All About You in 52, Week 12

Great journaling this past week. It was fun to read some of the memories you choose for you teenage moment and sad to read of the struggle that some had.

For those of you that are behind, you are not behind. Pick up from here, start again and you will find time for the rest at that next big crop or in the quiet of your house. I want to encourage everyone who started to finish well.

Several people have mention the word "Love" or "Romance" in wanting to do a page. How about a question that asks about real true love.

To this day (my father is passed) my father is and will always be my first and best love. If they were giving away Father of the Year awards when I was growing up he would be on top. Dad was all the time taking us wonderful places. Even when I was too small to remember I have the photos and the stories of Dad's adventures with me.

We traveled down the Rhine River, stood at the Berlin Wall and was there when President Kennedy spoke his famous speech. We visited the Black Forest, went for drives through out Germany. When the craft man would come around to our park Dad always gave me a dime to go make a bookmark or some other little craft.

We explored Maine and laughed at Mom's fears of snakes as my brother would bring home a handful of garden snakes. When I cried Dad was there for me. When I married Dad cried.

When Tabitha was born he would be so upset at the pain I was going through. I remember asking Dad to take me home and let's to this another day, to which he laughed and made me laugh.

Dad is and will always be my first and best love.

Who was your very first love?
My answer:


My earliest memory of feeling warm and safe is from in father’s arms. Dad was the best looking man, a fun dad who took us many places, a dad who would cook Saturday breakfast for us. My dad would be my fan in my neighborhood plays. Dad always took pride in his little girl. I can tell by all the photos he took. The hardest day of Dad’s life is when he took me by the arm to give me away to another love. Before we walked into the church Dad said, “If you want to go home, we can.” We both cried as we walked down the aisle. My greatest memory is when he held his first grandchild. His look was of so much love and pride. It was the way he looked at me.


Pattern Paper: Kaiser Kraft
Title: Fiskars Lil' Davis and Heidi Grace
Butterflies: Studio 490 Stamps, Grungeboard, Stickles, Distress Ink, and Making Memories pins
Embellishments: buttons, Bag O' Buttons; clips, Making Memories, ribbon, American Craft
Journaling Block: Making Memories

Winner this week of All About You Challenge is Marla. Congratulations Marla! Send me your snail mail and I will send your very beautiful journal. Except for my Fiskateer NCW RAKS I've mailed out all Debby's Dare RAKs. For those who have been waiting start watching. Could you guys give me insight on the journals I have sent? Let me know if you like them or if you want to switch back to scrappy items. Send it to me in an email please.

Recommendations About Journaling

Saturday as part of Debby's Picks: fun RAK for everyone! Hint: Button, Button who's got the button? hmmmmm.
Gratitude List
1. Time spent with my beautiful Ashley
2. Strength that I've always seen in my son, Adam
3. Great Loves and Lost Loves
4. God's greatest Love
5. God's never ending, always forgiving, will not leave LOVE.


  1. Oh this is a great question!
    I am finally back from vacation, and looking forward to getting back on track and caught up. I have really missed doing these!
    By the way Debby, my Journal was here waiting for me when I got's beautiful! Thank you so much!

  2. Well that just made me cry. . . so very sweet and perfect.

    Well. this weeks will be easier because we all have first loves and it will be fun to see who everyones is.

    Thanks so much for doing this it has not always been easy but it has been truthful and healing for me.

  3. Fabulous journaling! Love all of your All About You ideas!

  4. Wonderful story Debby and such a lovely layout.

  5. Debby, I just adore this dare. Also, you and your son are in my thoughts and prayers, right now! {{{{HUGS}}}

  6. Hey Debby, you look a lot lik your Dad! I didn't do last weeks challenge. I just couldn't come up with an answer! So I hope to get an answer with this one.

    Hey don't worry about the hair color. It's only protein, it will grow out, and you can always re-color it! Just make sure it's the right color when you mix the two of them! Take care

  7. I got mine done and posted.

  8. .. sorry Debby I goofed somewhere, I finally figured out what to do.Mariah #2457


  9. Finally I am scrapping this week done and week 6 too...

  10. Finished! I think this is the first time I featured my Dad in a LO - it's about time!

  11. Here is my week 12 page...

  12. Here is my week 12 - I wasnt into boys as a young girl but i loved my cats.

  13. slowly but surely. wow - I haven't thought about this guy for quite a long time, but way back when he was all I thought about- life is funny. Here's my 1st love LO

  14. Well, I had to skip # 11 for now but I'll come back to it! Here is #12:

  15. I'm super late on this one, but here it is:

    I'm trying to get caught up...I did another just the other day, but I cleaned up my work area and guess what...can't find it! It'll turn up, in the mean time, I'm working on more!


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