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Is It Too Late For An Easter Layout?

I certainly hope not. 

I have missed everyone here on D's Paper Studio.  Quick Note:  the surgery went well.  I'm still recovering so I'm slow back to the blog.  It is too early yet to see if it was 100% successful. 

I created this layout right before surgery last Thursday.  It is simple, but considering what I was fighting through I think it is adorable.  It is loosely based on a sketch that I can's seem to find right now.  I will update with a link later.

 This is my granddaughter Ali.  She has a smile that would light up the biggest room.  She is now 7 months old and a chatterbox!

Ingredients:  My Minds Eye paper; Prima butterfly and flowers; Go West acrylic tags; Karen Foster Easter brads; film strip

When I first begun scrapbooking I lived by Scrapbook Etc. magazine.  They had a lesson on using "real" photo negatives.  I went through all my packages of photos and pulled out those end or beginning pieces that never had a photo on them but you always seem t…
Planning a Book Scene and a Layout
 I want to thank Debby for letting me visit today. I write the Faith Hunter Scrap This Mystery Series featuring a scrapbooker who works in her grandmothers’ store and finds herself talked into helping a friend prove they are innocent of murder. 

 In writing Designed to Death, the second book of the series, I realized my process for designing a scene is very similar to how I approach designing a layout. I hadn’t realized this before as I usually have tunnel-vision when working on a book, and don’t take time to scrap until after I’'m done. With my scrapbooking series though, I find that working on layouts helps me think of ideas for the books.
For my novels, with every scene I need to figure out if the purpose is to move the plot forward, introduce a new character/suspect, or letting the reader get to know the main character better. Whatever is included in the scene has to draw the focus to the element that makes the story better. For my …

Mixed Media Cardboard Art Tutorial by Guest Melisa Waldorf

Hello mixed media fans.  Today I"m sharing an altered cardboard project I created a while back after taking a class called "Burlap and Clay by Sue Pelletier.  Sue is a very talented and published mixed media artist and you can check out more of her artwork on her blog HERE.   
The class I took from her was offered on her NING site HERE.  You can email her with questions at to find out how to purchase the class. Lots of texture on this project !  I used white burlap and "crinoline" from Joann's Fabric store, along with paper clay, cardboard, and tissue paper.    I'm going to share some step by step photo's of  how I created the background since my background / style is so different from Sue's.  Basically what I took away from the class was the idea to use burlap / crinoline / and clay on my project and then made it my own, using some of my favorite mediums. Before I share the details of my project, I want to share wit…

Welcome, Melissa Priest!

Hello! I am so honored to be here today! My name is Melissa and I am a simple (and colorful!) scrapper and I wanted to share a new layout using the Gossamer Blue March Kit.

This past August, my teenage boys went to live with their dad. It has been a hard adjustment, for Alex and I, but also for our dogs. This photo is of our smallest dog, Rosco. He was pouting on our bed and just moping around. So naturally, I had to photograph it ;).
This photo was originally on my Instagram feed, but I decided it was perfect to use with the colors of the Gossamer Blue kit. I love using a neutral background and then add color with my pattern papers. 
To create the rays of pattern paper, I got out my ruler and pencil and just eyeballed where I wanted my lines to go. I cut the rays out from scrap piece of cardstock and used it as a pattern to make my rays from my pattern paper. Here's a tip: be sure to label all the pieces you cut out, so you can get them back into the right place! 
I then added so…

Glitter Party! Kids Day

Leading up to Easter my friend Rachel found this really neat egg craft.  Add Glue Dot Adhesive to your hard boiled eggs and dip in glitter.  Sounds easy enough for a child to do.  Can I just laugh here?  Ha!

Rachel and her two children B and T along with Little gathered together for what will become known as the great glitter experience gone wild.  I brought the glitter and adhesive and Rachel brought the eggs.

Here is a note if you decide to ever do this:  do not try to place Glue Dots on a cold egg.  They will not stick.  Rachel had boiled the eggs the night before and put in the the refrigerator for the next day.  When we tried to put on the Glue Dots they would not stick.  We warmed them slightly in the microwave and we finally got the Glue Dots to stick.  I also brought two way tape to do the same thing.

Big Advice:  a drop cloth under the table.  This save a lot of glitter from spreading.  But more on that later in the post.

I used Martha Stewart glitter and Doodle Bug glitter.  …

Lisa Swift On Getting Published and Getting Onto a Design Team

Lisa Swift is another of a line of incredibly talented people you are going to see over the next week or so here on D's Paper Studio.  I totally love everything I've seen that Lisa has created.  Check out her work on her blog Remember the Good Times
Thanks Lisa (posted with Lisa's permission and blessing.)
I have been asked a number of times recently for tips and suggestions on how to get published and/or onto a design team. I am far from being an expert on this, but I thought it would be helpful to share what has worked for me and to provide a resource for those of you asking the same question.

Getting Published:
My biggest piece of advice, and you'll hear this echoed by others, is to keep trying. Don't give up! Don't get bogged down by the voices of self doubt in your head. Don't wonder if you're good enough. You'll never know unless you try (that's my motto, by the way). If a project isn't picked up by one publication,…

Patter Cross with a Sketch, and Blue Fern Studios

I want to welcome and thank Patter Cross from Triple the Scraps blog.  Patter is an incredibly talented crafter, creates some of the best challenges, and is a wonderful person.  I believe I've been following Patter's Blog the longest of all blogs.
Patter is on the Blue Fern Studios design team.  Their products are incredible and I just received my first order of their chipboard (lots, but not enough ... LOL).  I have never seen anything as beautiful.  They are a must check out company.
Welcome Patter with the very first Blue Fern Studios monthly Sketch challenge.  (This post can be seen on Triple the Scraps...posted with Patter's and Blue Fern Studios blessing...thanks).  I plan on taking the challenge.  I hope to see you there.
We are starting something new at Blue Fern Studios (chipboard manufacturer). We will be having a sketch challenge each month with a prize to go along with it! Today I will share my the sketch and my creation. For complete de…