crafts Tools.

Is that not way cool?! Okay on to my first Epiphany Crafts Project
The Story
This is a photo of my Uncle Joe Bill and Aunt Pat.  I really believe they were/are a great uncle and aunt.  They seem to always have fun, have a great attitude, complaining did not seem to be a word that would ever describe them.  I never saw Uncle Joe Bill ignore or treat the nephew and nieces like he was "the adult."  Uncle Joe Bill passed away doing what he loved...police work.  Aunt Pat's laughter
fills a room.  Several years ago…

Bloggers Back!

Just a quick note to let you know Blogger is finally back up.  I'll be back to posting on Monday.  I'll be sharing some really cool Epiphany Crafts projects and some super fun things happening next week.

Make sure to check out Epiphany Crafts' website for their tools and accessories.

Have a Crafty Weekend!

"To Inspire"

verb \in-ˈspī(-ə)r\
1a : to influence, move, or guide (The Merriam-Webster)

This journey I chose has almost become an obsession.  To search and find inspiration and techniques is an incredible adventure. 

This layout was inspired by Claudine Hellmuth's book-kit, The Scrapbookers Creativity Kit!  (FYI:  Check out Amazon and the kit's regular price is $19.99, it is on sale for $4.88!  WOW)  This is not a paper kit but is a compilation of and idea book and a card deck to mix and match "guaranteed to jump-start your creativity."  Claudine is an incredible artist.  Many of her signature products can be found at Ranger.  No, I don't get paid for the endorsement, she is just an over-the-top inspiration to me! 

The Story
This is my older granddaughter.  This Spring is the first time she has been involved in a sports team or an organized team.  For an hour on Saturdays Jim and I watch her play.  It is a wonder to see her do fancy foot work, run, and…

Add a Bit of Journaling

From the beginning I've heard it said "Journaling, Journaling, Journaling."  There are classes and books dedicated to journaling.  Now it is popular to create Art Journaling.  I'm one of those who creates the layout first and then figures out where the journaling goes if I even journal.  With this journey I'm on I find myself wanting to share my story more and more.  I think I realize that the kids often do not know the story behind the photos so I need to tell them.

My journaling will rarely be by hand.  I do not have the handwriting I would like to have on my layouts.  I print my journaling on tags or bits of paper.  I love when I can journal nearly a length of the page.  In times past I would see these amazing layouts with full page journaling.  Often it was pre-12 x 12 printers.  I did not understand "how."  Many of the layouts had paper layering where you could use a narrower strip of paper to run through your computer.  The edging would go beneat…

To Mom and Winner Annoucement

I have to tell you I'm having a lazy morning.  Sometime it just catches up with you and you need a lazy day.  Here's mine!  LOL  Here are a few shots of what my day holds:

 By day I'm Super Grandma and by night and weekends I'm Super Crafter.  TaDa!
I'm dedicating this post to Mom this Mother's Day.  Please excuse the mushy.

Mom you are a strong person.  You traveled the world with three kids, often by-yourself.  You had to adapt to cultures and languages.  You suffered through me and Scott bring home Lady Bugs and Snakes.  Being a Southern girl you had to bear the snow and ice.  You hung in there when you slipped and fell and Scott landed on you going Weeee!  Being military you had to adjust to friends coming and going out of your life.  You were strong when you were an ocean away from your mom and family.  You never showed how hard it was to pack up a household and move every three years for nearly 20 years.  You've come through your adult children's tr…

It's The 70's and Bloggers Appreciation Giveaway

I had so much fun playing with today's layout.  Different techniques and one I had not seen before.  What fun!  Before I get started with "What I Learned" I'd like to say "thank you" for coming to Debby's Dare and leaving comments of encouragement.  I love the comments that lend itself for you to share.  The Bloggers Appreciation giveaway is your choice of the complete line of Graphic 45's Steampunk Debutant OR My Minds Eye Alphabet Soup, a good mix of both girl and boy lines with brads and playing cards.  This is two very different styles and I would love to know a bit about your style.  Leave a comment about which line of paper you would chose if you were the winner AND bring at least one friend to check out Debby's Dare.  Your post would be something like "I would pick Graphic 45's Steampunk Debutant.  I invited my Facebook friends to check out Debby's Dare."  I would love to know why you like a particular style.  I'll p…

Celebrating Heros: Glue Dots® Adhesives Project

There will be parades, picnics, and celebrations.  You will see American flags waving throughout communities and many people will be dressed in their red, white, and blue.  There will be those who gather at gravesides and memorials to remember those who scracificed it all for America.  Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service.

I wanted to create some a patrotic bow for my granddaughter to wear with Memorial Day and it's great for all the celebration days we hold dear in America.  Of course you can translate this to any day or any country.

Patriotic Hair Bows—Alligator Clip

These are easy to whip up at a moments notice to make sure all the girls in the family are ready to show their patriotic spirit for Memorial Day.

Cut a 12-inch strip of your favorite patriotic paper colors. The width is determined by the size you want the bow to be.

Score the paper strip ¼” all the way across or get that first sc…