All About You in 52, Week 13

I can't believe I've done 13 layouts about me, my life, my feelings, my beliefs, etc. I don't know what it is going to feel like when I have 52 pages.

I was thinking about stories of my life I want my family to know and remember. This was just pure fun when I thought of this one.

Everyone remembers their First Kiss. Mine was too funny. Even my future husband's first kiss was an event to be remembered (maybe another page). Do you know your mother's first kiss? I know my grandmother's first kiss was my grandfather. She wrote it in her book to me. What fun to know this about my grandmother. I'll have to ask my mom, but she might not "Kiss and Tell."

So this week's question is:

"Who was Your First Kiss?"

Take the question and make it yours. Tell your story...don't get x-rated! LOL

Here's my answer:
(layout photo is not great, but when the sun is better I'll retake the photo)

My Journaling:
My First Kiss was a hit and run!
I was 10 or 11.
Some of my military friends
were bicycling off base.
The girls were just Laughing and Giggling.
One of the boys, showing off,
Kissed me.
Then bicycled off.
Shock! My First Kiss.
I don’t remember his name.
Not much of an impression!!

Pattern Paper: K & Co, Basic Grey
Ribbon: Basic Grey
Bling: Prima
Letter: Heidi Swapp
Stamp: Studio 490 (on letters)
Other embellishments: pin, brads - K & Co; buttons-Bag o' Buttons
Fiskars Paper Crimper

Fun Stuff!

Winner for this week's All About You in 52 is Michelle! Congratulations Michelle, you know the drill!

RAIN DOT RAK will be due by not this Thursday but the following Fiskars Friday on Thursday.

Great job to all those who are working hard on learning their Fiskars tools, for challenging me to learn more about them, for those who pick up Debby's Dares and goes for it. You are great. Love you all. (Yes, I'm still working on the BIG DARE!)

Gratitude List:
1. Bailey Bailey
2. Sunshine
3. Peace that fills my heart
4. New Friends
5. God's guiding of my heart and life today.


  1. What a neat thing to write about!!! Mine was in a bowling alley...LOL! 7th grade, and he did NOT know how to kiss. I may just have to try this challenge. Very fun!!!

  2. Had to hop over and see what this 52 thing was. Great idea. I'm doing a enc. of me so it would be 26 pages -one for each alpha. Love your graditude list each week.

  3. Hey Debby! Loved your paper chase! I haven't finished last weeks challenge, but it's started. The page is done all but the journaling. Since the journaling is fairly large I have decided to do it on my computer but I'm out of ink so it'll have to wait.

  4. All of these about me challenges are so awesome! I definitely need to invest more time in a Book of Me.

  5. Here is my layout for week 13 -

  6. Anonymous11:12 PM

    ... here is my link to week 13 Debby... I hope I didn't dissappoint you .. but I really can't remember..Mariah

  7. Here is my page for this week:

  8. Looks like I'm going to skip this week's challenge - it wasn't something I want to scrap. But I'm looking forward to seeing what we have next week!

  9. here is my LO for this question...

  10. I'm on a roll, two pages in one day! Maybe I'll do another...


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