Mixed Media Cardboard Art Tutorial by Guest Melisa Waldorf

Hello mixed media fans.  Today I"m sharing an altered cardboard project I created a while back after taking a class called "Burlap and Clay by Sue Pelletier.  Sue is a very talented and published mixed media artist and you can check out more of her artwork on her blog HERE.   

The class I took from her was offered on her NING site HERE.  You can email her with questions at sue38wood@comcast.net to find out how to purchase the class.
Lots of texture on this project !  I used white burlap and "crinoline" from Joann's Fabric store, along with paper clay, cardboard, and tissue paper.  
 I'm going to share some step by step photo's of  how I created the background since my background / style is so different from Sue's.  Basically what I took away from the class was the idea to use burlap / crinoline / and clay on my project and then made it my own, using some of my favorite mediums.
Before I share the details of my project, I want to share with you Sue's new online video class, available over at "Creative Workshops".  I haven't taken it yet, but hope to do so soon.  These canvas's are so cool and she uses plaster, a medium I have never worked with.    Sue has her own unique style!  I have to say I haven't seen anything like this out there yet.
Project Details
I started with 3 pieces of corrugated cardboard and tore away peices of the to layer.  I added some white paint here and there, then sprayed with blue and yellow ink.  

I distressed the background use my Rollagraph - Clear Snap Stamp Wheel.  I like it because it's easy to apply the image here and there randomly, without applying the full image.  
Then I designed where I wanted the burlap / crinoline / and book paper on each panel.  I sprayed the crinoline and burlap with spray inks, and added some stitching.
Then adhered the pieces to each panel.
I rolled out my paper clay and cut my heart shapes.  After the clay air dryed, I painted the hearts pink.  Then I decided I wanted more texture so I used another one of my favorite mediums ... tissue paper.  I adhere pink tissue paper over each heart, purposely wrinkling it up.  

I made them look more distressed by lightly rubbing on some white acrylic paint randomly, and then black ink.  Then I used stencils to add polkadots to some of them.  

After adhering clay hearts and words, I splattered with black paint.
Lots of messy fun with this project!!  Hope you are inspired to create your own corrugated cardboard art project.  You can view more of my cardboard art HERE if you want .   And I started a "Corrugated Cardboard" art group over on Flickr a while back.  I would love you to link up your corrugated cardboard art HERE.
Have a fabulous weekend!

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Have a fabulous day!
Melisa Waldorf
I can not tell you how much I want to create this NOW.  I can't but I will as soon as my 3 to 5 days of recovery are over.  This is awesome Melisa.  You have probably ran across Melisa's work if you read card and scrapbooking type of magazines.  She is all over the place!   Melisa also serves on Design Teams and more.  Thank you so much for being a D's Paper Studio guest.  I hope everyone will head over to Melisa's blog Paperlicious Design.  (This post is a repost from Paperlicious Design and used with permission of Melisa Waldorf.)

Have a Crafty Day!


  1. This is just gorgeous! Love all the textures. Very pretty!

  2. Beautiful canvas! Thank you for breaking down all the steps - it's fun to learn how it was created.

  3. These are really gorgeous, I love the corrugated background, and the vibrant colours. x

  4. These are so pretty, love the corrugatespd cardboard :)

  5. Awesome and thanks for showing us...hope to have time to craft this weekend!

  6. Fantastic cardboard art! Thanks for the tutorial!

  7. Thank you ladies and thank you so much for featuring my post Debby! I hope you are feeling better soon.


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