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It's a Zoo Out There!

My son and I went driving around, stopping to shop and to just have some fun. Here is our adventure at a local pet shop. The owners got into my videoing the critters and birds. I just caused a stir all away around.

Gratitude List
1. all creatures
2. God's unlimited creativity
3. pleasure of an afternoon of fun
4. smiles
5. Friendly people

All About you in 52, Question 26

I was fortunate to be asked to attend a Charity crop this past weekend for the Harvest Hope Food Bank hosted by Stacie Mandrel of Scrappin' Creations. Crafters brought can foods and participated in silent auctions for funding for the food bank.

Everyone was wonderful. I had some time to look, enjoy and be inspired by the layouts, cards and mini-books everyone was creating. I really and truly was inspired. I have a tendency to love one photo layouts with a lot of "art" on the page. So my inspiration is coming out in the question and my answer for this week.
Like all crops, we share our lives with each other through our photos. Some pages were about Disney, Paris or a cruise. Many were about those everyday moments that we have a tendency to forget over time. When someone is looking through and reading my book about me I want them to see those little daily moments that really makes me happy.

I choose this week's question because I want my children and my friends to see wha…

Fiskars Friday Not on Thursday!

By should know I don't ever do anything the normal way! I did get Fiskars Friday completed and uploaded. I wanted to learn myself how to use my Fiskars Fingertip Tweezers. I've had them awhile and it was about time I broke them out. They looked awkward, I thought "why did they turn them sideways," good grief!
I decided not to let this stand in my may of learning how to use my Fingertip Tweezers and learn the "whys" as I go along. This is a 9 minute segment of my last 2 plus hours of doing nothing but using my tweezers on my project.

This the the part of the BIGger project that I'm working on. The little space on the top corner is for something not yet ready!!!! I'm attending a Charity Crop tomorrow for the Harvest Hope Food Bank here in Columbia, South Carolina. Stacie Mandrell, owner of Scrappin' Creations and all around great Fiskateer, is holding this three day charity event in order to make our crafters aware of the needs that exsit d…

In Memory

The Michael Jackson I will always remember.....

Fiskars Friday will be up tomorrow evening.

Prayers for the the family and children of Michael Jackson.

Catch Up

I've had a fabulous week with Kathy at Scrapbook Creations, Spartanburg SC and at The Stamping Place, West Columbia, SC. Fiskars was the main topic of dicussion as I demonstrated the use of Fiskars tools. AND I met up with some Fiskateers. Yeah!! It was a really fabulous weekend (including Monday!).

We now have 10 new Certified Fiskars Demonstrators! Congratulations Crafters. We had several Fiskateers in the class and by the end of the day yesterday two became new Fiskateers. I'm overwhelmed with their excitement and the challenge of moving more class segments into sewing.
My darling husband had his birthday Sunday. He is now officially 50...just in case...I'm not 50! LOL We had a great time. Two of my sons pooled their resources and purchased a 42 inch wide screen television for him. He's been wanting one for several years now. The boys had set the television up in the wee hours of the morning. They woke me up with all the noise. I saw what they had done and it had a bi…

All About You in 52, Week 25

My 16 year old came into the studio and asked who had been messing with his X-box. I didn't know so he goes to his older brother and behold, yes he had done something with the game box. Jacob comes back and tells me about it. First thing I thought was the phrase "telling tales out of Kindergarten."
This week will be an opportunity to "tell tales" about your brothers, sisters or cousin, etc. I have one brother and one sister. Me and my brother were close when we were young. I was 10 years old when my sister was born, so it wasn't until she was older and I had gotten married that we started to know each other better. I do have tales on both of them. (This is the part my family freaks out as they read this...LOL)
My brother, Scott, has been a source of great family stories of his early years. There was a time period around kindergarten until about second grade that produced some of the funniest stories. One that I just now remembered and did not put in the journ…

It's Monday All Day

Fiskars Friday on Thursday, Rotary Cutter

One of the comments left on Debby's Dare was how could we use Fiskars Rotary Cutter doing something other than fabric. This is what I did with it. As I experimented and played with my Fiskars Rotary Cutter I realized how much I could do with it in paper crafting.

Go get your popcorn and watch Fiskars Friday on Thursday!

By the way, if you like what you saw or if it was helpful leave a comment. Do you have a Fiskars tool you want to to know how to use or another question that could be answered by Fiskars Friday on Thursday? Leave a comment and I'll do my best!
(My lines are not crooked, my camera is! It's 95 degrees out there and was melting my photos so I had to hurry taking photos of several layouts.)

The Random Winner of the Inspiration Dare is Tifany and her card. Tifany send me an email with your addy and add what you won to your email. Thanks and Congratulations.

Gratitude List
1. Husband willingly helping pull staples for an art project!
2. Good Friends
3. Wonderful children…

All About You in 52, Question 24

I have a 16 year old son. We were talking about when I was 16 or 17 what I liked to do, what was the language of the 70's and how did I survive childhood without a computer and a X-Box. LOL Well, son I survived just fine.
In the late 70's I remember my phone was connected to the wall and not in the least portable. Television was okay, but I didn't spend much time watching. When I could finally wear pants to school I kept them pulled up. You would never dare talk back to a teacher. (I did once and that's all it took.) We did not have video games, computer games, cell phones, PDAs, CDs, DVDs, or the player to go with them. There were 3 to 4 channels. ABC, CBS, NBC and Public television. Cartoons were only on Saturday and they ended at 12 noon. You did not need show ratings or have to put blocks on shows.
Being outside was fun, not a chore. Roller Skates not Roller Blades. No Skate Boards. Scooters were the fashion. We had the Presidents Physical Fitness Day once a year an…

Fiskars Friday on Thursday!

Wow, we've had thunder and lighting all afternoon and it is still not over with yet. We have a lull so I thought I'd take a moment to post FFOT. One thing about not having the computer I've been creating away!

I did a two for one this week. The Fiskars Border Punch, Sunburst. Some had asked about it and I want to show another way to use this punch. Also I'm still thinking through the Rotary cutter question. Give me a week or so and I'll come up with something different. I'm also sharing my four favorite Fiskars scissors that I use to scrapbook.

Enjoy, and if you found any of this helpful, please leave me a comment.

Fiskars Sunburst Border PunchDon't forget Debby's Dare on the INSPIRATION post! The RAK is for a Fiskars 12 Portable Paper Trimmer and a Craft Kit from Cosmos Cricket.This was one of my creative options this afternoon. I'm still working on learning how to bead. So this is my 2nd semi-successful attempt at beading. It looks nice, but it was s…

Fun Inspriation and Debby Dares You!

I found this on the front cover of a college recruiting brochure. I love the lettering. It's different and has great potential for papercrafting. So how does this inspire you?
Here's the DARE. Create a layout, card, altered item, etc. inspired by the above photo. Post your link in the comment section. I'll put your project in a slide show presentation here on Debby's Dare. UPDATE: Deadline is Next Wednesday and I'll annouce the winner on Fiskars Friday on Thursday! Are you up to the Dare?
Oh yes, the randomly drawn prize is a new Fiskars Portable Paper Trimmer! Have you never tried a Fiskar's Trimmer? Here's your chance to do it for free.
If you win a Fiskars PPT, don't you need paper to cut? How about a Crafting Kit from Comos Cricket to go with it!.

Do me a favor, share this with your friends. Thanks.
Have fun!
Gratitude List 1. rest 2. God's Peace 3. blessed with abundance of love 4. inspiration, by the Spirit of God 5. God never ending love for me

All ABout You in 52, Question 23

If you read my blog post earlier today you read about my time with my family Sunday. It was a real refresher for me. The day reminded me how much I get from family gatherings. To reconnect for day.

Family reunions are always important to my family. Usually 4th of July weekend we attend 3 reunions and my son goes to a fourth with a friend. The food is great, seeing family you only see once a year or more, sitting in the shade watching the kids play. That's a good southern reunion.

What ever your gathering, what type or specific time of family gathering refreshes you? It makes you feel good to hug to talk to laugh and to relax.

Questions 23

"What family gathering (either a specific time or in general) brings you the most joy or refreshment?"
My answer

Family reunions at Great Grandma’s house was full of adventure with swept yards and fun cousins. After Great Great died it was moved to Grandma’s home. Our reunion is a time to catch up, take pictures, morn those that hav…

Exotic Vacation

I went on an exotic vacation yesterday. The water was beautiful, my family was laughing, the chicken on the grill was so good. The weather was great. Not too hot, just right. I could have sat back in the chair and just breathed and relaxed for a week.

Yesterday my daughter threw a surprise birthday party for my husband. They have appointments out of town concerning their wedding so it was a little early. But it was fun and funny. David manning the grill....
Jacob waiting for the pool time ....

Adam and Vanessa...Adam watching his back because sister was sneaking up to push him in the pool!

Step one: Tabitha lights the candles.

Step two: Dad blows out the candles...
Step Three: Tabitha runs to the door to fan out the smoke from the candles...

Step Four: David runs to the sliding doors to let out the smoke...
Step Five: David is trying to keep the smoke alarm from going off.

I nearly fell in the floor laughing. Poor Jimmy. David and Tabitha told us the smoke alarm is very sensitive. But it…

Crop Cherokee

Saturday I was the special guest of some very special crafters in Gaffney, South Carolina. Joan Wood and Susan Moore, both Fiskateers and Certified Fiskars Demonstrators, held a crop to raise funds for the Senior Centers of Cherokee County.
I was totally blown away. It was wonderful! I enjoyed all my Fiska-Friends and I met a whole new bunch of croppy friends. Anna, our resident young lady, is so creative and loved doing different styles of CD projects. She really seem to take to distressing! She was also great at making Fiskars ribbon from the border punches.
Everyone at the crop walked away last night with BAGS of goodies. I'm still unpacking mine. Joan was very sweet to make and present me with a special key chain that says "I love Scrapbooking." Joan also was aware I was hosting a Christmas in July Charity Crop and gave us Christmas goodies for my giveaways. Her heart is so big. The Senior Center was the winner of the night. Joan and Susan raised funds to help the ce…

Fiskars Friday on Thursday

I had fun doing this project with Fiskars Border Corner Punch, A Tisket a Tasket. I actually found this technique in Scrapbook ect's May/June issue. You really should pick it up as it is chalk full of all sorts of Fiskars fun. It's fun and easy. Enjoy the tutorial.

Please leave a comment to let me know if you like the tutorial and learned a little something new. I need some suggestions for the next few Fiskars Fridays. Leave me a comment and I'll do my best to put it up just for you. Don't forget Simply Sudie has a giveaway and the deadline is Friday midnight EST. It is some cool stuff from Webster's Pages.

Here is the completed scrapbook page that I did with the lace borders. I LOVE IT!

Gratitude List
1. My son Jacob and all he has accomplished
2. My husband, who does so much for me
3. My heartfelt daughter who has a heart for all those that need a friend
4. My granddaughters and how they make me laugh
5. God's blessing with my family

unLayouts with unKit!

Let me toot, toot before I go on to my unLayouts. I was honored with Fiskars Sketch of the Month for May. It was one of my layouts I used in All About You in 52, but I patterned it after Fiskars Sketch for May. Thank you, Fiskars!!

unKit is a scrapbooking unkit that is similar to having a personal shopper. The owner of unKit or even a guest designer will choose many papers, embellishments, stamps, etc. unKit will have one or two themes of both color or manufactures.

When you order a pre-packaged kit, you get everything and a lot of things you do not want. With unKit everything is there for you to choose. If you want 3 pieces of cardstock, 2 yards of ribbon, 1 pack of buttons and so forth that's all you have to purchase. It's YOUR unKit. unKit also provides coupons that vary from a percentage off your order, item or free shipping. Yeah! I like the free shipping part myself.

So why not treat yourself to making your own choices for a kit! Visit unKit's site for the new June unKi…

All About You in 52, Week 22

This question put us over the hump and it's all coasting from here. Shannon's been on the move catching up, so I hope that means she's feeling better. Take a minute and check out Shannon's blog. I know all of you that have been involved in All About You in 52 are going to have a fabulous book and as with me maybe a little different for having to think through all these questions.

Advise: Everyone has some, no one takes it. At least not my advice. LOL Through the years I've sought out advise. There are at times that advice was life saving or altering. Some times that advice has been common sense for living life fuller. So who advised me about something that guides my life still? I have a book called "A Gift of Memories from Grandma." In that book the last question is "What advice do you have for me?" This has been a treasure to me since the time she wrote it for me.

The first photo in the layout is actually a photo of my Grandmother, my Great Grand…