Fiska-Paper Chase Sunday

Reminder for those in All About You in 52...tomorrow is Monday!!!!!

Whew! I'm tired, but I had the time of my life. Yesterday was great. I loved the students at The Stamping Place, met friends at Hobby Lobby and demoed and did make-n-takes at the Scrappin' Creations Charity Crop for Soldiers. I loved loved loved.

Today I learned to put all the videos together into a 4 minute day. One video disappeared and it was my first stop. Michael's in the NE part of Columbia was open at 10 am, so to make the most of my day I was there about 11:00. The folks at Michael's were wonderful and I walked around talking to scrapbookers about crafting, giving out some Fiska-goodies and when asked a little opinion. I hope I have make some new friends there. They were awesome.

Second stop for for a cup of coffee while I was waiting for AC Moores to open. I went into BAM and was purchasing a cup of coffee, forgetting what I must look like in all orange, when the counter person asked me if I was a hair dresser (well I knew better than that LOL). She saw all the Fiskars/Fiskateer pins I had on. But it did open the door to a conversation about crafting and scrapbooking. Her and her friend both scrapbook. So back to the car to pick up my Fiska-Basket to pass out some Fiska-goodies. I counting it. Where else do you go for scrapbook books/magazines???

AC Moores opened and I had a great time there. I was helping to look for a refrigerator, a TV (I found) and a volcano for a school project. It was fun and I talked to several papercrafters about crafting in general and shared some Fiska-goodies.

Another Michael's was the next stop where I saw Lannie first off the bat. Michael's was generous and allowed me to wonder around the scrapbooking section giving away Fiska-goodies. I was able to talk to two teenagers who were great. One was working making cards and the other loves to do wood burning and both were there to get crafty. I enjoyed our conversation very much.
Last, was my trip to Georgia and to JoAnn's. Most there knew me and told me to share away. I started in the scrapbook area and met a teacher. Whe was working on a class project. I explained the recent events of Fiskars children's scissors. I demo'ed a few Fiskars corner punches for a person working on wedding invitations for a friend. I loved the sewing section. Of course I had to pick up some goodies and while I was in line to have some cloth cut I some how drew attention to my orange self. So we had about 10 ladies in line talking sewing, Fiskars and more sewing. I had sew much FUN!

This was a last minute decision to do these two days. I woke up Saturday morning realizing I was already going several places so why not a Paper Chase? My husband helped me get my goodies ready while I got packed up. Today both my boys were tying orange ribbon on RAKs. I have to tell you I think I made a few friends along my journey these past few days. What fun it is to be a Fiskateer.

1. I'm alive
2. New Friends
3. Friends who helped me out being on the phone with me on the long parts of the trip.
4. God's certain protection
5. God placing people in my life that add to who I am.


  1. Yep, I actually got the paisley idea from
    And I altered my demo card to use the edgers around my leaf like you suggested.

    Hey, on the last post at the Stamping Place class, what were the mats that all the students were working on?

  2. The Around the Corner Border punch from Fiskars with Kimberely Poloson's line of paper. Cut your photo mat 6 x 8 for a 5 x 7 mat and you can put one picture in or as many as you want. Cool huh?


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