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All About You in 52, Week 48!

It’s 48 weeks of All About You. Are all your pages in your ablum? That’s my project for today. I started out putting them in a album, then that album was full. So I stop and decided to wait until closer to the end of the Dare to put them in an album.

If you have participated in any of the weeks I would love for you to pick out a couple of your favorite layouts and email the link to where they are located. I want to put together a presentation for the last week of December. Thanks.

Stories that you did not tell on yourself until you were older or this may be the first time. LOL I have so many personal adventures. It was like journaling a story for me. I believe I’m going to continue for myself preserving the stories in scrapbook format whether or not I have photos of that time.


Tell A Story About Something You Kept Secret From Your Parents At The Time.
Aka: Did you runaway, break something, etc.

My Answer


Jessica Sprague Holiday in Hand Template, Papers, Ta…

Hapiness is Being Crafty

I love that I discovered how much I enjoy crafting. My mom and her family are a crafty lot. Quilts, sewing, cooking, baking, upholstery, woodwork, metal work, gardens, yards…oh, my goodness there is an abundance of crafting in my family. With papercrafting and scrapbooking I’m having the time of my life.

I’ve been seeing Christmas topiaries all over and I love them. I purchased the clay pots at Michaels and came home to play. Everything else I had at home.

Little Yellow Bicycle’s Christmas line and stickers.
Corrugated board…it’s everywhere in my house right now!
Tim Holtz Crackle paint, acrylic paint
Kaiser wood holly and “Peace.”
Tim Holtz Fragments
Shredding material and bows were left over from a shipped gift that was sent to Jimmy.
A bit of Distress Ink to enhance the crackle paint
Rod dowel (shhh, we are not telling!)

I actually made most of this while watching football intermittingly throughout the afternoon and evening.

Don’t Forget Tuesday starts the 12 Days of Home for th…

Busy Busy Busy

I’m having fun getting ready for the 12 Days of Home for the Holidays! Tuesday is almost here and you are going to be delighted to see our crafty guests. I’ve been enjoying their answer and projects. Spread the word!

12 Days of Home for the Holiday will be hosting a RAK as well. Leave a comment all 12 Days (on that day) and I’ll draw a name to win 7Gypsies Binderie Starter Kit from Debby’s Dream Studio.  On December 13th.  Because we will have guest crafters from outside the USA I am extending the Giveaway to everyone.  Please Note:  If you win and you are outside the USA it will take longer to receive.

Winner of our Heidi Swapp mini-book is …
     peata said...
Congratulations! Send your address to

My favorite photo from Thanksgiving

Black Friday strategizing

I love my Grandchildren

Gratitude List
1. Turkey and potatoes
2. Tabitha and David
3. Stephanie
4. Sudie’s love and care…friendship
5. God’s goodness in…

Give Thanks

My Gratitude Lists have been an important part of me on Debby’s Dare. They are personal yet I choose to share my gratitude with you. Sometimes they are even cryptic in the sense I’m the only one that really knows what it means. I want to remember to reflect and know how God has richly blessed my everyday living.

We are at this day where we focus more on thankfulness. Thankfulness is not a USA holiday. Thankfulness and gratitude for all that have been given us, opportunities that have been afford us, people who have enriched our lives, people who have made laugh and even cry, for God’s very creation is the responsible of everyone around the world.

This is just a little of what I’m thankful for this year. Two people I’m very grateful for is Bob and Ruth. Both of these wonderful friends have been with me through everything. In my joys they rejoice, my losses they are there, when I just need a hug or an ear they willing pick up the charge of biblical friendship and example Christ before …


I finally finished my little advice book for Adam and Vanessa that was started on their Wedding Day! The wedding came fast but I wanted to do something special. The night before I picked out my Making Memories notebook pads. Once I was at the wedding and setting up I put the notes around the gift table. During the reception people gave their advice to the happy couple. I tried to do something unique to make it into a book. They said they liked it and that's what I'm hanging on it. LOL

I hope you enjoy.

Black Friday Sale Starts tomorrow at
Debby's Dream Studio.

1. 15% off all items, no coupon necessary.
2. Fill your cart to 49.99 and receive a free Chatterbox Velvet storage box.
3. If you are a subscriber to "Dare 2 Dream" or unKit, our respective newsletter there is more!

Gratitude List
1. strength for the next few days
2. determination, not stubbornness
3. my family
4. Adam who is always full of Christmas ideas
5. God, who deserves my thanksgiving everyday

All About You in 52, Week 47


I have so many stories that only I can tell. Stories about me and about my family. Whether you journal or scrapbook tell stories that only you can tell.

Since we are moving into a very busy two weeks with Thanksgiving, Friday Sales, friends and parades I going to give you the prompts for this week and next week. Post your link for this week on this post. Wait until I post next week’s answer to post your link on that post.

Jimmy and I were a comedy team when we first became parents. Neither of us knew what we were doing. I am thankful to God for Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles. Tabitha did well to survive her first year. LOL She did turn out beautiful inside and out.

Question 47
Tell A Story Only You Can Tell That Is Funny.

Question 48
Tell A Story About Something You Kept Secret From Your Parents At The Time.
Aka: Did you runaway, break something, etc.

My Answer to Week 47


Tabitha Lynne, our firstborn. All was new and exhausting. Tabitha had a problem with drinking regula…

Just a Fun Crafty Day

I want to remind you of the RAK to help share the word about the 12 Days of Home for the Holidays December 1 - 12.

Artists/Crafters from all parts of the world will be here blogging about one of their holiday traditions and how they preserve those traditions. You will recognize the names and faces of those who influence and inspired me in my craft. There will be hints placed on the blog throughout this week. You just have to be sharp to any changes or key words. Just part of the fun.

To enter in the giveaway just share the news on facebook, twitter, messageboards, your blog, send email to your friends. Come back here and post that you spread the word and if you have a blog and posted it there share your link. The giveaway is a mini-book from a Teresa Collins class using her papers and the Zutter binding system. See the post below to see the whole book. Awesome. Ends Tuesday midnight PST.

I felt so crafty yesterday. I completed one layout and I’m working on my son and his wife’s advi…

Debby's Dare Demo Christmas Stocking Gift Card Holder

Excitement is in the air. The “12 Days of Home for the Holidays” starts December 1st. I have 12 special guests from across the crafting community that is going to come and blog about one of their holiday traditions and how they preserve those traditions. These are crafters and artists that have excited my craft as well as crafters around the world. Who? Hmmmmm I will announce our guest the day before.

Copy the 12 of Home for the Holidays and place it on your blog, signature line, Facebook, messageboards, email your friends. When you do come back and leave a comment and link to where it is posted. For every link I will put your name in the drawing for a wonderful mini-book by Teresa Collins. Watch the video to get a good look. It is awesome.  Deadline is Tuesday the 24th.

Every since I saw this project sheet at Hobby Lobby I’ve been dying to get my creative juices going on the project. There are no directions but if you look long enough and try it a few times, add your own twist you c…

All About You in 52, Week 46

My Great-Grandma Yates worked. She worked on keeping her home clean which was no small feat with there were no “Swiffers” but rather a bucket of well water and a scrub brush. Wash clothes with no washing machine! You get the picture. She raised her children. She worked in the fields, milked the cows…fed, collected eggs, even killed, cleaned and cooked the chicken! Great Great’s job was harder than any job I ever held.

Great Grandma Yates

My Grandmother Thomas did the same. She had 11 children to raise in a then 2 bedroom (a little later three bedroom) cabin. She did all the above jobs and sewed their quilts for warmth, sewed their clothes and kept them patched up, cooked three full meals a day and kept everything spotless. In a cabin on a farm this was no small feat. After the children grew up, Grandma took a job in the local shirt factory and was a band knife operator. She was the best. It was the only time Grandma worked outside of her home.

My Grandma Thomas

My Mother worked along si…

I'm Back and Alive!

Our landline went out this morning, so I’ve been cut off from the computer. AGH! It’s been a crazy day. I’ve been trying to keep my spirit up and not be upset. I’ve had my store shut down for the day because of a yahoo “thing” then the internet goes funny. I wore my silly hat to make everyone smile and that helped me smile. It has been an interesting day.

All About You in 52 will go up early tomorrow!

Congratulations to the winner of the “Scrapbook News and Review: A Faith Perspective” blog hop. The winner needs to contact me at

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Way to go Diane!
Diane said...
I love your canvas. Thanks for showing us the details. Your faith is quite evident. Thanks for participating in the blog hop.

Thank you everyone for the encouraging words. The blog hop was a blast. I hope we do it again soon.

Debby’s Dream Studio will be back up an…

You're In The Right Place...We're Blog Hoppin'

Welcome to Scrapbook News and Review Magazine's
A Faith Perspective
Thankful for Friends Faith Blog Hop.
Today, we're out in force on the internet -- showing our faith and giving the glory to God. United, we stand as Christian paper crafters and blog owners to make a presence on the internet for all to see. We're celebrating thetheme of friends and we're happy to share our projects with you based on the verse:

"Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down,
his friend can help him up. "Eccl 4:9-10a

If you're just joining in on the fun, you can find the start of the Blog Hop train here:  Scrapbook News and Review: A Faith Perspective

First, I would like to take a moment to thank the generous co-sponsors:
Layers of Color Stamps,
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with Scrapbook News and Review Magazine, these companies have donated some wonderful prizes for today’s blog hop.

There will be three lucky grand pr…

Debby's Dare Demo

Well, before I have breakfast at 4:30 pm, I thought I would try to do a demo of the new Fiskars Retractable Fingertip Craft Knife. I’ve had it for a month or so now and haven’t even opened it until someone mentioned it on the Fiskateers site. So I opened it up, used it, played with it and now I’m in love with it EVEN more than the original Fiskars Fingertip Craft Knife.

Please excuse the messy me. I can’t believe I actually did not change clothes. I just took a minute (actually 9 minutes) break from my project to share with you this awesome craft knife. I’ve been using it a lot today.

A fun thing: Selected boxes of Nestle Hot Coco Mix now has Scrapbooking Accents inside.  The coupon says "Create A Memorty with Nestle Hot Coco Mix!  Everyone is getting in on a good thing!

I’m at the tail end of getting ready for one of the largest Blog Hops of Christian Crafters ever. It starts at Scrapbook News and Review: A Faith Perspective at 10 am EST Saturday and goes until the end of the d…

All About You in 52, Week 45

Debby’s Dream Studio is at Simply Me, Donna Downey’s blog, Tuesday (today) for a grand giveaway.

I went to look up my birth date specifics and found several treasures. One was my baby book. I found cards sent to me at my birth announcement, a clipping of my hair, a receipt where mom and dad “paid for me” for $150.00. Don’t you wish that’s all it cost to have a baby today! I found more photos and my dad slipped me some money. Granted it is all in Yens!

I do know this. I’m a “female,” “white,” my dad was 24 and my mom was 21 when I was born. I now have my street address where my first home was located. Dr. Morgan delivered me. It was fun to know these “Facts” about me. I know about my mom’s birth, but I don’t know much about dad’s as his original birth certificate was lost in a courthouse fire. No main frames and computers back when he was born. They recreated a new one with “what they thought” was the Facts!

Of all we have done in All About You in 52 we have not covered the very FACTS…