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All About You in 52, Week 13

I can't believe I've done 13 layouts about me, my life, my feelings, my beliefs, etc. I don't know what it is going to feel like when I have 52 pages.

I was thinking about stories of my life I want my family to know and remember. This was just pure fun when I thought of this one.

Everyone remembers their First Kiss. Mine was too funny. Even my future husband's first kiss was an event to be remembered (maybe another page). Do you know your mother's first kiss? I know my grandmother's first kiss was my grandfather. She wrote it in her book to me. What fun to know this about my grandmother. I'll have to ask my mom, but she might not "Kiss and Tell."

So this week's question is:

"Who was Your First Kiss?"
Take the question and make it yours. Tell your story...don't get x-rated! LOL

Here's my answer:
(layout photo is not great, but when the sun is better I'll retake the photo)

My Journaling:
My First Kiss was a hit and run!
I was 10 or 1…

Fiska-Paper Chase Sunday

Reminder for those in All About You in 52...tomorrow is Monday!!!!!

Whew! I'm tired, but I had the time of my life. Yesterday was great. I loved the students at The Stamping Place, met friends at Hobby Lobby and demoed and did make-n-takes at the Scrappin' Creations Charity Crop for Soldiers. I loved loved loved.

Today I learned to put all the videos together into a 4 minute day. One video disappeared and it was my first stop. Michael's in the NE part of Columbia was open at 10 am, so to make the most of my day I was there about 11:00. The folks at Michael's were wonderful and I walked around talking to scrapbookers about crafting, giving out some Fiska-goodies and when asked a little opinion. I hope I have make some new friends there. They were awesome.

Second stop for for a cup of coffee while I was waiting for AC Moores to open. I went into BAM and was purchasing a cup of coffee, forgetting what I must look like in all orange, when the counter person asked me if I was…

Paper Chase South Carolina Style!

Angela Daniels, Lead Fiskateer, is on a quest called the NW Paper Chase. The purpose is to go to as may scrapbook stores within a given time and share Fiska-love. If you are the Washington State area be on the look out for a couple of very orange ladies and a very funky car!

I thought it would be cool to start my own Paper Chase here in SC. I got around to less than I wanted due to Tornado watches and tons of rain, but I'll be off again this morning to see how many I can get to AND to share some Fiska-love.

Here is my flip video version of my trip all over yesterday. Most are less than a minute and I'm still getting use to filming myself. LOL

BTW: I'm going to extend the DARE so that I can send TEN people Rain Dots. The catch is that you have to use part of them to make your Jewelry DARE! Email me at If you have Rain Dots for the Dare I ask you kindly not to request the Rain Dots. I just realized that many people would not have Rain Dots.

Okay hang on, h…

Fiskars Friday on Saturday????

Well, not really. I did issue a cool Dare using Fiskars Products and have a little tip on making Jewelry with your scrapbook supplies.

I'm off in about 15 minutes to do a mini Paper Chase here in the Columbia area. I was inspired by Angela and her Paper Chase. I'm going to do little videos as I stop along the way. Maybe catch up with a few Fiskateers too. I've loaded my Easter Fiska-Basket with Fiskars goodies. Kelly Jo I'm taking your RAK with me also with your card.

Since I'm on the run, enjoy the off beat video...explanations for missing out the last few days, tips, my favorite friends and Debby's Dare is all on this one. Enjoy and God bless you.

I forgot to tell you the RAK. What about a brand new Fiskars Boarder Punch IF we reach at least 20 participants. You create, get your friends to create and spread the word.

Gratitude List:
1. Feeling much better
2. God's strength
3. Breathing
4. Prayers
5. God's patience

Fiskars Friday Will Be on Friday!

So sorry, but I'll have it up in the morning. My son and I was trying some new camera moves and it did not work out. But it was fun to try.

I'll have the demo up Friday morning and SATURDAY I'm going to issue a DARE for a RAK. I'm lovin' it. Remember my clue? Button, Button who's got the Button?????

Here is one of my favorite layouts:

Gratitude List:1. My Daughter, who is the light of my life2. Rest and peace3. Friends who trust me to pray for them4. God who hears our every prayer and care5. God who guides our steps as we trust Him

Debby's Pick

I'm posting late. Wednesday is errand day for me and today I was at The Stamping Place in West Columbia putting together kits for my class on Saturday! Saw an awful lot of new Fiskars paper lines and the new Fiskars Starter Kits. They are totally awesome and just what I would recommend to a Fiskars starter!
I promised a photo. My husband doesn't "do" photos. I usually have my son take my photos for me, but he was busy eating. Not a redhead but a orange head. BTW: I had two people tell me today they really like it. My friends at AC Moores and me had a lot of laughs. It's okay I don't mind if you laugh. I feel special. LOL
Debby's Picks
I've been using Hambly Screen Prints for a while now but I had never searched out if they had a blog or not. Well, I found it about 2 weeks ago and talk about creative juices flowing. If you have a phobia about using transparencies this is the place to go. You have got to see the post that is up right now. A bouquet of flow…

All About You in 52, Week 12

Great journaling this past week. It was fun to read some of the memories you choose for you teenage moment and sad to read of the struggle that some had.

For those of you that are behind, you are not behind. Pick up from here, start again and you will find time for the rest at that next big crop or in the quiet of your house. I want to encourage everyone who started to finish well.

Several people have mention the word "Love" or "Romance" in wanting to do a page. How about a question that asks about real true love.

To this day (my father is passed) my father is and will always be my first and best love. If they were giving away Father of the Year awards when I was growing up he would be on top. Dad was all the time taking us wonderful places. Even when I was too small to remember I have the photos and the stories of Dad's adventures with me.

We traveled down the Rhine River, stood at the Berlin Wall and was there when President Kennedy spoke his famous speech. We vi…

I Goofed!

{All About You in 52, Week 11}
That is no joke. I finally went and got my hair cut yesterday. Little short, but not bad. I picked up a new "color" for my hair. It said "warm brown." The box showed "if your hair is this color then this is what is will turn out to look like." All the chooses showed different shades of a nice warm brown.
I will be wearing a hat until it is safe to come out. My youngest son very seriously jump and it was "Whoa." Adam walked by and said "mom, picked up the wrong color, huh?" Angela Daniels hair looks blond compared to my hair right now. I won't even look in the mirror. I'm just happily pretending it is Warm Brown. LOL When I get up the nerve I'll show you. (ps: I was looking for a photo of someone with red hair to compare it with...Fiskars orange is about the best comparison and I did not do it on purpose!)
I haven't been neglectful with my blog. I've just be busy with National Chocolate W…

Fiskars Friday on Thursday

It's uploading to YouTube so I should make it before Friday! LOL

Forgive me my friends because I made two videos because I wanted to show a lot of Fiskars tools and make an Easter project. We will make part one today then you can make part one and finish it with me next week. For next week bring your border punches, spring punches, any punches and vellum. Everything is springy.

I spent the day is contemplation. Ever do that? Sometimes we get to busy to look what is right in front of us. Towards the end of the day I picked up my camera and went outside to see if I could capture some signs of spring. I did a little bit.
Peach Tree Blooms...they began to bloom and the temperatures dropped. There will not be many peaches for me.

Our Potatoes are up and doing great! I can't wait!!
Cute as these are it means the season is here is do yard work! Just Found -- go Look: Marks Paper. I've been a fan on Facebook, but now they are giving away two of their brand new lines. I love love love …

All About You in 52, Week 11

My teens years were awkward, I was shy...don't laugh I really was very shy, I felt ugly and wanted people to like me. Does this not sound like a typical teenager? I wanted a moment in High School that I could call my own moment. I didn't make the cheerleading team. Whatever made me think to try out with this very shy person. Can you imagine me whispering "go Wildcats." LOL I tried for the debate team. Again where do I get these ideas. I was chosen to go to state. I threw up so much I could not go. Again, what was I thinking? I was thinking I need to be remembered. I put a lot of years into this school and I wanted something special for me. FHA Historian, boyfriends (not many), class representative for Student Council but it just didn't seem special.
I was determined to have a special moment. "What was your best Teenage Moment You Remember?"
Here is my answer:
Journaling WE'RE #1 Basketball Fever 1976 -1977
I was never athletic like mom. she was the star …

Debby's Picks..Hey, It's Never To Late

{Question 10} I was MIA most of yesterday. I got home about 1:30 am. Shannon and I were working at the Scrapbook Supply Store at their sneak preview of all the CHA items that has just arrived a day or two ago, along with more to come. It was a lot of fun introducing others for the first time to Fiskars punches. It it was really great that we had a bushel of Fiskateers, CFDs, and other friends...yes, you aBecky!!! It was like an all night party. Bonnie, CFD, made a tag book all about our CFD training. It was not only cute, but hilarious. Bonnie is so talented.
Mary Beth, Co-Owner of Scrapbook Supply Store doing Make -n- Takes that were beautiful.

I have to shout out a big big Thank YOU to Fiskareer, CFD Shannon. She is a dynamo who did not stop. After the crop I'll have to tell you what she is and had been doing. Thanks Shannon.

Debby's PicksI just recently discovered this blog over at Hambly Screen Prints. They make those wonderful transparencies. To me they are ticker and not so…

Fiskars Friday on Thursday

I'm sorry to have made you wait all day, but I was gone town to visit with a friend and it was a very meaningful to me. I did this is in two takes but the first was the best...I'll explain it on my video. You did miss me and Bailey barking at each other. LOL

Here is my layout I did for the last 6 Weeks of More Winter Challenge on the Fiskateers site by Kelly Jo. It has been fun but this is entry number 6. I wish she could keep it going. I know some of you ask do I do anything except Fiskars. Well, my Fiskars tools are important to me whether I'm doing something for a Fiskateer project or if I'm altering an item or even doing grungy work. You try it and it you can't make it work let me know in the comments section and I'll get to work on making sure you do know how to use the product. Okay???
Gratitude List:1. My dearest loves Hannah and Amber2. Good friends who can share and still love you3. Crazies that know the language of art and scrapbooking4. The armour …

Just Me

{Question 10} Just some bits and pieces here and there. Someone suggested that I can widen my center piece to my blog. So I'm going to give it a go a little later today. Thank You. I need to brighten up the blog for Spring. Also if anyone knows how to set my photos so you can click on them and they become larger...please let me know.
Okay...a photo of my new phone and the very clean phone has already been sent back to the company. It may look the same but the programing is much newer. It's been a task to figure it out, but I'm getting there. My poor baby all smashed. Then dent in the front is an exact negative of the gentleman's trailer hitch. But because of the impact the side of my bummer gave way and it broke it. Any one have a good body man? LOL I'll be in Greenville Friday night at the Scrapbook Supply store. If you are in the area stop by I'd love to see you. I should be there by 6:00 pm doing Fiskars demos and make-n-takes.
If you are local I'll be at Sc…

All About You in 52, Week 10

We are finally in double digits! All the layouts and journaling are awesome. Shelly I tried to leave a comment and it would not let me. But know I thought you journaling is great as well as your layout. I would encourage everyone to visit the different sites. I know some of you can not visit the Fiskateers Site, but there is a remedy to that join the Fiskateers! Fiskateers also send you a very special welcoming gift. Fiskateers do not tell what it is. LOL I've moved directions a bit, just to keep it fun. We've had several birthdays in my family in February. I got to thinking about all the birthday parities we had when my children were young. I thank that one of Tabitha's favorites is when we had all her friends at Pizza Hut. At the time I was working at a University in the music department. So we asked one the students to come and sing "Like a Screen Door on a Submarine." The best part was he could use a soup can to keep the rhythm and he did it in very creative …

Debby's Friday Pick

{About You in 52,Week 9}
{Fiskars Friday on Thursdays}
I was out and about all day long. So I'm late, but I'll be gone all day tomorrow so hopefully everyone can catch up.
Friday's Picks
If you want to be inspired go to Scrapbook Royalty. They scrapbook for different charitable organizations and some just out of need. I'm inspired by them to do a Christmas in July Crop where the only admission fee is a brand new toy for a child in need.
If you love flowers, gungeboard, and being inky all over visit Wendy Vecchi's blog Studio 490. Time and time again I am amazed at what she can do. She also works with Ranger and with Tim Holtz. Wendy is also on the Maya Road Design Team. Check out her schedule on the right hand side and see if she is offering a class near you. It is well worth it to go. I've taken one weekend's worth of classes and she coming again and I will be there. I was the first to sign up. LOL
Are you ready to be very inspired? Take a look at Making Memorie…

Fiskars Friday on Thursday

{All About You in 52, Week 9} OOO, when I watched the video I have morning hair. Well, you that come to my "home" often are like members of the family and know I'm a bit nuts. LOL I'm going to post a few pictures to help the video along and so you can see more details than I can show on my camera. This day I'm going to try try and answer the question "How do your cut using Fiskars Ultra Shape Xpress with Fiskars Templates and get a perfect cut...with out the 'hanging chad.'" It took me awhile to get it so it would work every time I cut. Tada, after 20 sheets of typing paper I figured it out. I'm so proud of myself that I didn't give up. Photos by Fiskateer Peg

Winner from the last Fiskars Friday on Thursday is BARB. Email me with your full name and address. Congratulations.

News News News....
Those attending the Fiskateer Crop in Greenville do you see on the top right hand side the growing sponsors. Wow! If you are not registered, you are a …

All About You, Week 9

Thank you everyone for your prayers and well wishes about my health. Doctor said I would live. LOL But I just need a bit of a vacation. So for the next week and half I'm scrapbooking, playing on the computer and cleaning house. He gave a few pills and said "if I see you again then I know it's not working." LOL Dr. Lyle is more than my doctor he is my friend and elder my church.
I wanted you to know our Angie S had a computer crash and is not back in All About You in 52. She is doing some amazing layouts (digi) and wonderful journaling. If you get a chance go to Much Ado About Nothing and check them out and leave comments on her layouts.
Mariah has been working hard on catching up. They are amazing. You have to be a Fiskateer to see her layouts.
If you have been frustrated at not being able to see the Fiskateers Layouts, you can join the Fiskateers and have access to the gallery. It is a painless procedure. Go to Fiskateers click on "how to join" read away. P…