Sorry Logitech

but I think I'll keep this one!

Fiska-Friendzies 2008

I did help Jacob's with his homework. I love that guy so much. He keeps me laughing.

Gratitude List:
1. MaryNSC
2. Sense of Humor
3. God's given love for crafting
4. Our Creator
5. My Heavenly Father's care, concern and love for me.


  1. Was this sweet r what I M very Grateful for U too..
    THE VIDEO IS SUPERB!!! The sound the color every thing..PERFECT!!!
    Luvs YA

  2. Hi Debby, I have the logitech and it is very nice. Great way for me to keep in touch with my kids. Your video can in good and clear LOL

  3. Someday I will get my webcam going!! My kids know how to use it, so you think ole' Mom could do it too!!

  4. what a fun thing to leave a video hello on your blog!! love that...sorry about the "mistake"!! glad it was in your favor!!!

  5. LOL not at you but who of us has not done something like with all these new tech stuff out there. . . as you know this sounds great!

  6. Debby that Video is FABULOUS!!! You have it figured out now!! Way to go.


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