It's a Zoo Out There!

My son and I went driving around, stopping to shop and to just have some fun. Here is our adventure at a local pet shop. The owners got into my videoing the critters and birds. I just caused a stir all away around.


Gratitude List
1. all creatures
2. God's unlimited creativity
3. pleasure of an afternoon of fun
4. smiles
5. Friendly people


  1. Poor meeces! No toys, only the largest can reach their water bottle in a way that they can drink from it (and even then it's a struggle), no wheels, no tubes, no hiding "houses" (vital for prey animals who are constantly stressed without places to hide--burying themselves in a thin layer of litter just doesn't cut it), and loads of males being kept together is a huge no-no. Male mice are strictly solitary in captivity. They are hard wired to attack and kill other males--not a matter of if they will, it's a matter of when. Even littermates will do this, and I won't describe how they kill to avoid disturbing readers here. Every male needs his own cage the size of the one they've overstuffed in the video. Mice are cheap, so pet stores often just pick out the dead ones in the morning and toss them in the trash. It's sad. Stores should not sell animals they cannot keep properly. At least the guinea pigs seemed to have a hiding spot and some room to play. Though if you do choose to get a pair, I'd love to talk to you about adopting from a rescue organization so you can get a well socialized, fully vetted pair. Shelters are full of healthy, friendly guinea pigs who get put down because there aren't enough homes. It's getting out of control.

    Back to the little ones, mice are sweet, friendly, and clever little animals. They should be treated as beloved pets, not cheap disposable merchandise. I've been "mom" to many of these beautiful, extremely delicate little creatures. I have hand fed mouse pups formula from the tip of a paintbrush and rank it as one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had, watching them grow from nickel-sized infants with skin so delicate you can see every organ inside to fuzzy little "hoppers" who imprint for life with an attachment that's surprisingly strong, to adults who remember your voice and scent and hop right into your palm for "mouse hugs" (being held with just their little head sticking out of your fist). Mice are truly underappreciated, but most of all, they deserve basic humane care instead of being treated like cheap, disposable merchandise. Poor babies. I hate to see that. Stores need to educate themselves about the needs of the species they carry, then fulfill those needs or stop selling them. Period.


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