Well, It's About Time

I tried another video. I was up all night trying to get this project in under 10 minutes. With my new computer I haven't figured out how to edit yet. BUT Fiskars Prevails!

Fiskars Friday on Thursday (granted it late Thursday...LOL)

I'm using Fiskars USX Tag and Square Templates, Fiskars embossing stylist, Fiskars High Density Pigment Ink, Lil' Davis and Heidi Grace Stamps, and Cloud 9 Christmas Joy paper line. I also added some Christmas flowers from Prima.

Michelle's Fiskars Friday as a grea RAK. See it here
Calling all Fiskateers for Fiska-Link Friday!!! Everyone has a chance to win! If you are not a Fiskateer, Michelle gives you insight about that too.
Check out Fiskateer Kathy's Fiskars Friday 12/12/08

The winner of the last RAK has her chose in which gift she wants (see related blog post). Debby's Dare Winner is ~GRACE~ Congratulations Grace. Grace is from Scrapbook.com forum so give her a round of applause. Grace we are a lot of Fiskateers here. If you are ever interested in checking us out let me know. There are an awful lot of Fiskateers over at Scrapbook.com. Grace email you full name and address to me at DeborahL591@yahoo.com. Let me know which prize you would like and I'll get it in the mail to you asap.

Folks with Christmas projects keeping me busy, different challenges...especially the one with Fiskateers FOY Challenge AND my blog. Sometimes right now get behind. Don't give up. I'm trying to make this computer sing for me and it will. LOL

***I just listened to the video. I'm getting a new mic and logitech is sending me a new web cam. I hope to clear all this up so you can enjoy Fiskars Friday on Thursday in the future.

I DARE You to make a magical moment for someone over the next few days. No RAK No Gift Only knowing that you made some magic for someone special. If you do leave your story here. I would love to hear it.

Gratitude List
1. friends
2. fiska-friends
3. Sudie
4. Safety
5. Light Bulb moments that teach me the fullness of God's love.


  1. I enjoyed your video even though the sound was a little wonky. I've never seen that tag template, I'll have to keep my eye out for that. great idea you had for using it to make a tag.

  2. Very cute Debbie. I have that Lil Davis stamp set also and it is fun to create with. It will be so nice when you get your new equipment. Thanks for sharing.


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