I'm Full of Good News

As I was thinking about today's blog post I am remembering all my blessings and they seem to keep multiplying. So today's post is about Blessings with a few other items thrown in.

First I won the 12 day of Christmas Tag over at Tim Holtz's Blog. Look at what I won:

I nearly gave myself a heart attack when I saw my post very first on the list. What a blessing from Tim Holtz. The tags are still up. Tim has given permission for any one to download these tags and teach them in classes. Way to go Tim.

Okay, more blessings. I've known this one for a little bit but I was saving it for a special occasion to tell. Sommerset Memories will be publishing one of my canvas called "the boys" in their summer issue. Oh, you can know there will be a great Dare then. This is one of my resolutions this year and Sommerset Memories is my favorite of all time magazines.

More blessings. Fiskateer Betsy became a personal shopper for me at the Fiskars Warehouse sell. I sent her some money to play with. Holy Moley. I have three 15 x 15 boxes slam full (one I could not even pick up) of fiska-goodies. Some of these products I did not know existed. I have everything from children's tools to charm bracelets to embellishments, rub ons, clip ons, mini-books to die for, an idea book for the shape cutter (wowzier on the ideas), glitter gel, scissors and it never ends. The value of these products is 10 times what I paid for them. WOW! Thanks Betsy for being such a blessing.

Again with the Blessings. I had been having some physical problems over the past few months that I could not figure out what it was. I thought at times it was extremely serious. It was scary. I went to the doctor Friday and he announced it was just a bit of anxiety. I have to tell you I was relived...big time. I thought I was heading for a stroke. I desperately do not like the shopping that accompanies the holiday season. So as soon as January comes things will settle down and get back to normal.

Another Blessing. I found one roommate for CHA. I'm still looking for two more to share the expense. So if you are going there is room. The hotel is walking distance from the convention center and has free breakfasts. You can contact me at DeborahL591@yahoo.com. Obviously, I will only room with people I've known for a bit. LOL

Okay the BIGGY blessing. I'm reneging on a deal. I told my daughter I would not post any photos. But just one and please forgive me Tabby. For us the news begins Thursday at lunch when David asked my husband to lunch for a "chat." Oh, we were guessing then. Now it's Friday. David and Tabitha are in Charleston, walking along the beach when he turns to face Tabby and goes down on one knee. Details are sketchy here (they are for their hearts and memories). My beautiful little girl who has become my loving, beautiful daughter is now engaged to be married to her life long love David. I'm crying. She's so happy and my heart is singing for her and my soon to be new son David. They both have my heart. Thank you David for making this moment so very special for my daughter. I'll get Tabitha to write something for you and post it as a guest here on Debby's Dare. Right now I can't stop crying.

BTW: Adam and Ashely are getting married in May 2010 on the beach. Tabitha and David want to get married in May 2010 on the beach. Two different beaches. LOL 2010 may be the year of insanity.

Wow, Am I blessed? Overwhelmingly so. Whew, I could hardly get through typing that last blessing.

Scrappy News:

Fiskateer's are having a Christmas Crop. If you are a Fiskateer the party is still happening. If you would like to join the Fiskateers click on the Fiskateer link to the right and follow the directions. I hope to see you there.

Scrapbook Royalty just started their 12 days of Christmas giveaways. If you are not aware of Scrapbook Royalty you so need to check them out. They are a scrapbookers dream. To be treated like Royalty, yet all for a cause that is overwhelming in need of help.

Here is a layout I did in answer to a challenge for the Fiskateer Crop. It is to create a project about your favorite Christmas Ornament. This is mine.

Have a blessed day and keep is a stressless Holiday season.

Gratitude List
1. My special and loving friend Sudie
2. Bob and Ruth
3. David and Tabitha; Adam and Ashley
4. God's calming hand in my life
5. God's ability to give of Himself in order to demonstrate is Love toward each of us.

PS Another blessing. Hubby purchased a new mic for me for my web cam. I hope to try it out today! Whoo Hoo.


  1. congrats on the tim holtz tag win! I'm just going to have to go over there and check it out..

    your story about your dd's engagement is Wonderful!


  2. You are very blessed!

  3. Wow, blessings these are! Congratulations to your Daughter and future son in law! That's good news! I also particularly like the Tim Holtz blessing, you are sooooo lucky!

  4. What a great post Deb! So much goodness in your life right now! You truly are blessed!
    Congrats to Tabitha & David! They make a great couple!!

  5. CONGRATS on ALL the blessings!! you have sooo much to be thankful for girl!! And so happy about the engagement, Yep, sounds like 2010 is going to be a FUN and CRAZY year for you and your family!!!!

  6. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Well I think God deserves the praise here. You are a blessing yourself Debby.

  7. Debby congratulations on your daughters engagement! You have truly been blessed. Glad the medical scare was ok. I love your LO.

  8. Wow!!! What wonderful blessings He has rained on you!!! He is truley amazing!!!

  9. What a happy post! So glad to hear that there is nothing major wrong with you. And congrats on your daughter getting engaged :)

  10. Debby you look like you are gaining a nice SIL! Congrats to your daughter and her hubby-to-be and a beach wedding! Love that!

    Congrats on your lo going in Somerset Memories. That is my favorite magazine!!!

    God blesses those who share His love around and you are surely receiving some rewards :)

    Merry Christmas!!!


  12. Your blessing are very nice and congrats to your children.

  13. Your blessings are good, congrats to you on winning on Tim Holtz (What fun is that?!!) Congrats to your children, it is a joy to find someone to share ones life with.

  14. Oh WOW Debby!!! I totally didn't realize that you were the Debby who had won on Tim's blog. Wow, wow, wow. That is so fantastic.

    And, how smart to have mailed someone money to do a little shopping for you at the warehouse sale. Now, why hadn't I thought of that???

    I'm so glad you're feeling blessed. Take it easy with yourself!! I pray the Lord will now bless your body with great health.


  15. Wow Debby! you are truly blessed! Love all the goodies you won!


  16. Congrats on all of your blessings, especially your DD's wonderful news! Gorgeous layout too!


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