All About You in 52, Week 48!

It’s 48 weeks of All About You. Are all your pages in your ablum? That’s my project for today. I started out putting them in a album, then that album was full. So I stop and decided to wait until closer to the end of the Dare to put them in an album.

If you have participated in any of the weeks I would love for you to pick out a couple of your favorite layouts and email the link to where they are located. I want to put together a presentation for the last week of December. Thanks.

Stories that you did not tell on yourself until you were older or this may be the first time. LOL I have so many personal adventures. It was like journaling a story for me. I believe I’m going to continue for myself preserving the stories in scrapbook format whether or not I have photos of that time.


Tell A Story About Something You Kept Secret From Your Parents At The Time.
Aka: Did you runaway, break something, etc.

My Answer


Jessica Sprague Holiday in Hand Template, Papers, Tag

Wow! I created a digital layout this week in honor of all our digital designers. I took a class from Jessica Sprague on digital scrapbooking and it really help me in not only working with Photoshop Elements but on layering and using templates. The class is free. Jessica often has free class. The one I took and completed was easy to follow and they have class Forums to interact and get help. They also have a class gallery. I was amazed how easy she made it for me. Also, the class I took was set up for digital only, hybrid, or print it out to create it on paper. Awesome setup. Two thumbs up and I would highly recommend signing up for her newsletters. NOTE: I’m not going digital. It is fun to play with. I still like the smell of paper, glue and paint!!

Winner is Mary! Congratulations. Send you snail mail to me. Michelle you did great.  You are just head of the Dare!  I’ll be sending out all the All About you RAKS this week. Watch for happy mail.


Our special Guest Will Be Ms. Erin Bassett. I believe with all my heart there is nothing crafty she cannot do. Get a head start knowing Ms. Bassett at CreativitE.

Leave a comment each day for a daily drawing for a Giveaway. If you leave a comment each day for the 12 days you name will be in the drawing for the 7 Gypsies Binderie. Woo Hoo!

Also check out Tim Holtz blog for the start of the 12 Days of Tags. I’ve participated every year and this year is going to be even bigger. See ya there.

Cyber Monday
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Gratitude List
1. small blessings
2. a wonderful crafting community
3. Vanessa and Adam
4. my Jay Bird (my son)
5. God for His incredible mercies


  1. very cool story and lo!!! i do love a good digi now and then.

  2. Great story. You are a wonderful storyteller. Look at you go all digi! great job. Are you going to convert me too? :b

  3. That is a great story, but your question is very tough,I can't remember if I ever kept anything secret from my mom or dad.. it might take me awhile to find a story, this goes back a long way Debby, our memories aren't that good anymore..LOL.. I really want to finish this project, so I will just have to put on my thinking cap.. Mariah

  4. Great story with your layout Debby. How sad though that you didn't get to play with your friend again after that.

  5. hmm. you know you can't keep parents inthe dark forever but I wiull have to scrap about the time I lost my mom's precious coral earrings :0

    Love the gate-fold card on Erin's blog; wish I could measure to make one but I think it would look crazy sine I eyeball everything.

  6. I did find my Story Debby, and made a Layout, I hope this will do,here is the link
    My story is, 4 of us girls decided that we wanted to try smoking, so 1 of us gathered news paper, the other brought the matches,and the 3 brought pencil sharpening stuff, (we had a whole can full)and the 4 gathered white paper cut small enough to roll a cigarette.. each of us had to bring something ,so that if one got caught , we would all be in trouble,, lucky we didn't get caught. so we tried making a cigarette ,we light it, and each of us had to take a drag, we all choked and choke and coughed and coughed,we never ever tried it again, Can you imagine, trying to smoke stuff that comes of a pencil when you sharpen it??.. it's horrible stuff, I didn't put that story on my LO ,because my Mom and dad don't know that we did this, and I don't want my kids to read it, I am so scared that they would try it to.. it makes us laugh now after 35 years ago.. that;s my secret to you,, SHHH.. don't tell.. LOL... Mariah 2457

  7. I got mine done for week 47. . . I just like keeping you on your toes! LOL Can you believe four more weeks what a journey this has been for me. . . thanks a million.

  8. Really great ideas. I like every example. Just might have to try these...
    more template


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