My Local Crafting Family

I'm very privileged to announce that I will be teaching at The Stamping Place in West Columbia, SC. This is a Fiskars Preferred Dealer, which excites this CFD and Fiskateer. I will eventually be doing demos and other projects as I get my feet wet at The Stamping Place. Although my first class will feature Basic Grey, expect to see a sneak or two of Fiskars tools. My first class will be January 17th. I'm looking forward to working with Barb Diamond and Judy Onos and all the teachers and designers for The Stamping Place.

Barb, Judy and Boush (my shorten name for him). Barb's baby is my singing partner!!

This is part of my AC Moores family. Several people were not around today, but I'll catch them for a Happy New Year. I teach classes and do demos for Fiskars at the Columbia, SC AC Moores. Over the course of nearly a year they have become my family. These are the greatest people to "work" with. They've made me a special part of AC Moores and I am blessed because of their encouragement and special efforts they make on my behalf.
Jeremy, AC Moores Manager

Tosha, Educational Coordinator and much more!

Ed always has a smile and a great big welcome for me.

Stephanie Rocks the house. She is a tremendous encourager.

Lori, Tosha and ME! Lori is so nice with a great sense of humor!

Ed and Tosha...Ed knows all! And is a fellow photographer.

I'm missing Keith, Assistant Manger and the best; Jennifer works in the scrapbooking plus area and is a fellow scrapper; Elizabeth works in the front and again a fellow scrapper. And so many many more. I love all of you and I'm glad you are a part of my life! They all ROCK! Merry Christmas!

Okay, I've had this present sent to me by Fiskateer Hisaho. I've delayed opening it. I was hanging in there for a tough day that needed a pick-me-up. About 2 hours ago I opened her gift. I went crazy. It was a Christmas packet from Me and My Big Idea and it is super cool. Matter-of-fact, I went so crazy I decided to stop everything and make a layout. Thank you so much Hisaho for making my day much brighter.
Me and my brother

Gratitude List:
1. My church family
2. My scrappy family
3. My family family!
4. God's family
5. Jesus Christ making it possible to love and be loved.


  1. O wow O wow.. Gosh I wish I could figure out a way to get there I just might have to RUN A WAY AND COME!! I got to find out where that AC Moores is too I know how to get to HOBBY Lobby off of 77..
    I have been to the Stampin Place. I got me bunches there..:O)
    I Loved that Little dog too..I Love HOW U DEMO and U make it so easy to understand and SO MUCH FUN!!!
    MERRYYYYY CHRISTMAS.. I got to keep a eye on this subject..:O) U need U a calandar on here so we can FOLLLOW U.. HINT HINT HINT!!

  2. What a happy blog post :) Love the Gratitude ending!

  3. Sounds like fun Debby, and the crew at AC Moore looks like a great group. Love the paper you used. Merry Christmas to you.


  5. Happy Holidays Debby!!! Best wishes for a bright and wonderful 2009!!! - carlee #2225

  6. Jan 17th huh!!! I had no idea you were in SC!!! I'm in Charleston! I don't work, so am free to do things like this. However, I am my moms caregiver. So I must make arrangements for someone to come stay with her so that I can go out. I haven't gone that far away before. But I sure would like to try. Can you send me the particulars of the class, like what we'd be doing, and what I need to bring, and $ etc, as well as when you need the final yes or no by? Then I can see if I can get away, and afford it etc! I do love getting away and meeting new people! And learning new stuff and all that jazz! I enjoyed last weeks tutorial of the christmas ornament. I made a sample so I'll be able to go back and figure it out for next year! LOL Well hoping to be able to come and meet you.
    Thanks for the opportunity, Fiskateer, Jessica

  7. i TREATED MYSELF TO THIS AWESOME PACK TOO AND LOVE ALLTHE COOL STUFF IT CAME WITH (OOPS)..posted 1 layout I did on my gallery but like yours too!


  8. Beautiful layout! It pays to drop everything and scrap!


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