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My Gratitude Lists have been an important part of me on Debby’s Dare. They are personal yet I choose to share my gratitude with you. Sometimes they are even cryptic in the sense I’m the only one that really knows what it means. I want to remember to reflect and know how God has richly blessed my everyday living.

We are at this day where we focus more on thankfulness. Thankfulness is not a USA holiday. Thankfulness and gratitude for all that have been given us, opportunities that have been afford us, people who have enriched our lives, people who have made laugh and even cry, for God’s very creation is the responsible of everyone around the world.

This is just a little of what I’m thankful for this year. Two people I’m very grateful for is Bob and Ruth. Both of these wonderful friends have been with me through everything. In my joys they rejoice, my losses they are there, when I just need a hug or an ear they willing pick up the charge of biblical friendship and example Christ before me. To God is the Glory, to Ruth and Bob is my gratitude ever.

Video Removed because of too loud music! LOL

12 Days of Home for the Holidays is less than a week away. Take a minute, grab your coffee, hot chocolate or tea and enjoy a few minutes of crafters from around the world. Find out one of their favorite family traditions and how they keep it alive! Hints, clue…hmmm here’s one. “Girlfriends in the house!” Or what about “Are you keeping pace with holiday rush?” One more? “Leap and the net will appear.” LOL You wanted to know.

Leave a comment with your Gratitude List. It’s your turn!


  1. I am grateful for my sons
    I am grateful for my mom
    I am grateful for pets, as they bring me comfort and joy
    I am grateful for being able to notice beauty
    I am grateful for the web, as my only friends are there.

  2. Lovely post as usual.... :)

    Thankyou so much for the lovely album you sent me! It is too cute!

  3. Happy-T-day and yes, it's more than gratitude list has to include the gift of HEALTH first; my family has been through so much ovee the last coupla years and without health and God's gift of giving man the knowledge of modern medicine and the gifts of technology, my journey would be very different.

    I'm grateful for shelter, peace, family and friends...the rest "just is" extra...


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