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I'm posting late. Wednesday is errand day for me and today I was at The Stamping Place in West Columbia putting together kits for my class on Saturday! Saw an awful lot of new Fiskars paper lines and the new Fiskars Starter Kits. They are totally awesome and just what I would recommend to a Fiskars starter!

I promised a photo. My husband doesn't "do" photos. I usually have my son take my photos for me, but he was busy eating. Not a redhead but a orange head. BTW: I had two people tell me today they really like it. My friends at AC Moores and me had a lot of laughs. It's okay I don't mind if you laugh. I feel special. LOL

Debby's Picks

I've been using Hambly Screen Prints for a while now but I had never searched out if they had a blog or not. Well, I found it about 2 weeks ago and talk about creative juices flowing. If you have a phobia about using transparencies this is the place to go. You have got to see the post that is up right now. A bouquet of flowers from Hambly Screen Prints. It is so creative. Go run and have some fun at Hambly Screen Prints blog.

This is a personal and inspirational blog. Danielle Wycough is thoroughly creative. Here is a description of her blog by her: "
"First, I am a Christian. A wife to the most amazing, handsome, godly man. A mother to 5 healthy, wonderfully created children. I have led a scrapbook Bible study for our church, and now leading one online. I love that I can incorporate my passion for my Lord with my passion for scrapbooking. I love the life that He has given us, and there is only word for what I am....Blessed!"
Her blog is called Life, One Layout at a Time. Take time to read and go through her blog. It is totally awesome.

Lifetime Moments is an awesome site. My friend and once fellow design team member works with Lifetime Moments. The site is the whole package. But check out the inspiration in the gallery. If you see my friend her name is Melissa in SC. I believe it is worth some time to go through and be inspired.

Okay Folks, those are my Picks and I'm Sticking to It!!

Fiskars Friday on Thursday will be later in the day tomorrow because I have to go do some Fiskars (CFD) things tomorrow!!!

Gratitude List:
1. Unexpected gifts
2. Unexpected love
3. Unexpected laughter
4. Unexpected moments today
5. God's plan for my life and each day that brings the unexpected.


  1. Ok Debby, if you were smiling I would say I love your hair. I honestly would not be upset with that hair color.

  2. I do not think the color is that bad just not good for you. . .it will grow out hang in there.

  3. aww, it's not that bad. Hey, I love that shirt!

  4. Looks like a happy accident to me. I like it!!

  5. Hey Debby! Theres nothing wrong with having Fiskars hair is there? I like it, it is a little lighter than usual, but it's still ok. My son had that color hair when he was a kid. It's a lot darker now. TFS

  6. lol! love it. and off to read your recommendations. love your gratitude list. i keep saying i need to do that and sadly it drops by the wayside.

  7. LOL - I'm loving the sign :)


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