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I'm so Excited, I just can't Stand it!

Breaking all the Rules This is our children and grandchildren! Yes, we are sticking out our tongue and we are sitting on the back of the couch...are there couch police around?? I don't think so! LOL

Why? Because it is almost 2009 and things become new. New products in the papercrafting world. New to start again on that goal you set for last year that didn't make it. New projects, new friends, new events, new challenges...AGHHH. I feel like jumping up and down so excitedly. Well, I am...but it's hard to type at the same time!!!!!

Reminder about the "All About You in 52" weekly challenge. Sign up by sending your name and address to Your information does not leave my computer. It's for mailing RAKs or giveaways for challenges. To find out more go down one post. check to the right to see if your name is on the list. If you have emailed me but it is not on the list...try again.

I want to do a fab RAK and I'm blaming Angela Daniels from Fisk…

All About YOU in 52!

Fiskars Friday took a break this week. LOL I thought I could keep up, but alas I could not. Christmas this year has been a whirlwind of love and excitement. I already have a project partially completed for Fiskars Friday on we will be good to go before the New Year!

Left over Christmas Fun. Santa brought me an Orange Flip video. Christmas day was a day of learning how it works. When I went back to look over the videos...this one is a keeper. Short story. Mr. Squirrel decided to take a stroll. instead of picking up his feet, he dragged them along. Well, Mr. Squirrel was walking along the power lines and when one foot did not lift from one line before touching the other line. Mr. Squirrel is no more. :{ Mr. Squirrel's untimely demise blew up our transformer and left us without electricity and with my Christmas breakfast in the oven. LOL The funniest part is that all of Jay's Christmas presents (15 year old) were electric. In his words "this sucks." LOL LOL

My Local Crafting Family

I'm very privileged to announce that I will be teaching at The Stamping Place in West Columbia, SC. This is a Fiskars Preferred Dealer, which excites this CFD and Fiskateer. I will eventually be doing demos and other projects as I get my feet wet at The Stamping Place. Although my first class will feature Basic Grey, expect to see a sneak or two of Fiskars tools. My first class will be January 17th. I'm looking forward to working with Barb Diamond and Judy Onos and all the teachers and designers for The Stamping Place.

Barb, Judy and Boush (my shorten name for him). Barb's baby is my singing partner!!
This is part of my AC Moores family. Several people were not around today, but I'll catch them for a Happy New Year. I teach classes and do demos for Fiskars at the Columbia, SC AC Moores. Over the course of nearly a year they have become my family. These are the greatest people to "work" with. They've made me a special part of AC Moores and I am blessed becau…

For the Brrrrrr Club!

I feel so bad for all of you that are buried in snow right now. Our weather here has finally dropped. When I got up this morning it was 22 degrees (F). That's cold for South Carolina. I feel so bad for those snuggling by the fireside, drinking hot chocolate, snuggling with their loved one. I feel so bad for those sledding, ice skating, making a snowman, having snowball fights. What about that snow fort, snow cream, licking icicles....I feel so bad! {I do pray for those to whom these storms have caused electrical outages, the homeless, those that are stranded, those who can not get their flight out. }
I sat up last night making this in honor of all you that are snowed in and in hopes that we get a little White Christmas. I will announce the winner of the RAK on Fiskars Friday. You still have time to help get the word out...a little extra if I meet my secret goal. Go down one post to read about Debby's Dare and the RAK. Idea! Give yourself a Great Free Christmas Present...Join Fis…

Fiskars Friday on Friday***UPDATE***

What ya' know! With Christmas happenings it has been extraordinarily busy. Getting a project together and videoed (with me it takes a long time.) I really like to talk. Enjoy the project, more importantly I hope you pick up some new ideas you can do with your boarder punch and Lil' Davis Glitter Glaze (cool stuff).

Okay, on to Debby's Dare. I showed you a bit of Debby's Dare prize. These are to die for. I purchased two. One for me and one for you. But I'm going back today to get a few more. These are Cloud 9's Transparency Pads. I LOVE IT.

So here is the DARE. Place a link to Debby's Dare on your blog or site, leave a comment here with your blog address and you will be entered. The more the merry. Because if I hit my secret goal, I will add some BRAND NEW Cloud Nine Valentine paper with it. If you do not have a blog, just add yourself to my followers group over to the right. Simple? Go forth and have some fun. I'm telling you these transparencies are to d…

Good Ole' Fun

The season is busy busy busy. But I thought just some good ole' fun would be great. I found this on Black Belting Scrapping's Blog. Try copy it to your blog and see how many movies you have seen. Post your numbers in the comment section. BTW: some of these films I watch only because on of my boys pushed me into it. LOL

"Supposedly, if you've seen over 85 movies, you're supposed to be in need of a real life... Who decides these things? Here's a list going around of 239 random films that have a broad appeal. How many have you seen?"

( ) Rocky Horror Picture Show
(x) Grease
(x) Pirates of the Caribbean
(x) Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest
( ) Boondock Saints
( ) Fight Club
(x) Starsky and Hutch
(x) Neverending Story
(x) Blazing Saddles
( ) Airplane
Total: 6

(x) The Princess Bride
( ) Anchorman
( ) Napoleon Dynamite
( ) Labyrinth
( ) Saw
( ) Saw II
() White Noise
() White Oleander
(x) Anger Management
(x) 50 First Dates
(x) The Princess Diaries
(x) The Prince…

Sorry Logitech

but I think I'll keep this one!

Fiska-Friendzies 2008

I did help Jacob's with his homework. I love that guy so much. He keeps me laughing.

Gratitude List:
1. MaryNSC
2. Sense of Humor
3. God's given love for crafting
4. Our Creator
5. My Heavenly Father's care, concern and love for me.

I'm Full of Good News

As I was thinking about today's blog post I am remembering all my blessings and they seem to keep multiplying. So today's post is about Blessings with a few other items thrown in.

First I won the 12 day of Christmas Tag over at Tim Holtz's Blog. Look at what I won:

I nearly gave myself a heart attack when I saw my post very first on the list. What a blessing from Tim Holtz. The tags are still up. Tim has given permission for any one to download these tags and teach them in classes. Way to go Tim.

Okay, more blessings. I've known this one for a little bit but I was saving it for a special occasion to tell. Sommerset Memorieswill be publishing one of my canvas called "the boys" in their summer issue. Oh, you can know there will be a great Dare then. This is one of my resolutions this year and Sommerset Memories is my favorite of all time magazines.

More blessings. Fiskateer Betsy became a personal shopper for me at the Fiskars Warehouse sell. I sent her some money …

Well, It's About Time

I tried another video. I was up all night trying to get this project in under 10 minutes. With my new computer I haven't figured out how to edit yet. BUT Fiskars Prevails!

Fiskars Friday on Thursday (granted it late Thursday...LOL)
I'm using Fiskars USX Tag and Square Templates, Fiskars embossing stylist, Fiskars High Density Pigment Ink, Lil' Davis and Heidi Grace Stamps, and Cloud 9 Christmas Joy paper line. I also added some Christmas flowers from Prima.

Michelle's Fiskars Friday as a grea RAK. See it here Calling all Fiskateers for Fiska-Link Friday!!! Everyone has a chance to win! If you are not a Fiskateer, Michelle gives you insight about that too. Check out Fiskateer Kathy's Fiskars Friday 12/12/08 Holiday Gift Tag
The winner of the last RAK has her chose in which gift she wants (see related blog post). Debby's Dare Winner is ~GRACE~ Congratulations Grace. Grace is from forum so give her a round of applause. Grace we are a lot of Fiskateers here.…

O Tannebaum...well not

I'm still trying to get my new computer up and running. Although it is a "better" computer it is taking a long time to upload my video. *** Update *** I'm still trying to get a Video Tour of my Christmas Tree to work. So in the meantime.....

Go to Crazy Cricut to see some Christmas Party photos. Here are some links to the videos MaryNSC made during the party.

Southern Scrapbooking
Fiskateer Games
Holly's Make-n-Take (very cool)

Here are a few links with some cool crafting going on:

Ink Stains with Roni (a fiskateer I might add) Roni's work it awesome and I was privileged to meet her at CHA summer.

Leah's Desktop Dictionary is Rockin the House with their every Friday Christmas video. Leah, Donna and Johanna all are fun to watch and make some pretty outstanding projects. You will be laughing in awe!!

Making Memories is doing a giveaway everyday I believe just this week on their blog.

Paper Crazy is creating some really yummy Christmas projects.

Don't forge…

Bitter Sweet Days

Note: if you would like to enter the Christmas Tree Ornament RAK click here to see the post. Deadline is this Thursday before I post Fiskars Friday on Thursday for this week.

Yesterday and Today are bittersweet.

Let's get the bitter over with. The trojan combined with the "fix" totally crashed my computer beyond repair or recovery. You can't believe how horrible I feel right now. All my documents were saved to a jump drive so I'm cool there. But I've lost some really good programs and ALL my bookmarked sites. I had also just backed up all my photos. I'm very bummed about it. Unless someone here has some great connections to a computer company I'm going to have to go see about buying one today. Financially, this is probably not the greatest time of the year for this. Bitter.......

One the other hand I went to a sweet, fab and rockin' Fiskateers Christmas Party being held by Fiskateer Legend Holly. If you are ever in the NC or SC area you…


Just a quick update. I have that very nasty Trojan from FACEBOOK. The rule right now is don't open anything from Facebook. I just joined about 2 days ago and now my computer has crashed. I wonder if someone is trying to tell me something.

Regardless, I'm going to be gone most of the day tomorrow, but I wanted to encourage you to make your ornament and post it to the slide show. If you have problems, either post the link in the comments section or email me at I'm working off my poor son's computer and he's not a happy camper. LOL

Have fun and surprise me with what you create! Pass the word out for me, okay? Thanks

Fiskars Friday on Thursday

No video today. I'm having to send my webcam back to the company. It is a hardware problem with their camera. But they have ... Logitech...have been great about staying up with me to help.
I've been making these little Christmas Tree Ornaments for a week or two. They are easy and you can design them just about anyway you want to.
Christmas Tree Ornament Fiskars Style

Using your Ultra shapexpress cut out 6 3 x 3 squares with your square templates.

Using your stylist tool and the 2 x 2 square of your template lay your 3 x 3 square on your Fiskars self-healing mat on the grid. Place your template in the direction opposite of the square. You can see how I lined it up by using the grid lines. Score your square with the larger end of the stylist. Fold the score lines inward. The pattern part of the paper is to be face up and fold the edges inward. Find the center of ONE of your squares and punch a hole using your Fiskars Eyelet setter. If you want to add a tassel to the bottom of your …

Holiday Excitement is Building

Expected busy. Whew! I was going to do demos for AC Moores tomorrow instead of today, but they called and let me know it was SUPER Tuesday. Which means more traffic and that's good for me and for Fiskars. So in I went. I had a blast as always. I meet new people, see old friends, and make a few new ones. We made CD ornaments using Fiskars Craft knife and punches. It really was a creative walk for a lot of folks. Everyone was a bit more creative than me. LOL I have to tell you that I love being a Certified Fiskars Demonstrator/Trainer. It brings many people into my very rich life.

I'm been very creative lately. I don't usually enjoy doing much except layouts and altered arts. but I've been on an ornament kick lately. Or anything else I haven't ever tried. I made bows today...professional type!! Of course you saw my attempt at glass etching. I'm going to do some more now that I know how. I think tomorrow I'm breaking out my melt pot and work …