All About You in 52, Question 24

I have a 16 year old son. We were talking about when I was 16 or 17 what I liked to do, what was the language of the 70's and how did I survive childhood without a computer and a X-Box. LOL Well, son I survived just fine.

In the late 70's I remember my phone was connected to the wall and not in the least portable. Television was okay, but I didn't spend much time watching. When I could finally wear pants to school I kept them pulled up. You would never dare talk back to a teacher. (I did once and that's all it took.) We did not have video games, computer games, cell phones, PDAs, CDs, DVDs, or the player to go with them. There were 3 to 4 channels. ABC, CBS, NBC and Public television. Cartoons were only on Saturday and they ended at 12 noon. You did not need show ratings or have to put blocks on shows.

Being outside was fun, not a chore. Roller Skates not Roller Blades. No Skate Boards. Scooters were the fashion. We had the Presidents Physical Fitness Day once a year and everyone participated. I stood at the back of the line hoping the bell would ring. LOL

As part of the family you worked around the house without an allowance. "You live here too!" Mine was often the kitchen and vacuuming shag carpet then raking it. LOL

Guess what? I did not fail to grow up fine without all they other things that my 16 year old has. I believe that we both have great imaginations. Just from different sources.


Pick a year. How are fashion and fads different for you from today?

Make this question what you want it to be.

My Answer


It was the latter half of the 70’s. Farrah Fawcett hairdos, jump suits, scarves and large glasses were some of the styles my senior year. I didn’t know about computers, cell phones, GPSs, video games, CDs and DVDs. Our biggest electronic thrill was having a cool stereo that would play cassette tapes. I found in my Senior Book a list of my hobbies. I laughed but saw, even then, I loved the crafts. My hobby activities were “Drawing, Taking Pictures, Motorcycle Riding, Collecting, Bowling, Skating, Piano Playing, Ping Pong and Tennis.” Too be honest I don’t remember doing all that. I was a big collector and made scrapbook pages from my collections. I still have many of my drawing. My dad was a big bowler. I loved that time with my dad. Skating was with me from when I would wear a skate key around my neck until Roller Blades came into fashion. Piano was my solace and my mom’s pride. Even then I pestered people to take photos! Did you notice? Mom did not play computer games or video games. I survived my young life just fine.

Pattern Paper: SEI Poppy collection
Numbers: American Craft Thickers, fabric (awesome)
Finishing Touches: Ranger's Distress Stickles, Flower Soft
Bottom Embellishment: Peace/Love created with Shrink Film
Tools: Fiskars Tear Ruler, Fiskars Mirco-Tip Scissors, Circut (letters)
Journaling: Grafix Adhesive Transparency
Winner was picked for week 23. I've sent you an email/pm for your address. If you would like to jump in on any of the layouts I would encourage you to do so. Any time you complete a layout with the journaling prompt and post a link to where it is uploaded on this post, you can be in the random drawing each week.

The theme of the crop on September 12/13 in Columbia, SC is...drum roll please....

(Note: this not a Fiskars event).

We have already reserved seats for 35 croppers and there is room for 15 more. Yeah!

Two requirements to attend the crop are you must be a Fiskateer and you must pay your crop fee of $30.00 before your seat is confirmed. If you would like to join the Fiskateers (great, great community) go to the front page of the Fiskateers site and they will show you how to join....even if you can't come to the crop, it's the greatest community ever.

What you get for your $30.00: meals, snacks, overnight stay (rooms) and a ton of fun in beautiful surroundings. It looks like everyone will have their own table and outlets are ever 6 feet. What better?

Shannon and I are excited to host this event and the developing plans are even exciting us to pieces!!! You can contact me with more questions or to start the registration process at

Gratitude List
1. beautiful days and cool evenings
2. God answering my prayer
3. Friends who trust me to pray for them
4. Trusting God to answer my prayers in a way that is best for my life
5. For God's Word: Psalm 19:14 "Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer."


  1. Hi there Debby.. love this journal prompt. i grew up in the 70s, was actually born in 1970... i had a lot of fun as a kid and loved being outside. =)how did we manage without cell phones and computers.. lol.. that paper you used is great too..

  2. yep, SEI's Poppy collection is awesome.

  3. Yes that paper is wonderful and look at you all hip and with it. . . funny how this younger generation cannot image how we lived without a phone or computer in our lives but we did! Debby I love your LO you rock.

  4. love those flowers!

  5. You are so right. Life was so much simpler back then, and that was ok. I love the challenge too!

  6. I always love reading your gratitude list, it's nice to see something positive every day!

  7. What a great layout, Debby! I love the journaling!!!

  8. That is such a great pp line. Love the flower cluster.

  9. Another fun and great question. Here is my LO:

  10. Hey Debby! If you'll jump over to my blog at you'll see there, 3 awards. The first is the Honest Scrap award, and since you are one of the most honest people I know, it's yours. All you have to do is make a list of 10 honest things about yourself. Then pass it on to 7 others. The next one is The I Truely Appreciate your blog support award, and pass it along to 7 others. Then the Lovely Blog award. I always appreciate your gratitude list! This one we're supposed to pass along to 15 people! I don't think I know 15 people. But I'm gonna give it a whirl! Have fun! Jess

  11. I finished my page but I must say I had to do some homework because it took me a while to figure out what was going on in life when I was sixteen!

  12. Here's my entry, from the year 1962. Because I was still a child I didn't write about fashion, but rather the images that came to mind as I looked at these photos.

  13. this question was perfect. I wanted to do something with Leah's challenge in Scrapbooks Etc so here's my attempt - and what do you know - I AM CAUGHT UP! woo hoo!

  14. Here's my layout for this week!

  15. Slowly chipping away...


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