All About You in 52, Week 11

My teens years were awkward, I was shy...don't laugh I really was very shy, I felt ugly and wanted people to like me. Does this not sound like a typical teenager? I wanted a moment in High School that I could call my own moment. I didn't make the cheerleading team. Whatever made me think to try out with this very shy person. Can you imagine me whispering "go Wildcats." LOL I tried for the debate team. Again where do I get these ideas. I was chosen to go to state. I threw up so much I could not go. Again, what was I thinking? I was thinking I need to be remembered. I put a lot of years into this school and I wanted something special for me. FHA Historian, boyfriends (not many), class representative for Student Council but it just didn't seem special.

I was determined to have a special moment.
"What was your best Teenage Moment You Remember?"

Here is my answer:

WE'RE #1
Basketball Fever 1976 -1977

I was never athletic like mom. she was the star on her high school teams. 1976 Bethlehem started a girls team. I was dating a Basketball player who spent weeks teaching me the game to shoot, free throw, what defense moves to make and how to protect the ball. At least 50 girls went out for the team.

I would never believe I could make it. I did, I did! One downside I wrenched my knee right before the season stared, but I was ready to go by the second game. The most famous shot I make was a hook shot! I loved being on the BHS Girls Basketball team.


Pattern Paper: Lux Designs
Cardstock: Worldwin Double Mates
Embellishments: Cloud9 Rain Dots
Rub-ons: Making Memories, Heidi
Title: Thickers Foam
Journaling blocks: Technique Tuesday
Ink: Stazon, Tim Holtz's Distress Ink Marmalade and Corduroy
Winner from Week 10 is Sondra! Congratulations Sondra. I'll be seeing you next week and I'll bring your special journal with me. Hurray!!

Join in, leave a comment in this original thread and post your link to where you have your layout. It is never to late. Many of you are Fiskateers. You are welcome to join us in seeing all these layouts and many more inspiration creations email me at and I tell you the secret of getting in!!!

Jacob went to his first Military Ball and he would not allow me in with the camera. LOL I'm losing my model. LOL He did let me take a few photos before he left.
He's my handsome man.
Gratitude List:
1. Sleep and lots of it.
2. Rainy Days and that bring a peace
3. continuing to see God perspective on situations in my life
4. to recount my moments and days that my motives are good
5. My Father's hand clinging to mine.


  1. Great ? Debby!! I love when I read the question and a memory POPS into my head right away. I will get cracking on this tonight or tomorrow because I am headed for sunny Florida on Wed.

  2. Well I can already see that this will indeed by a challenge for me to come up with my best teenage moment.. . .. Love your basketball outfit oh the things we wore.

    You son is truly handsome and some places Mom's and camera should not go. LOL or at least that is what they think.

  3. I never knew that about you! I tried out for basketball in high school, I did NOT make it! LOL! I did find out a few years ago that my GRANDMOTHER was the captain of her high school basketball team!

  4. wow, this is so much easier to read!

  5. Anonymous1:08 PM

    I love that idea, and, boy, did I ever feel that way, too!!!

  6. Happy St. Patrick's Day

    You sure do have a handsome son!

    Have a great day & thanks for sharing

  7. Well here is my LO for the week:

  8. Great story. I love how your challenges get me thinking. :)

  9. Anonymous9:08 AM

    just love that number (20)...was my dad's race car number, my daughter's softball number and my son's baseball number!!

  10. Hey Debby! I love the new look! Im off to shop!

  11. what a proud mom! he's so cute! I bet he's a total sweetheart too!

    my best teenage moment? got to think on that one...I was such a gawkey tom boy

  12. I got my page done this week was a tough one for me I had to figure what to do with it.

    I am realizing how few pictures I have of me when I was growing up.

    You ca n find it here:

  13. Well, this week is done - still have to back up and do last weeks..

  14. ok, here is my week 11...

  15. here is week 11.. Mariah.#2457

  16. I am getting caught up - better late than never. this was a fun question! Here's my fun times-loved those band trips!!!

  17. Teenage life was a kind of hell for me so I was surprised to need two layouts to cover my best teenage moment. I don't know the exact moment that was the best, but I know it happened in one of two places. This layout shows the first. Hopefully you can read the journaling. (Don't you just love my fellow artist and his see-food?)

  18. Yep, and here's part two: Happy Saturday!

  19. Here's mine!! Better late than never!

  20. 'Better late than never' Hah! That's true! Here's mine:


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