All About You in 52, Week 10

We are finally in double digits! All the layouts and journaling are awesome. Shelly I tried to leave a comment and it would not let me. But know I thought you journaling is great as well as your layout. I would encourage everyone to visit the different sites. I know some of you can not visit the Fiskateers Site, but there is a remedy to that join the Fiskateers! Fiskateers also send you a very special welcoming gift. Fiskateers do not tell what it is. LOL
I've moved directions a bit, just to keep it fun. We've had several birthdays in my family in February. I got to thinking about all the birthday parities we had when my children were young. I thank that one of Tabitha's favorites is when we had all her friends at Pizza Hut. At the time I was working at a University in the music department. So we asked one the students to come and sing "Like a Screen Door on a Submarine." The best part was he could use a soup can to keep the rhythm and he did it in very creative way. Every one's eyes were on him and Tabitha. What a fun memory.
Adam we had a friend dress up like a clown and come to the party giving away candies to all the children (he was about 3). All his friends were having a blast. WOW!
William's birthday party we held at the events room of the college I was attending. We decorate the place up and had so may children it was awesome. We played sit on your balloon and make it pop, of course we had to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey. I remember all the people can just because it was my William.
I have many more memories of their birthday. Birthdays and how we celebrate them are important to our memories. I remember the sad birthdays and well as the happy ones. So the question this week is
Question 10
What was your very favorite birthday?
This is my answer.

{I had forgot to put the clip back on after inserting my tag}

Jouranling reads

Happy Birthday Debbie

I did not see my aunts & uncles on Dad’s side of the family much. My cousin Larry & I had birthdays on the same day. The family rallied together, made two cakes, invited the whole family over. I remember sitting there amazed at all the people & they brought birthday gifts! After much ado I sat on Aunt Mary’s feather bed counting my presents. I loved being with my family. Over 40 years now & I remember all the fuzzy feelings.


Pattern Paper by Moxxie
Butterflies from Worldwin's Rouche line and Fiskars limited edition squeeze punch.
Stickles by Ranger Inks
Clip by Lil' Davis
Ribbon Heidi Grace
Border Punch Fiskars Apron Lace
Transparency ?
Butterfly bling K & Co.
Photo adjustments from PSE 7
Fiskars Squeeze punch " Chip off the Ole' Block (which is great at making tag corners)
Scissors Fiskars Mirco Tip

So on your mark, get ready, GO!

I still encourage anyone who wants to jump in to do so. There is no being behind, it just starting from here. Oh, Winner from Week 9 is ANGIE. For awhile I'm giving away special journals. That way when the thoughts hit you, you have something ready to write it down. I'm trying to pick out the fun and artsy ones. Congratulations Angie...don't send me your snail mail, just send a date we can meet for coffee and I'll bring it with me.

Sneak Peek for tomorrow: photos of my poor car and poor phone. It was a sad week last week. I know this week is going to be better. I have three demos planned and I'm excited to be off vacation.

Gratitude List:
1. God who speaks to my hearts
2. Remembering to look at the perspective of God in His relationship with me
3. Our new Pastor Clay
4. Bob and Daryl getting me through a bad spot.
5. The gift of God of giving me sisters in the women's Bible Study.
PS I'm seriously thinking of moving to TypePad as there is nothing I can do to straighten out the spacing in my blog.


  1. Straighten out the spacing on your blog??? It looks fine to me. But then I'm a bit crooked anyway! lol Just don't move and not leave a forwarding address! lol This question turns ou to be the easiest yet. As soon as I read it, the memory popped into my head. So I'll be working on two lo's this week! Thanks for all you do for us. I love your teaching videos. I watch them all!

  2. Can it be a family member's birthday, or should it be your own?

  3. How funny that you mentioned spacing, because I just did this to my blog today. :o) There are a lot of different places out there on the web that teaches you how to do it, thankfully!

    I just Googled "blogger change width of columns". The tutorial that I ended up using is:

    Worked great! HTH!

  4. Debby this is a great page love the butterflies now I am off to work on mine. . . week 10 already.

  5. Here is my week 10 entry

  6. Week 10 done. . . only 42 left to go but who is counting?

  7. Here is my week 10 LO!! A great question and one that brought good memories!!

  8. Ok I've finally got weeks 9 and 10 done. Then I had trouble witht he camera, then with loading them into the puter...Boy what a pain this has been! But they are finally done and are on my blog for all to see. And it's monday, so a new week begins. lol Have a lovely week!

  9. Well, I didn't get this one done in time....just couldn't decide what to do. Maybe this week will be better. I'll back up and do week 10 when I get inspired.


    while this wasn't a specific birthday - by making me these cakes, my aunt made every birthday a special one

  11. Here's mine! (finally!)

  12. Finally got one done. Late but it is done.

  13. Another late one, but finally here!


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